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  1. You'll have a 1 in 36 chance for sure. I've driven from one side of this continent to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe there's a way to pull Legendary packs.
  2. I can't say I've ever played a game and thought "If it wasn't for that Vibroknife I'd have a chance of winning..." The only deck this is close to being an auto include in is straight melee decks. These decks are vulnerable in many different ways because of their single damage type. I honestly do not think Vibroknife is any better or worse than Holdout Blaster (an auto include for many types of decks). They are good cards, but do not break the game.
  3. Go for the Kill is an event card. I don't think it is fair to judge the "value to cost" of cards outside of their type, color, and faction.
  4. Pissed she's a legendary though. Here's hoping I actual get 1 or 2 of her...
  5. That wasn't an argument... it was my own personal jab (and showing of dislike for the model) at CCGs. There is a part of me that is really pissed off that I allowed FFG to lure me back into the crap fest that is CCGs with my favorite IP Star Wars. That being said... I think I can make an argument that FFG has actually created and maintained a pretty good standard in this game thus far. While some cards are clearly better than others, the "value" of said card can be seen and I have yet to feel that a card is under-cost. Let's take a look at the 2 cost Vibroknife: Three damage sides, only value more than a 1 is a modified side, it has ambush, and an ability that effects melee damage. Let's compare it to the F-11D Rifle: This upgrade also has three damage sides 2 sides are modifiers and 2 sides are worth more than 1. The largest damage side has a cost to play. It has a special and Redeploy. To balance out the extreme value of redeploy, this upgrade only has one side that does damage without needing another dice or a resource. Yes, I am arguing that this card is of about the same value as Vibroknife. While ambush is a great one time trick, redeploy is the card that just won't go away. While we might not all agree with FFG's value assessment, clearly one is in place. This, of course, is a low sampling (only two cards) but I believe this could be done across the board for any 2 cost upgrade. Similarly, a standard for 1 cost or 3 cost can be found as well.
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of CCGs; where all similar cost cards are not equal (or even useful).
  7. Vibroknife is about as close as a card can get to auto-include for melee heavy decks. It has two nifty tricks (ambush and ignores shields) and only costs 2. It can also go in both villain and hero decks and is neutral. I agree with the OP, this card is no where near broken, but is the melee equivalent (and might be better than) Holdout Blaster.
  8. Anyone that tells you they "know" how to pick out the legendary packs are fooling themselves or you.
  9. Moving a shield is gaining a shield. Some are confused because moving damage is not "gaining" damage. This special definition of the word "gain" should only be applied to damage unless a card instructs otherwise. So yes, if you are about to place a shield on Qui-Gon, his ability triggers.
  10. How Qui-Gon's ability works has lead to MANY long drawn out threads. I honestly don't understand why some are confused by his (or Dooku's ) ability, nor why no amount of explanation from the players (and even the creators) can satisfy those that want to continue to use them the wrong way. I'm happy to see that the community helped a player here and with the right answer. But you'll notice that there was some tip-toeing in that right answer.
  11. Meanwhile, back at Phoenix training camp....
  12. With this set being centered around vehicles... I hope Wedge will be one of the new characters!
  13. Yup. I agree. I have no problem with "Lion" as a clan name, as this animal has all the same meanings in Japanese mythology as it does Western mythology. Really, only "Unicorn" sticks out like a sore thumb. I realize there is a back-story attributed to this in the old game... but this is a re-launch and might have been best to stick with the apparent theme.
  14. I've recently expanded on my post that is now the center of the "Unicorn" debate. You're right "Shisa" would have been a better name, but I think most Westerners (not familiar with Japanese mythology) just call this a Japanese lion.