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  1. It seems that is what all of the big stores are doing. One of the big online sellers has there physical store near me. They never have any Destiny in stock, while other small stores do. It looks like they take the Starters and boxes they receive and instantly salvage them for singles.
  2. Be sure to read over the Rules Reference Guide: This guide will answer questions like the ones you posted here.
  3. Nightsister has a great ability and Power of the Dark Side gives the Troopers a 4th damage side. Between Blue and red, there are enough tricks to make a fun deck with no upgrades. The other thing I like about this idea is now support with dice become the only real way to bring in new dice. Many of my more expensive support cards have sat lonely in a binder just waiting to be played....
  4. Product will be coming in more frequently and in bigger patches from here on. By June, we won't even be talking about this anymore.
  5. I hope (after I sell all my Awakening cards I'm not using for a box or two of SoR) that the card values crash. I personally don't like the CCG model and hope this one at least turns out to be more affordable than others. I've heard FFG's own store sells individual cards MUCH cheaper.
  6. There is actually.... Cheaper and faster way to play this game. Is it THE BEST deck you could possibly build? No. Would it be fun to pick 2 or 3 characters and a deck made up of 30 cheap common and uncommon cards (and your opponent do the same?) YOU BET! I'm totally going to try this soon with some friends.
  7. This is a great move by FFG. Your local game store should be getting these for events and prize support soon!
  8. A reasonable person also separates fact from opinion and truth from emotion. Am I disappointed that Destiny had the issues it did in its opening run? Yes. Does that take away from the fact that it is an amazing game? No. Did convention goers at Star Wars Celebration line up to get the chance to play the game? Yes. Do I wish I could pre-order and know I'll have a box in hand May 4th? Sure. Is it likely that FFG has learned from Awakenings and worked to solve issues they were having? That is what they are reporting. FFG is in this game for the long hall. That being said, they know they can't repeat what happened with the launching set (and have said as much publicly). It doesn't fix our frustrations now, but soon we will be playing Destiny (if you still choose to) and not even remembering the dreaded Awakening famine.
  9. Just like Sith Holocron, something must be given up to attempt to gain the advantage later. SoR has also introduced new ways to get rid of upgrades and support cards. Again, the sky is not falling. That perfect dream setup where you get 8 or 9 turns in a row is not going to be as easy to come by as you're dreaming it to be. Some of us have even been playing with these cards on simulator programs....
  10. Where have I heard this before.....? Oh yea! Sith Holocron. Yup. Sky is falling.
  11. X-wing was almost impossible to find until the third wave. Now, it is one of the most popular (and financially successful) games on the market. For years now, players have been walking into stores to buy all their X-wing needs without issue. Destiny's growing pains too shall pass.
  12. Commas mean something and have a defined use. This card is not vague at all...
  13. I usually do demos for FFG here in Central FL. I skipped working SWC because I bought 4 day passes. I know who did work it though and haven't heard ANYTHING about promotional or giveaways. I even stopped by to say hi. I'll double check, but I do not believe these were printed by FFG.
  14. This summer is going to be the perfect time to get into the game. FFG has promised more starters and an Awakening reprint in June. Looking forward to seeing how SoR availability does in May and April.
  15. So what does the forum think? Product will actually be available on Star Wars day (May 4th) or just a small smathering as we've seen for Awakening? I personally don't think FFG would make the same mistake twice. I expect to see a good volume of product for the launch of SoR.