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  1. crazy cool work with the lights
  2. I spend the majority of my money at my LGS but go online if I can't get what I need. I talked him into getting into ST:AW but it just didn't take off. I bought as much of his initial stock as I could and he has pulled the plug on getting anything else after they release the wave 5 stuff. At that point I'll have to go online and he or I haven't got a problem with that.
  3. I agree although I normally don't like playing against it. In our friendly games we make anyone who causes a collision must roll a Red attack dice and takes what every damage rolled.
  4. I'm 49 but our club range from 8 to 54
  5. welcome....very funny....had not seen it before
  6. X-Wing Tournament in Port Huron, Mi. March 1, 2014 Build: 100 points Rules: Standard set-up and Rules Start: Around 6:00 pm Where: www.coolcitygames.com Cost: None Prize Support: will be an Imperial Aces boxed set if available or Certificate of equal value if we have at least 8 players. Other Stuff: Good parking behind building, party store across the street and fast food joints within a couple of miles. Directions can be found on Cool City Games website. Please email the store or call and give us a heads up on if you can make it and how many may be coming along. We can handle 12 to 16 players normally.
  7. Cool City Games in Port Huron has a numbers of players. We try to do 1 tourney a month on the first Saturday of the month. Starts at 6pm. Good parking and prize support if we have 8 players. I also will be running a story based X-wing league on Thursday nights at 6pm. Tim Bruehan
  8. As long as they keep producing pieces I'l keep buying. The Z95 and Phantom are not my favorites of the next expansion. A have no desire to run a Rebel swarm and I don;t no how much different the Phantom can be compared to other Imperial ships already available. The big one is the Defender which I feel will be a game changer and it will be interesting to see if the E-wing can compete..
  9. I ran a storyline campaign that was a linked series of encounters starting a couple weeks before the battle on Yavin. Each player represented a single rebel pilot of the Reapers Squadron. The first mission was stealing X-wings and another Hi-jacking Astromech's. Then protecting a sensor system that the Boothin's relayed info about a new Imperial Battle Station. Intercepting experimental Imperial fighters (TIE Adv. ) being field tested and providing cover when that same Battle Station attacked the base at Yavin IV. I had up to 8 rebel pilots and I played all the imperials. Each pilot earned XP for completing missions, inflicting damage or destroying enemy ships. They could then be spent to increase there starting Pilot skill, add upgrades and advanced training. This was before wave 2 and 3 came out and I'm currently working on extending the campaign from Yavin to the Battle of Hoth. The new campaign will allow players to play as imperials or rebels.
  10. A little bit farther out is Cool City Games in Port Huron Game nights on Thursday at 6pm Tourney ever third Saturday at4pm
  11. My boy started playing simple wargames when he was 5 and is fairly accomplished at most he is only 8 now. Regularly beats me at Star Trek: Attack Wing and plays against adults in X-wing tournaments.
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