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  1. Rend only slows it down, but doesn't stop it, since Starship Graveyard can fetch supports also
  2. After watching the video, I'll have admit that I am concerned. There are ways of countering it, but it'll have to be something everybody considers when constructing a deck.
  3. If you claim and then activate a character/support as your first action, you'll have 4 actions available, right?
  4. Good question, I would guess no, because it isn't in play.
  5. Vibroknife does devalue shields, but not as much as people seem to be insinuating. There will be turns that the Vibroknife isn't in play and other sources of damage like Lightsaber throw, Kylo and Guardian. And instances where keeping your shields will be preferable (Qui-gon, Riposte, Rey).
  6. Onar has done really well in the two campaigns we've had him in. Don't make me hurt you and a decent gun means he can remove a lot of threat off the board each turn. Along with his free push he's really a nice hero to have along
  7. Or you can add Bazine Netal to the Villains and Ezra Bridger to the Heros and still have legal decks
  8. Onar has been a beast in the 2 campaigns he's been in. "Don't make me hurt you" really turns him into a power house.
  9. I agree that his ability is worse, but his dice are better
  10. But where in the rules does it state that you have to declare what action you are taking before you take it?
  11. Do you mean that you have to declare which action you are taking before resolving "before action" events?
  12. In the article they specifically mention force speed though...
  13. Yeah, I didn't even think about the resource thing, a surprise My Ally Is The Force can be a game changer. Also if the uses his ability on Force Speed not only will he get 3 actions in a row, but also 2 more windows to use his own ability.
  14. I think people will find Kanan better as he gets more play. The ranged side is just a bonus in my book, because it allows you to use Force Misdirection on ranged dice, and it can always be resolved with his ability without slowing down your turn. Add to the fact that he will be able to resolve his focus and the resolve the dice he focused without giving the opponent time to react will be quite nifty as well.
  15. Kill them all is the one that does 1 damage to all non-unique, isn't it?