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  1. Here we are now, entertain us!
  2. Mill is a VERY real thing now with Legacy. The idea of discarding cards from your hand to re-roll becomes very hard (and down right foolish) against many of the decks you will soon see. Leia is a character that combats this. (Legacy has also introduced some supports and upgrades to provide re-rolls without discarding). "Best" is always going to be subjective and local meta will have an influence. For those of you who find yourself in a mill heavy meta, remember our favorite Disney Princess.
  3. With the rise of supports, I think Leia's ability could be very effective. Blue and Red also offers a lot of dice control. I too am crafting a Luke/Leia deck and will publish my results once it gets a few games.
  4. 1 Luke starter... I don't do boosters anymore. Singles are cheaper and I always get what I want.
  5. If you're like me, and LOVE the system of this game, but HATE the CCG... Might I suggest ASHES: Rise of the Phoenixborn. It is now receiving great support form Plaid Hat Games and the Core comes with SIX COMPLETE (and really good decks) and enough dice for 4 people to play at the same time. It also has (good and fun) rules for drafting. Boosters are not sold for this game, only complete decks (like a LCG). No additional purchase is ever needed though.
  6. The best general answer is between 6 and 12. Any more than 12 and you'll find yourself short on events when you really need them. Any less than 6 and you'll find your deck will not ramp up as the rounds progress.
  7. That company still prints MTG cards and has a huge printing facility in the USA. Wizkids claim the majority of MTG is printed in the American facility and this has been the case from the beginning (1993).
  8. The reason why FFG can't keep to (or have trouble even giving) a street date is due to their printing situation. FFG might be the biggest game company to NOT have quality in-house printing. They rely on cheap labor in China and the slow (and cheap) boats that bring their product over from Asia. MTG cards are printed in the United States (and have been from the beginning) which allows them to easily distribute the product and set firm street dates.
  9. Heck, why even buy the box? I have complete Awakenings set, an almost complete SoR set, and found I only needed to buy a few singles from EaW. I'll do the same with Legacies. I might buy the new Starters.
  10. Glad to see this post is still useful. With the new expansion, we might have more to talk about.
  11. But they are not "posing" as part of one of the clans. It makes sense for them to be neutral cards that are infecting a clan... but not one on their own. I think you could stretch to try and make them fit into the current system... but they don't fit naturally. A BIG part of this game now is vying for the favor of the Emperor, to promote your clan over others. A "corrupted" clan would make for an interesting story arch... but a win by a straight Shadowland clan would mean death for Rokugan.
  12. The simple reason (but there are many others) that Shadowlands cannot and should not be its own clan is the honor system. In the game, the clans via for the favor of the Emperor. This would make no sense for the Shadowlands. How would a Shadowlands deck lose (theme wise) if it ran out of honor? Even more ridiculous is winning by way of honor! I love the idea of neutral and "corrupted" clan cards being created with the Shadowlands keyword. Also, maybe a co-op game could be created with the Shadowlands acting as the opponent for the players.
  13. The Core had a barcode you could scan to see the cards in the box. Is there nothing like that for Tears of Amaterasu that came out today? Found a full list:
  14. Where does FFG publish the cards that are in each L5R set or dynasty pack? (Or is there a better source than FFG?)
  15. Buying a 2 player set (or two) is the best bang for your buck in this game. You'll get plenty of powerful blue cards and will have what you need to build decks.