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  1. cool! i'll ge on it. thanks for the info! ~fry
  2. cool! i'll ge on it. thanks for the info! ~fry
  3. hey ragnar63, it sounds like you guys have a ton of maps to get in. any chance you'd like some help? i don't really have a portfolio to show you, but if you'd like to send me a small test map assignment i'd be happy to give it a shot and get it back to you. i'm a huge fan of the wfrp setting and i love maps. also i'd love to contribute especially since i've gotten so much good stuff from the liber fanaticas over the years. what more do you need? just PM if you are interested! ~fry
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the responses guys.
  5. So in short, you are saying: Yes, when comparing wounds to wound threshold you use the total of all normal wounds and critical wounds.
  6. Is the total number of wounds to compare against wound threshold the number of normal wounds plus critical wounds? Or are only normal wounds compared to the threshold? I thought it was just normal wounds, but when putting together a rules summary sheet last night I noticed the Player Guide made a point to refer to total "wounds", not normal or critical, when comparing them to the character wound threshold. And when talking about injury levels it refered specifically to "normal wounds" and "critical wounds". It made me a bit confused.
  7. you have to dig just a bit because this archive covers such a VAST amount of time, but man, are the costume illustrations outstanding. some could be straight from the Reikland. javascript:void(0);/*1306949229726*/ boy, i wish i could figure out how to format these links a bit nicer!
  8. Excellent! Thanks so much. Also thanks for pointing me to that resource page. Looks like there's a ton of other stuff on there I can use. Nice! ~Fry
  9. Isn't the point of the condition caused to tie it to that particualr action? I'm not sure how some of the random conditions will make sense with some of the actions. Also, are any of the conditions in the random deck duds? Is there any reason why a player wouldn't want to always draw from the random deck? Knockdown rules sound great. Not too punishing, but they make it a real inconvenience. What if more than one character is knocked down?
  10. I (apparently along with some other folks) missed out on them the first time around and I'm about to run TGS, with a brief stop at Ubersreik. The guides sound really useful! The dropbox links are no longer working. My guess is that you've taken your guides down to save some space. I'd be very grateful for another shot at grabbing them! Thanks. ~Fry
  11. Kartigan said: First of all, is there a place in the rules where it actually says that monsters gain access to all basic cards? On Page 41 of the Tome of Adventure in the Core box, it reads (emphasis mine): "Many enemies have special actions they can perform in addition to the normal range of basic actions available to the player characters." Not sure about Stichelm. I'll have to check out his card in the vault and page in TGS when I get home.
  12. Does Milfred have a default stance? I'm just wondering if there could be some kind of mechanic there, like at the beginning of every encounter roll to see if he is cautious or reckless. Or maybe if he is already stressed he is more likely to be reckless? Just a thought. Would you expect NPC's to target him in combat or is the only way for him to take wounds by the results lines on his card? Over all the whole idea is very compelling. That portrait is excellent as well. From an online source? ~Fry
  13. I'd like to run a small encounter with some mutant NPC's. I don't really want to use the Cultist Mutant but rather some average, down-on-their-luck, left-out-in-the-woods-as-babies, trying-to-survive-they-best-they-can sorta mutants. I'd like for my PC's to have an experience similar to the way the v1 mutants were portrayed. Do those exist in the Creature Guide or somewhere else i missed? I was thinking that i'd just go with the town folk NPC stats and draw a random mutation card from WoM for each mutant in the group. Has anyone else attempted an "average" mutant? ~Fry
  14. They have a bit more modern feel but for tone, color palette, setting, and mood I thought Sleepy Hollow and the Brothers Grimm were excellent reference.
  15. We do something close to the 30' grid but still use abstract distances. I made a bunch of cardstock 6"x6" square tiles and I lay them out as needed. They don't really represent an exact distance of measurement. I place a location card in the square to represent the area's special rules (if any). If the standups or miniatures are in the same square and touching, they are engaged. Just in the square together, they are close range. In an adjacent square, that's medium range to the target. One or two more squares further away is long range. Anything beyond that is extreme (the edge of extreme would technically be up to three more squares away). This actually works out with the RAW saying it cost one maneuver to move to an adjacent square. So moving from the edge of extreme to long takes 3 maneuvers, long to med 2 maneuvers, etc. I made some smaller 3"x6" edge grids so I could indicate groups further away just by laying out more of the grid. I plan on making some base image for them like grass or dirt and when I do I can post them if anybody is interested.
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