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  1. Since they both trigger at the same time, I think whoever controls the battlefield decides in which order they are resolved.
  2. I think people are underestimating Jabba. I look forward to building a deck with him.
  3. We were playing a mission that had a trigger when a hero entered a certain tile. The Imperial Player could choose an effect of that trigger which could stun. Ghaarkhan used his charge action and was stunned mid Charge. Gaarkhan had the class card Wookie Fortitude, which he used to remove the stun and continue his Charge. Did we play this correctly?
  4. Looks like a beatstick Dooku, I think I see a 2 melee and a 3 melee with cost 1 on Dooku's die.
  5. When using the Command action with Air of Command, can Gideon still choose a target within 3 spaces without requiring Line of Sight? When using the Command action with Air of Command, can Gideon give himself actions?
  6. On some missions, your Imperial Figures get to do actions at the end of the Rebels activation. Do these actions count as activations, i.e. would you get the movement points from Ringleader and/or Prepare the Ambush?
  7. Truce is really nice to be able to pay for the 4 melee.
  8. I've had a bit of success running him with Maz. Her ability to resolve dice means that it will be harder to mitigate his damage. And if you get a lightsaber or two on him which redeploy to Maz, means she can be really dangerous on her own if you lose him.
  9. It does require you to give control of the battlefield to remove a die, but I guess you could play it and not give control to not remove a die if you wanted to.
  10. He allows yellow cards to be in your deck. If he is fielded with another character that allows hero or villain cards, you can have yellow hero or villain cards in your deck. Otherwise if he is fielded with only neutral characters, you can only have neutral cards in your deck.
  11. This is IMO very far fetched. If "his character dice" isn't self-referential then one would be able to use an opponent's dice, etc.
  12. I don't think I understand what you mean. You seem to agree that an opponents dice are not "his", because in that case it would be "theirs". Then you seem claim that any Greedo dice in the "set aside zone" are "his". Wouldn't they also be an opponents dice, and in that case also "their" dice. But there is still the limitation of "his" dice. If it had been worded "Any number of Greedo character dice", I would be inclined to agree with you, but it states "Any number of his character dice".
  13. "His" doesn't have be a keyword, it denotes ownership. If you want to disregard ownership of dice then a lot of cards referring to character and upgrade dice become very wonky. For example play "Feint" and not only remove you own character dice, but any of an opponents mirror dice and ALL upgrade dice.
  14. I would argue that since Greedo's card references "his" dice, that "his" dice are the character dice you get for fielding him (i.e. 1 or 2, depending on if he's elite or not).
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