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  1. I dunno, but it seems to me very odd that the GM puts the group up against forces that only one player in the group has a chance of defeating, then holds it against you when you do just that. As a Gm myself, when dealing with Psykers, remember that there's always a bigger brain out there somewhere... ergo a witch, daemon etc.. that can make things difficult for the group, that the Psyker can't handle solo. The other thing to remember, that seems to be missing from this thread... Ascension characters really are meant to be larger than life. If the group can't go out and run over things at that level, then the GM is missing that point. It's like D&D and epic level characters... by the time Ascension level toons have hit level 13 they're equivalent to a D&D epic, and it would be good of the group and the GM to remember that. At least that's been my experience with just about every campaign I've either heard about or played in.
  2. For me, a person who likes the Ascension rules, with few changes, I am really curious as to why your group doesn't like them. With that said the biggest problem most of the groups I know who have had issues, it was because mastered skills and the like sometimes feel like they come out of nowhere, and the character can suddenly do everything, very well. One thing I know one group does, is when addressing any mastered skills, is all such skills had to be bought separately, and increased gradually... unless you could justify why a person could suddenly gain a skill at +20, their character were limited to a single gain in any one adventure.
  3. Darth Smeg said: Right, exactly. Thanks So I'd rule that with Fling, none of those things will help. However, one could read Resistance (Psychic Powers) to mean that you also get +10 to Dodge bolts and projectiles thrown your way. I think this is a too liberal interpretation of the wording, and doubt this is intended. The same argument also applies to Agility test to avoid cathcing fire if you were burned by a pyromancy power. The only thing I can remember that might effect 'Fling' is the using of Psynisicience to reduce it effectiveness. But here's the rub. Using that only works if the defender is also a Psyker (required by RAW to get Psynicience in the first place, although there there is pre-requisite listing is missing from the Acension book, it still shows up as required by the core) and will work best if the player has the time to use it since Pynisicence is usually a full round action (except for those Psykers who opted to take the talents from RT that allows them to reduce it to half round then later free actions { I am sorry, but I forget which rule this is }. In short, in most games, yeah, people are gonna get squashed by the **** rock. Or they might be able to hurredly erect a Telekinetic Shield?
  4. Catbeard said: Hi Just getting into Dark Heresy, rather enjoying the random character generation option for the players' Acolytes, but I'm wondering if there's any such random generation for the Acolytes' Inquisitor? Thanks in advance! hmmmm, No generator that I've ever heard of. So you're going to need to create one from scratch. Let me make a few suggestions: Don't paint yourself into a corner by writing down all that he's capable of doing. Do make some rough notes on a sheet of paper or even a character sheet. Don't even hint of which background or world he or she is from. Do give important things that characters would see upon meeting him or her. Do they walk with a limp, have strange colored eyes, or are always seen carrying a Las-rifle? Details are the spice, yet don't reveal anything concrete. Make the characters work for it, or if they don't care, then you can keep them guessing for a long time. Don't decide ahead of time that the guy can do most anything. He should be lacking in some major area. Maybe he can't shoot a ranged weapon or he can't handle a sword. Maybe he is just starting as an Inquisitor, and this is his first group he's recruited, and as such is not overly confident of what he's doing. Do list all the abilities that he exhibits as he goes along, taking lots of notes. Later when actually committing him, then those notes will come in handy figuring out how he got from point A to point B. Let's say you decide that you want to send the characters to go from one planet to another for their first adventure. How do they get there? What if you thought that someone would build a pilot character. Oops, nobody did, but suddenly the guy in charge can do it, and fly the group there. If you made him an Arbitrator from a Feral world you might have trouble justifying how you got there. Don't be afraid to send a guy in, with the group, who seems to have more on the ball than the boss. He can fight, fly a ship, and do a lot of things…and then is sent along with the characters. Only after the adventure they might come to find out that he's the real Inquisitor all along, and wanted to see how they might act around him with their guard down. Whatever you do… relax and smile (they will wonder what you're up to)… especially when you're trying to figure out what to do next. Players will start suggesting all kinds of evil plots that you're thinking of… and one of them might make sense, and you can use it. Good luck.
  5. sanguinemetaldawn said: Also, since he is a Cleric, and since True Faith and Psyker abilities are mutually exclusive, you could use these instances as a way to have the Cleric begin to discover True Faith talents, and so forth. However, the potential reason this might not work would be how you imagine the experiences to have affected the character. Is it possible that these experiences increased the zealotry and conviction of the character? The Emperor is supposed to have a presence in the warp…did the character actually see the Emperor's warp presence? That would be a good reason to become inspired by the Emperor. And characters do gain insanity as a result of exposure to Imperial influences sometimes. On the other hand, if it was more of a deamon's-corrupting-power type of exposure, perhaps the Forsaken Priest, page 42 of the Radical's Handbook is the way to go, with the varied Arcana and Sorcerer advances. If that is how you want to do it, I would start off by giving the F.P. the Sorcerer advance for free, and giving him automatic access to the FP alternate level whenever he chooses. I have taken extreme exception to your point of True Faith and Psyker abilities being mutually exclusive. Where in all the rulebooks, have you found a rule by RAW that so states? Extraordinarily rare for them to exist side by side… I might agree with. But mutually exclusive? That would lead to the suggestion that the God-Emperor, who is considered by many to be the most powerful Psyker ever, to be a Heretic. Also, such a character would be… powerful in the extreme, if not kept in check by some wise GM. For example, I have an NPC in my game that does have both Psy powers and Pure Faith. Her extremely limited Faith powers are more of the 'always on' variety (Aura of Faith is one of them, and that she elite advanced to take)… things that she's not even consciously aware that she has. As far as rulebook allowing this, you should check the Ascension handbook and the class of Inquisitor that can have both Pure Faith and Psy powers side by side.
  6. I have read through several of the posts (as is my habit, before I respond to any interesting topic) and what I see is a lot of back and forth arguments why it is or isn't, and a request for any in game existing method for showing what produces corruption. Most of these could still be argued ad naseum for a decade or more… but it's my intent to find a speedier conclusion. I would suggest perusing a copy of Purge the Unclean. In the modules from that publication, you will find on more than one occasion Corruption points to be handed out, if the party of characters behaves in a certain manner, and for them to automatically receive those points. In my opinion that would be a good guideline for what 'normal' acts on the parts of players should and should not recieve corruption.
  7. Denmar1701 said: Denmar1701 said: Mesa, AZ Denmar1701@aol.com Sunday night DH games are no longer played at Gamers Inn due to that store's recent compaction. Email above is still correct. Additional update. Games on hiatus. We have one permanent player and one part-time (every other week) player. LF 2 or more, with a maximum of 4 more players. We also now need a more reliable place to play, preferred in the east valley: Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe or Chandler. To be clear, we would like to play every Sunday night, but may be willing to do so only every other Sunday night. I have all the core rulebooks (Core, Inquisition Handbook, Ascension) and several of the others (Disciples of the Dark Gods, Radical's Handbook, Blood of Martyrs, Daemon Hunter and others), and will continue to run only a DH game with elements of the other systems occasionally used.
  8. For my game I have always used something cribbed from a couple of games, works like this: A 01-05 is always an auto-success. A 96-00 is always an auto-fail. This applies on the rare occurences wherein a player has a chance to succeed at something in the 96-100 range or should simply fail when his numbers fall below that. The exceptions occur that after a person has managed to get so many bonuses on one thing or another that then for every 5 points over 100, then they may get a bonus of 1, until they reach the point of 125% in which they cannot fail, or acquire so many minuses that at -25% they cannot even attempt something. Also, remember that the game states (somewhere, I don't remember where?) of a maximum bonus or maximum penalty of 60% to be applied in either direction. Only in the case of a Tech-Priest have I seen or heard of someone being able to stack bonuses beyond 125%.
  9. RAW activating any power in DH requires a ' Focus Power test ' ergo FPs should be allowed to be spent to re-roll them.
  10. RAW activating any power in DH requires a ' Focus Power test ' ergo FPs should be allowed to be spent to re-roll them.
  11. RAW activating any power in DH requires a ' Focus Power test ' ergo FPs should be allowed to be spent to re-roll them.
  12. I am not sure off the top of my head, but I think the errata changed how the minor ability worked, so it was much less effective.
  13. kenshin138 said: Starting up an Ordo Xenos campaign and since we have no Cell Directives, I thought I'd make one up. This would be mainly for a "standard" Inquisitor, hence the lack of things like Exotic Weapon training. Obviously the unique Talent is ripped off from Deathwatch. I am on the fence about including Tech-Use, as it would be useful in identifying Xenos tech, not sure how well it fits. I also toyed with Chem-Use as a way to identify Xenos toxins, but felt it was a little weak. Ordo Xenos Retinue Induction Cost: 200 xp Requirements: The cell must serve an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who provides additional training to them. Suffer Not The Alien To Live: Members of the Cell gain the Ordo Xenos Conditioning Talent for free Advances Awareness 100 Skill Common Lore (Imperial Creed) 100 Skill Ciphers (Acolyte) 100 Skill Secret Tongue (Acolyte) 100 Skill Forbidden Lore (Xenos) 200 Skill Search 200 Skill Hatred (Xenos) 200 Skill Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) 300 Skill Forbidden Lore (Ordo Xenos) 300 Skill Speak Language (any one Xenos) 300 Skill Resistance (Fear) 300 Talent Ordo Xenos Conditioning (Talent) Acolytes with this Talent automatically confirm any Righteous Fury results against alien enemies without needing to re-roll the Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill Test. Alternate: I also was thinking of doing a Talent that lets members count Fear caused by Xenos to be one step lower. That would replace the auto-confirm rules. Then probably swap Resistance (Fear) with Exotic Weapon Training (any One), but am undecided. Thoughts? Would definately use the alternate talent instead as the other seems too powerful. Even the alternate form seems a but redundant, as other ablities exist in the game already that are very similar. Some classes get the chance to better confirm crits, so it seems fair to not step on their toes. Hatred - Xenos should be listed as a Talent, not a Skill (remember that any ability that can be improved, +10, +20 etc is a skill, abilities that can't are either Talents or Traits). The Calixian Xeno Arcanist has Speak Language - Xenos for 400 experience, so it seems that Skill should be same cost or even 500. Remember that Adepts (which the Xeno Arcanists are) are pre-disposed towards learning such 'fluffy' studies. To me it seems strange that it would be cheaper to learn. However, the costs of Hatred - Xenos, Forbidden Lore - Ordos Xenos & Resistence - Fear could all be lowered (100, 200, & 200). I would suggest re-writing the Conditioning Talent as follows: Xenos Conditioning (Talent) Acolytes with this Talent have had their memories adjusted, so that Xenos have a lesser chance of affecting them mentally. Psychic barriers have been implanted and mental resilience has been increased. Effect: You gain a +10 Willpower test to resist Fear, or attempts to control or possess your mind when so affected by Xenos. This ability drops to +5 versus non-Xenos. This ability does not stack with Imperial Conditioning (see page 13 Inquisitor's Handbook), and in fact uses some of the same techniques used therein, but to a lesser degree here. Otherwise a set of very good ideas. With the changes, I can see me using them in the near future in my game. Thank you.
  14. If someone wants to bring an RT character into a DH game, I say you let them. But you're going to have a lot of work ahead of you as you integrate parts of two systems. But when it comes to how his RT class progresses, he should keep the character in the RT classes exclusively. I have found when you try to combine abilities from multiple systems, you open things up for meta-gaming to a level that leaves the characters un-balanced. As far as 'Universal' abilities, those exist in Ascension, but are simply called by other names: Basic Mastery, Pistol Mastery etc.. So if the RT character gets them early, it's ok. His abilities cost a lot more as he progresses, so if he really wants to bring in an RT character into a DH game he will find himself outclassed eventually. You might let him take an Ascension class, when he hits the 13k experience with the rest of the group. But if he doesn't do this he should be stuck with the RT character and live with it… for the good and the bad options. Now that he is working for the Inquisition, he should draw 'pay' from the Inquisition (unless he's a Rogue Trader), and get pay from the nearest equivalent rank. For example a level 1 Missionary should receive the pay of a level 5 Cleric. If he's playing an actual Rogue Trader, then things can get a bit sticky. If he is, WHY is he willing to tow the line to an Inquisitor? What does he get out of the deal that improves his profit margin? And what does the Inquisitor get out of someone who will never consider himself subservient to them? This part is going to be roleplay intensive, and I have actually gone down this route at one point, in my campaigns. It can be very rewarding, but is going to a take a lot of work from you, if you allow this. All game mechanics should be left in the same system. If someone wants to bring over an Astropath or a Navigator, then their ablities should stay out of the core RT, and they should not gain access from 'traditional' Psyker abilities, just because they're running with that crowd. Their classes should not change. They're just working with other people. Good luck! (you'll need it)
  15. Cobramax76 said: Frankly the psykana SHOULD be training ALL the psykers to learn to understand how to fetter unfetter ( and strongly protest them from pushing ..lol ) as that training out the gate would only serve to help the psykers stay normal and do the emperors will longer and better making them less of a threat at lower levels to perils….and in my games they DO just that..give them the full training before letting them run amok..lol. Strong agreement with this comment. But remember that this applies to 'sanctioned' Psykers… Sorcerors, witches, wylds, mutants… anyone who has not been sanctioned will not and should not have to worry about it. Which makes them a bit tougher to deal with.
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