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  1. Call me stubborn but i still think this topic is a good idea D: everyone seems to be way too serious on this forum, can't we have some lol's brothers (and perhaps sisters)? either way i have another one, with my new group we just finished the shadows within dreams campaign and the psychic of the group was able to one hit kill raptor with a simple create fire on his clothes... 3 open rolls, maintained inhumanity made him erupt into the flames of a house fire in the first turn, causing a 100 damage critical (he fumbled a dodge with 1) with a location of head. as soon as he fell to the ground dead the palidin of the group walked up to he charred body and tossed him the Flouros saying, "here you go" literaly seconds after his big speech of how he was going to crush them. We all got a good laugh, and selene was quite dumbfounded...
  2. @ Lia- Ah, i get it, thanks. I had forgotten about those rules for some reason @Raybras- I really like that meathod, i think i'm going to do that more or less max power by lv. 6 would be fine i think.
  3. Thanks everyone for quick response! I really like all of you ideas, i just have one question for Lia Valenth, i thought that as a human you couldn't get a skill above 10? It has an example of like a warrior in the book who has a STR of 11 but only applies the bonus to the carry weight and attack power or something, is that what you do but just for path level? Also for a bit of background the PC i am talking about had a 9 INT and used the lv 2 bonus to bump it to 10. I had an idea that perhaps they can raise their magic level by their INT score per level, what do you guys think of that? then it could be 10 levels (5 spells) rather than 6(3). THanks again
  4. Hey guys, couple quick questions. (1) To put it simply can a mage use magic in a single turn? as in can they accumulate the 50 they need and also use the 50 to cast? or must they accumulate for one turn and then cast the next. (2) can a wizard mentalist (or anyone for that matter) use both a magic spell and a psychic attack the same turn? if yes can do they face a penalty? (3) What level should your pc's be at roughly before you start to give them +5 or more quality weapons? I made the mistake of giving one of my pc's a +10 scythe at level 1 and regreted it as he just ran through everything swinging left and right. and, (4) i am a fan of capping the magic my mage PC's can use at lv 1 by half of their magic level, but how quickly should i raise it? I thought that 6 levels (as in if they had a max of 50 in water lets say and i say at level one you only can use up to level 24 in the path but now you are lv 2 and you can use up to lv 30 in the path) seemed alright, 3 new spells seems fine, but one of my PC's really thought this was too slow. Thoughts? thanks friends
  5. I just wanted to start a topic for GM's about some of the silly stories and actions that your PC's make. I had a great one the other day. I was playing with 2 PC's (A scythe weilding Dark Palidin and a Ninja Module assasian) and they were in the first section of the Shadows of Dreams arc in the game master guide. They were on the bridge section with the ambush of gaurds on one end and decided (because the bridge could only fit one at a time but they wanted to see if they could both fight close combat) that the D.P. would go to the middle and use a chain and tie himself to the bridge (so he could two hand welid) and then the ninja would climb on his shoulders and tie himself in with his own rope and they both did a sort of "chicken fight" like thing with a scythe and tanto/shuriken Needless to say, it made me lol
  6. Egeslean said: Is there a limit to how many Dis/Advantages a character is allowed to choose? You start with 3 creation points to spend on advantages and (as i understand it) can take up to three disadvantages, regardless of who many points that gives you, Note that you don't HAVE to take any disadvantages, I made a big mistake with that with my characters and my PC's characters.
  7. Skywalker would you mind sending that to me as well? Thnx
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