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  1. The ease of cancelling wounds via shock rolls and command point spends are the biggest weakness of this game right now - that and the lack of interesting story modes. Its just too pathetic when you've executed a clever strategy to deliver a punishing attack on an opponent and they completely cancel it because of random dice rolling - too much chance, not enough reward for tactical planning.
  2. The time you're going to notice the difference is in Capture the Flag mode when you have Barry blocking the flag - not many successful bull rushes are going to get past him.
  3. This same thing happened to me in the last game, there needs to be an errata saying that the '4 rounds to kill the cthonian' overrides the investigator objective - otherwise the win text for the investigators is totally contradictory as the OP noted.
  4. Some responses from customer support to rules questions - the answer to #1 is somewhat newsworthy but #5 doesn't jive with this bit of text from the rules: As noted above, a leader may not be activated or placed on overwatch until fully healed to his highest row of values. > Rule Question: > 1. Can Zor'ka use Awakening when she has a mental pack containing > Presence? (Since she has a null mental characteristic she can't make > a mental test.) > > 2. Does Supernatural Strength also apply to Ranged Attacks? > > 3. Can I use Extra Ammunition with Hand-to-Hand attacks? > > 4. Can melee attacks be made through doors? > > 5. In the story scenario 'Bang Bang > (My Baby Shot Me Down)', can the leader use Regenedrine syringes to > heal themselves after they have become active? > > 6. Can other characters use Regenedrine syringes to continue healing > the leader after he/she becomes active? 1. Presence should read: Treat your Mental stat as if it were a"-." You may not be targeted by Mental attacks. However, when making a mental test for Awakening, use your current mental value on your character sheet. 2. Supernatural Strength applies to all attacks. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. A Leader may not be activated, and thus, even if given a syringe, can not take an action to use them. The syringe must be administered by another character. 6. There is not reason why a Leader cannot continue to be healed by Syringes, however, even once fully healed, a Leader an only be healed by syringes, and may never be healed by an ability or piece of hardware, such as First Aid Kit. I hope this helps! Thanks, Adam Sadler Associate Game Producer Fantasy Flight Games
  5. Nevermind - I found this example in the 'use equipment' part of the actions description - Example: As the active character, Eva Krämer‘s owner wishes to “use” her Iron Cross First Class token. She reads what to perform when the item is used, in this case her team would gain two additional Command Points. She decides to carry out that action, by placing two more Command Points on her side. The strange thing is that the description for Iron Cross is lacking the 'as an action' bit of text that you find in other items like her first aid kit.
  6. Does anyone know of any ruling on the timing of 'discard' for items such as Eva Kramer's medals? If it is possible to discard her medal outside of her activation, then it would be possible to buy a 3 CP reinforcement and this would contradict the ruling in the 1.0 FAQ. A: Reinforcements are introduced at the start of a turn, before any characters are activated. In a 2 Command Point game, there is not currently a way to introduce reinforcements using Command Points.
  7. Doc Savage said: 4 What happens if the target is on overwatch, does he loose this status? Yes, the target looses overwatch, because making an attack removes the overwatch status. This is the answer I am least sure of. 5 Finally, can I use it against one of my troops on overwatch, to make he move to a better overwatch position? No, because moving is an action. @4 I'd disagree after looking at the rules: "When a character launches an overwatch attack, the token beneath his miniature is removed from the board. The character is no longer considered to be on overwatch." Since 'attack' ≠ 'overwatch attack' the status wouldn't be lost. (An overwatch attack is only made in response to the opposing player's trigger.) @5 I would also think it is legit since the forced activity caused by the amulet does not count as an 'activation', it just removes the chance of making a later activation with that character in a turn. Although regarding 'move to a better overwatch position' , you are still limited to moving away from Hermann and you must move the maximum possible distance according to his/her movement points.
  8. From the faq: ------------------------------ A: Kaali allows Irishka to place a meteop token. This is the entirety of this weapon’s attack. As meteops deal automatic successes, this weapon can be very potent to grouped characters. ----------------------------- Is this a mistake? It seems to imply that the meteop tokens damage all adjacent circles when they explode, while in the rules it is stated that they only damage the character entering the circle the token was placed in.
  9. In the case where the protegee is the first hastur character played in a game, does it return itself to the owner's hand?
  10. Falco said: Great work those are great, I have just one thing to ask . Can you make bonus tokens in the form of "strips" instead of cards ? so I could place them on those equipment cards and cover the line where is the equipment I am switching the bonus token for. Cards + Scissors = Strips Are there any hi-res versions of the troop mental pack rules on the web? I don't own them yet.
  11. I corrected the errors on the original files and added the names of the items. Also includes the bonus tokens and hound dog. These novgorod cards are a higher res than the ones posted earlier.
  12. droesler

    Sum. Cards

    More cards for Novgorod.
  13. droesler

    Sum. Cards

    The Mi-Go 13 said: Out of curiosity, where did you get that Tala's Corporal stripes allow her to take a discarded grenade? Thanks for the catch. I'm not sure where that came from - I copied my text straight from stormknight's cards on the boardgamegeek forum. I'll correct that and do the expansion cards within the next 2 weeks, I'm busy prepping maps for an rpg campaign right now.
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