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  1. Here's one I made for my group: http://www.mediafire.com/?r1jb8zcb341u8du Sure it's not fillable, but I'm working on that.
  2. All of those pretty much depend on the gaming group. Whether or not the combination of humans and CSM works is pretty much up to how the GM plays the campaign. We have 2 CSM in our group so we'll be facing a lot of hordes which attack the CSM before the humans. The players do cooperate until their characters interests conflict with those of others... What happens then is up to the players. Couldn't tell yet. We've played one session (5 hours) and we've only got to about halfway of Broken Chains. Quit a lot of OT that is... That said, I don't see any reason why we couldn't have compelling storylines. If I could improve Black Crusade in just one way, it would be more classes for both races, so you could have diverse groups consisting entirely of either humans or CSM, as I find it a little odd to have CSM alongside humans.
  3. Sunatet said: Cifer said: @Rewision Is there not? You tell me - try and edit your first post. There is, although not an official one. Just hit "Report to moderator" (at the lower right corner, under the signature), then change the "edge_foros_reportar.asp" part of the URL to "edge_foros_editar.asp", and voila, you can edit your posts at any time. That is neat, thanks for that. So looks like this thread is still running after all
  4. Cifer said: I'm interested how you plan to accomplish that when to my knowledge there's no permanent edit feature in this forum... Further, "balance" issues are a large can of worms. For example, I quite like how Infamy is treated like a characteristic. Is there not? And yeah, about everyone has different opinions about balance, that's why I put them under a different list.
  5. MILLANDSON said: nethru said: I like how a Forsaken with Ancient Warrior can get near-unique items at start up. TERMINATOR ARMOUR!!! That's easy - just Ancient Warrior and Poor-Quality armour... Try having Ancient Warrior and the "Wealth" Pride, which allows you to have Poor Quality Terminator Armour, as well as a Reaper Autocannon for each hand, which can both be fired at the same time. Ancient Warrior drops terminator armor availability to extremely rare, forsaken gets +10 bonus to get it and another +10 because he's looking for a single item. Doesn't need to be poor quality. Hell, you can get the wealth motivation and start out with the best quality termie armor.
  6. MILLANDSON said: There is already a thread for this It's just a few posts down. Yes, I know, but this isn't exactly the same thing. Then intention is to make a nice, structured list where you don't have to browse through a dozen pages worth of stuff.
  7. Since the BC ruleset is somewhat of a mess; some stuff is copypasted, other just forgotten and sometimes the rules are a bit unclear etc., let's fix this game while waiting for the official errata. Post your own and I'll add them to the list! Missing/erroneous stuff: PG. 42: Replace all instances of the word "Legionnaire" with "Legion" under chaos space marine starting equipments. PG. 60: Sorcerer starting talents should list Psy Rating 2 instead of Psy Rating (x2). PG. 60: Sorcerer starting gear should include 2 magazines for the Legion Bolt Pistol. PG. 65: Heretek starting gear should include 2 magazines for the Las Carbine. PG. 67: Renegade starting gear should include 2 magazines for both of the selected ranged weapons. PG. 69: Psyker starting gear should include 2 magazines for the selected weapon. Clarifications: Balance changes: PG. 52: Infamy is listed under Characteristics. It is not a characteristic, hence it cannot be modified through means that increase or decrease characteristics. Starting infamy is still generated as described under Generating Characteristics. (This is mainly to prevent claiming +5 starting infamy via perfection motivation.)
  8. First part's correct, but the way I read the second part is you can attach the following kind of pistols: Melta, Plasma, Flame & Las, or any basic Las weapon to the tampered power supply. The ruling is somewhat unclear in my opinion, but having a plasma cannon strapped to your wrist seems kind of absurd.
  9. Deinos said: It clearly states he counts as a Bound Psyker, in both instances. PG 82, mark of tzeentch. It does not state anything about becoming bound.
  10. The marks inside BC aren't the same either; I don't know if this'll be errata'd or not, but if you gain Mark of Tzeentch by having 20 advancements+devoted, you won't become a bound psyker, unlike if the mark is gained from a reward.
  11. 150,000 at the time of Horus Heresy, according to Lexicanum http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Word_Bearers
  12. Minor NPCs turn to spawns when they hit 10 CP. I don't think there's any other mention about that in the book, though I've only skimmed it.
  13. All the arguments about rules imbalance and such aside, what kind of a character will you be playing in BC? I'll go for a hedonistic psyker, who either doesn't use her powers at all and relies on her allies to handle combat or overdoes it in a major way, most likely causing as much damage to herself and her allies as she does to her enemies. She doesn't carry any weapons with her due to their crude nature and likes to wear the most elaborate gowns, prizing beauty and grace over everything.
  14. Flail-Bot said: Would you mind compiling what these things actually do as well as their cost? I think that would make for a pretty sweet (possibly sticky-worthy) post! I know I'd appreciate it a whole ton. Well I do have them in a .txt file, but won't I get into trouble for posting rules? :S Thanks for those Black_Kestrel!
  15. So I'm trying to compile a list of all the weapon upgrades and ammunition available for ranged weapons across all of the game systems (DH, RT, DW). Here's what I have so far... Weapon Upgrades: Bi-/Tripod, Combi Weapon, Compact, Duplus Ammo Clips, Exterminator, Extra Grip, Fire Selector, Forearm Weapon Mounting, Lathe Blade, Melee Attachment, Mono, Motion Predictor, Omni-Scope, Photo-Sight, Preysense Sight, Red-Dot, Sanctified Weapon, Silencer, Suspensors, Targeter,Telescopic Sight & Vox-Operated Ammunition: Amputator Shells, Bleeder Rounds, Blessed Ammunition, Dumdum Bullets, Expander Rounds, Explosive Arrows, Hot-Shot Charge, Hyper-Density Penetrators, Inferno Shells, Man-Stopper Bullets, Overcharge Pack, Psycannon Bolts &Tempest Bolt Shells If you know of any more, could you post the book and the page where it's found? Thanks
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