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  1. Gimp said: Remember, as well, that as written, any weapon that would suppress a vehicle instead gets to roll on the Vehicle Damage Table. Of course, the rules specify the vehicle suffers additional effects, but is not clear on how those effects are determined. I would expect a single dice roll, but it doesn't say. That isn't a rule. I'm not sure where you are getting that.
  2. Dust Tactics would be a great place to start. It's a fun game, plays quickly, and you can read the whole rule set in about 5 minutes.
  3. I love how every time I figure out how to kill my friend, he figures out a strategy to counter. Then I counter that, and he counters that… it goes on and on. Sometimes it happens during the game! The strategies aren't even about armies, often it's just a new trick in the unit phase, or knowing when to take risks. We are just learning the game so that won't go forever, but we find the game is really nuanced.
  4. I usually just lurk, but I thought I would point a couple things out. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, there are a few rules that you have wrong, from my reading of the text. So here are list of things you got wrong from a factual standpoint. I spent a lot of time playing this at Adepticon, we've been playing it as our core mini's game for about a week now. I thought you might like to know that many of your issues are just from your reading the book really fast. Units can't screen for themselves. The LOS rules are measuring from a unit, not to a unit. Units don't block LOS for themselves. Tank Hunter doesn't make blanks a hit on the first roll, only on the damage table. This one is a bit subjective, but a point you might appreciate. Heroes (who are the elites in my opinion) clear suppression on a reversed roll. I know it isn't exactly what you were looking for, but there are places where more elite units clear suppression faster. An idea for your home brew (if you want to make this the game you want to play) maybe it would have been cool if units rolled their soldier score to remove suppression. Only vehicles are reduced by most terrain. Soldiers run right through it. The only terrain in the book that reduces move for troops (from what i can tell) is water so deep they have to swim. There is a terrain chart, most things aren't hard for Soldiers. If the damage on an attack against a vehicle is completely negated, the attack doesn't roll on the chart. That is pretty clear in the rules. That's all I have on that front. We've been having a blast, but you seem to have a lot of issues where you expected this to be a realistic military tactics game. I saw Zombies and Walking tanks, so I don't think this is the one you want. You mention a lot of things that you don't like, which are valid, that really help the game play well, in my opinion. I sometimes take implacable on my platoons, and the barrage. I like forcing my opponent to clump up in terrain (anything that limits his deployment is good in my book, even if only psychologically). My force works really well with off site shelling, so I think it's great when I can tricky my friends into spending their 2 points there, allowing me to dominate objective and deployment. Best few points I can spend!
  5. Emailed FFG. Response was that the Famulous is a Cleric and should start with cleric stuff. Looks like it's a typo.
  6. The "no helmet" thing is the real balance issue. One good autogun spray and the Sister can just say goodbye to a fate point. We just had one join our campaign (everyone is rank 4) and we haven't noticed her be any less or more powerful than the rest of the party. She is a great ranged combatant (took out a Horror pretty quickly) but so did our Guardsman. All in all we really feel like she FEELS like a Sister. Granted we haven't played much at lower levels with her (or at all) but I can say that at Rank 4 its fine.
  7. I think this makes a LOT of sense. Seriously, how else do you explain the income of a Cleric? When you really think about it, this is a service of an actual Cleric, not some lay preacher. This is the full deal that comes with benefits. It's likely that this is well beyond a normal Imperial citizen. It's likely more akin to paying for indulgences in the real world church.
  8. Peacekeeper_b said: ShatterCake said: Well SOMETHING has to come out a year from now. It can't all come out immediately. Obviously shattercake, that is true. Doesnt mean I like the fact I have to wait a year for a book the MAY have commissars or not in it. Fair Quote, I'd be frustrated too if I had to wait a year for the thing I've always wanted! Then again, I wonder how a Commissar would function in a normal game. I mean, as non-gaunt copies.
  9. Yup, the weapons are totally out of hand. I only ran the free adventure 1-shot but I've read through the Deathwatch. There wasn't a single encounter that the players didn't just breeze through. Each marine killed one enemy a round. The horde rules helped a bit but the Heavy Bolter basically burned that down too. The toughest fight was when they had to kill some genestealers, they took a few wounds but baring really bad roles they would have been just fine. The more I read Deathwatch the more I'm confused by the choices made in the game. It just makes the whole 40k roleplay a mess of rules and stats. It is impossible to play the games together. I had hopes of an Inquisitor and a few marines solving mysteries and tackling alien threats. I was very excited about some great 40k games. I just can't do that with Deathwatch because a Space Marine is so powerful in combat (from the start) and so useless at everything else (ignoring the books and background) that it just... I can't make this make sense. Most of it's the raw damage output, the guns are just to good but without them the Space Marines suck, so basically they are defined by their bolter... not being Space Marines! A group of space marines would die against even Ascension threats if forced to use Ascension gear. I'm sorry but a Space Marine should be pretty awesome even when you disarm him. Instead they die without bolters and one shot everything with them. Basically they LOOK compatible but Deathwatch isn't actually compatible with the other two games because the weapons and character rules are so imbalanced that a Space Marine either wipes out anything in one hit or it has so many wounds/armor/toughness that no other character actually contributes. A genestealer in the tabletop game could be defeated by an Inquisitor or even a Deathcult assassin. Instead the Deathwatch Genestealer has so much wounds and so much damage that it would one-shot any Ascension character. We have to use the weaker Dark Heresy Genestealer which would get one shot by the damage of an Astartes Bolter. The only option is to turn the game into a grindfest of dozens of enemies NOT in a horde so that everyone gets to kill them instead of just the Marine. They may want Marines to feel bad ass, but they do so at the expense of the game line. If you want to play 40k role play you better never hope that any character from one game could ever cross over to another. They may share rules but they don't work together. On it's own Deathwatch doesn't actually function either. Almost all of the enemies in the core book get torn up in a couple rounds of combat. I get the feeling that the designer just wanted to feel awesome during testing and didn't really balance the game. It's like running a game for 5 Min-Max'd Mary-Sues instead of Space Marines. It doesn't feel like the tabletop game or the novels. Well, it might if the GM just basically lies behind the GM screen. Having to do that is a sign of a terribly designed game and ...well why play a game if you have to secretly cheat to make it fun?
  10. Yeah I didn't mean the "percentile system" as in just the percentages, I should have been more clear and said "the current system." It just doesn't work very well for making harder enemies harder but still killable for higher level characters.
  11. Well SOMETHING has to come out a year from now. It can't all come out immediately.
  12. I think the culprit is two fold. 1) The game system was never meant to last this long. The percentile system does NOT scale well and even in Ascension and Rogue Trader we see it start to break down badly. To scale up to "marine level" has some issues. It's clear to me that they had to take make some concessions to make things work. 2) The games don't base their math off the table top games. They have to build off the novels and make rules that feel right for that. In the novels Space Marines are just better at everything all the time in every way. If a guardsman can open a soda then a space marine can open a car door and flood a city in Royal Crown. If an Inquisitor can interrogate a prisoner the Space Marine can lick his cheek and know who is 3rd grade crush was. Frankly it's time for a whole new system, but I'm betting if FFG did that we would get a WHFRP system, so I'm not gonna start asking for a reboot any time soon.
  13. The Watch Captain doesn't think about things with game mechanics. D&D characters don't say "Oh sweet, a +5 sword" or "Are you good at that skill? What is your bonus?" Elite advances are things your character learns outside the normal line of training. A character doesn't learn "Step Aside" as an elite advance because the watch captain sent him down into the simulation room to learn it. He learns it because the characters in game actions warrant it. A character who spends 6 months reading Eldar symbols while he and his team are lost in the maze city of chartlesgorg might be allowed to pick up a language skill (although he wouldn't be able to speak it). The things the Watch Captain sends characters to learn through the course of training are the things on the progression path! The watch captain shouldn't be giving out Elite Advances. That's not what the term means.
  14. Maybe you'll get a Commissar in "Only War".
  15. We use the updated rules for our DH games anyway. Like the shift in psychic powers (we just got rid of overbleed and abandoned minor powers) as well as a few other things. DH needs an update!
  16. The Boy Named Crow said: While I am happy with the faith talents in their current form, I for one, am extremely excited to see what sort of changes they make in the upcoming sourcebook. And if they don't... well, I will be very sad. Aye, I'll be very sad if Blood of Martyrs doesn't actually present Sisters that feel like Sisters.
  17. Yeah, I'd just skip them. The whole system needs an overhaul... like the Sororita. That book lost me when I noticed that two ranks were named after Famulous and Dialogous but were one rank after the other. Those are two different orders... not ranks you earn. That's like your Space Marine being a "Grey Hunter" at level 1 and a "Blood Angel" at level 2 and then at level 3 you get to become a "Librarian" and then a "Techpriest". It basically shows that the guys writing the Sororitas didn't know anything about the Sisters of Battle at all. Faith talents, as an extension of that, are also problematic at best. There aren't enough of them and they don't feel complete. The whole Battle Sister section feels like it was just tossed into the book at the last minute.
  18. I think the idea is not to punish the player with good gear, but instead let him enjoy his equipment while not damaging the entertainment of the group. A character who wants to feel like an actual Assassin would probably need a pretty good gun/melee weapon. Rather than punish the whole group cus one crazy cleric managed to get an Eviscerator at rank 2 it's probably best to just craft challenges where he has fun and the rest of the group does too.
  19. OH, smack talk. Make the enemies talk. So if one guy is in melee with an adept have him start mocking the adept. This way when the adapt manages to kill him it feels like a real moment for him. If the players hate the enemy it matters more when they kill them.
  20. The ones I remember were situational. For someone in the group has high armor: Add a servitor or one or two combatants who have high pen weapons that aren't more powerful than the others. To stop these weapons falling into player hands (if you don't want them to have them) make them burn out quickly. Lets the players have them for a few shots beyond the fight. For someone in the group with high powered weapons: Bump up the main bad guys agility but don't adjust his number of dodges. Have him hold his dodge for when the high power weapon guy fires. Only one person in the group really a "fighter": Build the enemy groups the same way with several weaker characters. Then make the tougher guy stand out with clever looks or an odd style of weapon. This also gears up the group slowly by giving them "unique" weapons that they want to use for the cool factor. Players want their character to feel unique but also "from 40k". He also said that combats need to be creative. They need to tell a small story inside the big one. Interactive terrain and "descriptions" make that work. He suggested unique scars or gear for that too. He used an example of a game where the group was attacked by 3 guys, one had a bent scope on his rifle, one was shirtless and the last guy was missing his left hand. The group started calling targets out as "skins, short range and lefty". While it was just 3 hive gangers the group felt like they were each characters. He also suggested having the Inquisitor just plain give the group better gear to bring them up to the problematic guys level because he is going to throw them into bad situations. He said that players remember the cool way they beat foes, not how much damage they did in one roll. Give them cool fights and don't worry about the math to much. It made me wish I played in one of his games. There were others but I forget this convo on tape. This was also advice to a new GM so I don't know how useful it is to experienced players.
  21. Maybe I misquoted Mack on this one, but I got this part from a discussion I over heard between a fan and Mack and Ross. Basically the Codex is wrong, Inquisitors Handbook quotes that and now it's getting fixed. Maybe GW changed it or maybe it's just a long running mistake by the company that had Dark Heresy before them. The whole point about the Sisters is that the Ecclesiarchy shall have no "Men at Arms" so this holds water to me. The Ecclesiarchy has the sisters because they aren't men.
  22. Gen Con happened this weekend and if you hadn't guessed by the FFG website it was a really big deal for 40k Roleplay and Fantasy Flight in general. They had all the dev's in attendance and each one gave a seminar (Ross gave multiple on Deathwatch). My group plays Dark Heresy most of the time (but we use all the books) and we even sat in on a couple of demo's Mack did of the Space Hulk card game and Horus Heresy. He sold us on both but unfortunately the card game was sold out. So between his seminar and our two demo's we pumped him for information from multiple angles of attack. We took a bunch of pictures and under the guise of photographing the game we even took some video. So here is what we were able to get out of him along with some general impressions. - Every time we mentioned a book title he got visibly excited. He smiled, nodded while we talked and engaged us, asking about what we hoped to see, commenting on what we said and asked us a lot of questions to our questions. He didn't do this as a dodge though. - He was very up front if he just couldn't answer. His go to phrase was "I can't speculate on the future of things we haven't announced. The warp is fickle and I'd hate to get you excited about something that changes". This became a little game for my group and many of his answers were simply prefaced with "The Warp is Fickle". - His seminar was great. We didn't get a lot of new information but he did clarify a lot of things. - He really likes the cover for Blood of Martyrs". - We asked if Grey Knights would be playable with Daemon Hunter and if so would they be compatible with Deathwatch. He told a funny story about how Grey Knights were in an odd spot, the theme wise went very well with Dark Heresy but were space marines and needed to feel that way. When he took over Dark Heresy there was a discussion about Grey Knights and he basically called dibs because he loves them so much. He never said "yes they are playable" but he talked about the concept as if that were the only way they would be presented. - When asked about metaplot and the adventure series he said that it was a tight rope to walk. GM's should never feel like their stories are being destroyed by the metaplot. He also feels that a published adventure trilogy should be "totally epic." Adventures going forward will make sure to point out major players from other books and tell you where you can find them. They will also give you optional swap outs (in case you've used those characters) and will contain advice for the GM's from playtesting. - He cleared up a BIG misconception about how the Holy Ordo's operate. Apparently an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor will hunt down daemons. He MIGHT turn that over to a trusted Ordo Malleus ally but might as likely hunt it down himself. The Holy Ordo's are where Inquisitors get their resources, training, allies and support network. That network is designed for a specefic thing but no Inquisitor will let Heresy or daemonic incursions happen just because they aren't the right Ordo. - The Sisters of Battle are the chamber militant for the Ecclesiarchy and NOT the Ordo Hereticus. Some of these might be a no-brainer for you guys but it was a huge "OH" moment for me. - He thinks that Inquisitors would arm their acolytes instead of making them buy everything themselves. He thinks the money is really only spent on "non-standard" gear or "best craftsmanship". He allows his players to get gear from their Inquisitor if they are qualified to use it. He doesn't like a player with "Weapon Training Flame" sitting around saving up for a Flamer. - When asked how a GM would balance for that he talked about a level one character with a Bolter and Power armor and how it looks over powered at first glance but rank 1 only lasts 1 game session. A lot of careers can get powerful gear quickly (like clerics or nobles) and that the iconic gear was really important to the feel of 40k. To that end he presented a few tricks to challenge players where the group has varying gear levels and how to equalize things to make everyone feel like they had a "moment in the light". - He is apparently playing an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor in a Deathwatch game and loving it. He had some hilarious stories to tell about his Rogue Trader Seneschal as well. - That man LOVES the Imperial Guard and can list way to many regiments. - When asked if vehicle rules for Dark Heresy would be the same as the ones from Rogue Trader he said "The warp is fickle." We all got scared and he clarified that Sam (rogue trader dev) did a great job with those. The games are a family and it would be odd if the Dark Heresy rules were vastly different. He might add to the rules to account for new things that weren't in RT but that baring something big he didn't forsee himself re-building them from the ground up. We asked about vehicles (like a Chimera) if those would come out soon or if we had to wait for Only War. He gave us some great ideas on how to handle vehicles using the RT rules by making up stats we felt were right and then transitioning into the new stats. Basically explain any differences by as local to the vehicle. He used the example of real life tank guys, they know the little things about their tank that are different from others. Different Chimera's from different forge worlds might be slightly different. - We asked about a tech-priest book. He didn't say "no" but instead clarified that he didn't see the current like up as "career books" but instead he thought of them as "chunks of the game background that were highly likely to interest certain careers". He wants every book to interest every player. - He loves CSI and did a hilarious "glasses on and off" bit when talking about Book of Judgement. - He did a whole "Look at your RPG now look at me now back to your rpg" gag when he had technical difficulty with his projector during the seminar. Wow, now I sound like a stalker. Chatting with him and the other 40k devs totally made my con. It was exhausting to watch him give demo's of games. I hope he brings that energy to making books.
  23. Someone asked pointed black if they would need Inquisitors Handbook to use Blood of Martyrs. Mack (the dev) said that it was very important that supplements not require other supplements. To that end some things would be reprinted if they didn't take a lot of space. He mentioned that the Eviscerator was very important to characters from the Ecclesiarchy so that was something small that could be reprinted in Blood of Martyrs. Next they asked if that meant the Adepta Sororitas would be reprinted, and if so why invalidate such an important part of the Inquisitor's Handbook. Mack said that the Inquisitors Handbook presented a very "general" Adepta Sororitas and that Blood of Martyrs was an opportunity to explore more specialized aspects of the Militant and Non-militant ordos. That's when I had to ask if he would FINALLY fix the travesty that is the Ordo Dialogous and the Ordo Famulous being only a single rank that lead into each other rather than being distinct ordos. That's like having a space marine class and rank 1 is "Blood Angels" and rank 2 is "Space Wolf". He laughed and said that it was very important that players be able to customize their characters and feel like their sister adhered to the established background of 40k. He also winked I swear it. So here's hoping that blood of martyrs actually has careers or at least alternate career ranks for the Battle Sisters and non-militant orders.
  24. Yeah I was at the talk. It was nice that he gave an explained answer though. He didn't just say "no". He basically said he think it's a great idea but it has to make sense for the book it comes out in. Looking at the books in the future line up it could make sense in Malleus, but if we extrapolate from some of the other questions he answers then I'm betting there is some kind of "Assassins Book" down the pipe. He also suggested that while official rules weren't in the works (he said "he couldn't speculate to far into the future as things change") he did point out that a lot of what we wanted could easily be built by a clever GM. I went to all the seminars and Mack felt like he was the most excited and "honest" of the developers. He pointed out that FFGcurrently has books announced that he wanted to cover "intricately" and that the books on the way now deserved his full focus so that they are done right. He did refuse to speculate on anything to far down the pipe though, cus things change. He also did a demo of the new space hulk game for my group and we got a chance to ask him a few more questions. He got me pumped up for Only War. That dude loves the Imperial Guard and was able to rattle off all the official "Calixis Sector" guard units without missing a beat. He listened to all our questions and thought about his responses, going so far as to ask us about our campaign and what excited us about certain topics. Here is a transcript from a video I took while he was talking to my friend in the main hall. We had just asked if there would be spire gangs in Book of Judgement. Mack: "...Hive gangs are a great place for a GM to play around with the law and I see why you want them. I can't really speculate much on the future as before I tackle anything like that I want to do my homework and do it justice." Bill: "I bet you get these kinds of questions a lot." Mack said: "Yeah, and it's one of my favorite parts of the job. I learn a lot about what people want from future books by the questions they ask. I'm a huge fan of 40k, just like all of you. It's very important to me that the elements of the game you love get the attention and focus they deserve. Even if I can't speculate on the future it's important for you guys to ask these questions and I don't mind at all." I'm hoping he can pull it off, 40k has a lot of stuff to cover. Maybe I should post a full transcript of the video.
  25. They don't run a lot of after hours RPGs, but they do have a crazy amount of other gaming they run. Lots of card tournaments and boardgame stuff. Who would you want to run the games? I know I'd like to have the designers do it, but they work a full shift at the booth (6 to 8 hours) and then would have to run another 4 hour game on top of that every night. That would, however, only make four DH, RT and DW games but would require them to each work a 48 hour week in just 4 days! That's a total of 16 to 24 players for each game system. That's not a lot frankly. What could also work is for sites like DarkReign organize the community to put on some games. I'm willing to be though that when they have time the dev's will throw some games.
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