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  1. Pilot17


    JerusalemJones said: I think if this game comes with unpainted miniatures and they have a "collector's edition" that is fully painted, it'll be the first itme I shell out money for the painted edition (and Arkham Horror minis don't count for this). From the description it sounds like they are all going to be painted.
  2. Well I keep hearing from different sources that the reprints are scheduled for this year, but it didn't get any more specific than that. Also I checked the Nexus website and in case anyone didn't know yet there are new minis coming out. Two new series for both WWI and WWII. In June two bombers will be released in two paint schemes each, the Caproni CA.3 and Gotha G.V. After that there will be a series V with the Fokker E.III, Halberstadt D.III, Morane-Saulnier, and Airco D.H.2 each in 3 paint schemes. There are also 2 light bombers and 4 fighter minis coming out for WWII.
  3. Thats interesting, I was wondering why all of the central powers planes were so colorful and the triple entente planes were more uniform.
  4. This is good news. My central powers are really lacking in fighter support. I need some Fokker D. VII's.
  5. The minis only come with 1 climb and 1 dive card. But to my understanding a plane is allowed to do 2 climb maneuvers in one turn ie. a climb, straight, climb. So since there is only 1 climb card how can we do this?
  6. I have the De Havilland D.H.4 (Atkey) and i noticed that on the base and card it says B/A for its guns. But on the model it has twin guns in the front and a single gun in the observer spot. I've been playing that the the card is right but i was wondering if anyone knows for sure.
  7. Is the Rumpler C.IV C. (MFFA 2) supposed to be blue or purple? In the picture it is blue but the one i got is purple. I was wondering if the colors got messed up on mine or if the picture on the site is wrong. Even though it does look fine both ways.
  8. There was a thread on here not too long ago that said that they were. There was a link to some pictures of unpainted models at a game show or something. It was only 2 of the bombers though and if I remember correctly the Handley Page 0/400 was not one of them. There were also 4 other single seater planes. They were all earlier planes; the Fokker E.III is the one I remember.
  9. In my opinion winter boards are just fine. We are only getting 9 of those (at least to my understanding), but we have 12 original green boards that we can use for any non-winter scenarios we want to make.
  10. Wow those look amazing great job! Just curious... how do you install those ball bearings for tilting the planes? I was thinking about getting them but don't know how hard it is. Do you just drill a small hole in the bottom of the plane and glue them in?
  11. If you just want 4 I would go with all single seaters. Unfortunately a lot of them are out of stock. I Would recommend 2 of each side. The only German single seaters in stock are the Albatross D. Va and Pfalz IIID. For the allies I would say definitely a Sopwith Camel and then either a Spad XIII or a Sopwith Snipe. I just go with whichever ones I like the look of more for paint schemes. What I did was i just bought the deluxe pack since that is the only way to get the Fokker DR I at the moment. And it is also the only way to get those specific paint schemes.
  12. Yeah it's great. It comes with all of the rules except for those for bombers, and plenty of tokens and counters. The 2 A decks it comes with are nice too, since the more the better, no matter how few planes are being used; that way it's harder to tell what cards are yet to be drawn. And the planes it comes with are a little bit better quality than the other series 1 minis. From what I've noticed is that the bases on the series 1 planes are a little more loose and wobbly than the later series', but these ones are up to par with 2, 3 and 4.
  13. You should be able to find all of the rules with those that are on the support page. Unfortunately there will be some in one rule book and some in another so it will be a little disorganized. But nevertheless, to my understanding, all of the rules should be available here.
  14. Yeah if the ship sailed through Indonesia then the pirates definitely got some new toys.
  15. You can only fire at planes the same altitude or plus or minus 1; but in the case of a difference in 1 altitude you can only shoot up to half the ruler at the enemy plane and it is treated as if it was further than a half ruler away for damage. Altitude makes a bigger difference when there are ground objects and objectives. They can only shoot up to altitude 1 and same with planes shooting at them with the exception of bombs (note that planes can fly at altitude 0 if they have at least one climb counter). Each plane has a max altitude and climb rate. You can find those in the "Balloon Busters" and "Miniature" rules in the support section and it will also be on a card in the deck of series 4 miniatures. Climb rate is how many times a plane needs to use the climb card in order to gain an altitude level (thats what the climb counters are used to keep track of). Most of the other counters are for objectives. So the camera and bombs are for successful missions of those types; put the counter on the ground target to show it. The machine gun counters are for showing a trench machine gun has been silenced. I don't know if there is any point for the airplane shot down counters but it might just be for fun to show where they crashed. Another thing altitude affects more is 2 seaters. The rear gunner has a blind spot because of the tail of the airplane if the target is at the same or lower altitude; if the target is at a higher altitude then there is no blind spot. One more thing to remember is that climb counters don't mean anything other than how soon the plane will get to the next altitude. So for game purposes there is no difference between a plane at altitude 3 with 1 climb counter and another at altitude 3 with 4 climb counters. They are simply both at altitude 3. Hope that helps.
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