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  1. I like the new Palpatine, his ability will make a lot of the 2-3 cost events viable in his deck.
  2. If Chewie's special didn't break the game, I doubt that Boba's will
  3. I wonder if this means we will get Ewoks as the cheap hero characters
  4. The big change to vibroknife IMO is the fact that it has to show a damage side to be able to ignore shields, whereas before it could be a blank and still let other dice ignore shields
  5. I hope they change more character's cost, both Finn and Luminara could use a cost decrease IMO. Luminara's dice has almost the exact same sides (melee damage instead of ranged) as Phasma's, with IMO a worse special. Yet she costs 3 more, even after Phasma's nerf.
  6. That can be remedied by simply not using the elite version in a lot of cases though.
  7. You can still play eKylo/FN, it won't be as good as eKylo/eFN, but it's still a viable option. Only being able to overwrite once per round will hurt a little, but you will still be able to use his ability more than once per round if you play an upgrade and then overwrite it the same turn. Alternatively overwrite an existing upgrade and then deploying a new one. You just won't be able to cycle through an entire hand of upgrades for free anymore.
  8. Sabine with a thermal detonator and fast hands, can be rather mean...
  9. Mace can defeat him with his action also.
  10. Rend only slows it down, but doesn't stop it, since Starship Graveyard can fetch supports also
  11. After watching the video, I'll have admit that I am concerned. There are ways of countering it, but it'll have to be something everybody considers when constructing a deck.
  12. If you claim and then activate a character/support as your first action, you'll have 4 actions available, right?
  13. Good question, I would guess no, because it isn't in play.
  14. Vibroknife does devalue shields, but not as much as people seem to be insinuating. There will be turns that the Vibroknife isn't in play and other sources of damage like Lightsaber throw, Kylo and Guardian. And instances where keeping your shields will be preferable (Qui-gon, Riposte, Rey).
  15. Onar has done really well in the two campaigns we've had him in. Don't make me hurt you and a decent gun means he can remove a lot of threat off the board each turn. Along with his free push he's really a nice hero to have along