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  1. Brother Apothecary Angus of the Storm Wardens would offer aid; but he's too busy keeping his kill-team stitched together. As said before, the community hope that he'll have a swift recovery.
  2. My group has a Black Shield that hails from the Grey Knights. (player wanted to be a GK but we didn't want to make a Dark Heresy game) He's kitted out from the Daemon Hunter book as an interceptor and even sometimes out blends the Blood Angel assault marine w/ duel lightning claws.
  3. All I want is rules for the men of Tanith.
  4. So my group might end up playing an Ascended campaign... as the title ensues. Thus far we've come up with some outlines for some PCs, one of us wants to be a duelist Vindicare assassin and now that I mentioned it to him as a joke he wants him to be Deadpool. We also have a Psyker who has the jedi mind trick going. And since I'm kinda tired of always playing the leader of the group I've considered making a Daemonhost that's basically Hellboy. Why you may ask? Because it would be kinda fun to see how our GM deals with these three and the undoubted trouble/ damage they cause. So what do you guys think? We typically don't run the super "grim dark" setting for 40k games.
  5. We've had some fun with Black Crusade; we've made it the game where we ARE the evil A-holes instead of the guys stopping them.
  6. I've got two stories from different campaigns. Once we were playing all Space Wolves and our GM put us on a feral world where he describes a prehistoric landscape and even a T-rex looking monster eating a recent kill. So the three of us look at each other grin and start playing "Stone, Shear and Parchment" over how got to kill it. Our Long fang won and with his BS of 114 proceeded to just shy of liquify the thing. We all then gathered trophies from the kill: two scale hide cloaks and a tooth necklace. The other time was much more recent; we were supposed to drop in a Mechanicus facility held by the Tau but our drop pod hit something and landed miles away. (I think it was a Tau Drone personally) We then kicked the throne loving snot out of Kroot then find a monorail that would get us to the hive with the facility. Our first question to our GM was as follows: "what can we use to make this thing into a bomb?" He gave us some prometheum barrels, plasma coils and we used all our grenades. He decided to spite us and have a rather scary drone fighter we dubbed a "Man o' War" but it was destoryed by a Blood Angel Assault Marine with Lightning Claws and our Salamander Librarian with psychic phenomenon. We then armed our little creation and bailed out, all of us passing our agility checks to jump out. Fun times indeed.
  7. So we recently restarted our Deathwatch game and one of our players has started a Grey Knight army for tabletop 40k so we fudged the rules a bit and made him a Black Shield from the Grey Knights (and is a Intercepter); our other PC is a Salamander Librarian with a psyber dragon as a familiar in place of a gun, and I'm a Storm Warden Apothecary with a a Sacris Claymore turned power sword. (and bad Scottish accent) Some of the highlights of the game as we investigated a Genestealer infestation: SWA to Planetary Governor: "So we hear ye gat a wee little bug problem?" Later in the game we're investigating a terra-forming facility the cult has taken over GM: You hear and awful screeching sound; like nails on a chalkboard. SL: Is it close? GM: Very. Us: ...... SWA to BS: Fold up that blasted teleporter of yours lad. No need to let them know we're here yet.
  8. Well it would be tricky with it being online since there's 4 of us right now.
  9. My RT group is looking for a new GM; the reason being our current GM wants to play now more than he wants to run the game.Good news is we recently made new characters so we don't need to go over that on the first day. Our group currently consists of 3 players and our current GM. We're all in the Orange County, CA. area and if your interested please feel free to send me an email at jeffburnell86@gmial.com.
  10. Here's another one that just recently happened: My game group were playing a game where we wound up on a Roman style world, and our GM while describing the scenery said there were "olive garden's" in the fields. We laughed as hard as we did during the "orkesrta" incident.
  11. Here's one of mine from my RT game: We're traveling through the warp and our Exploritor is on his terminal and suddenly our captain decides to leave the bridge.... only thing is the TP locked him out of everything. After some funny arguing they settle on giving the TP 25% profit and he failed 3 attempts to unlock the ship for him. Sadly shortly after that we never saw the player again; mostly because his ex-girlfriend plays in the group. (he understood we were goofing off) None of it applied, but it was funny to witness.
  12. Seeing as I have a ton of Space Marine bits I thought about making figures for my groups eventual Deathwatch game. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the weaponry we'd be able to use from the Astardes Armory? Aside from the standard Bolter, it could also speed things up for the character creation process and thus get us into the game quicker.
  13. Here is my Rouge Trader group's solution: (though it may not be kosher with hardcore 40k players) Make a Marine and make it a Sister of Battle who is basically a guinea pig with a newly modified geneseed. Or just simply use the Ascension book's rules for a Sister of Battle and do some modifying so she can keep up with the Marines. We came up with these because one of our members does not like to cross-play as a guy.
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