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  1. I'm guessing they will save young Anakin and General Kenobi for a Clone Wars themed set. I'm expecting Empire Strikes Back cards here. Calling Boba Fett now as a yellow legendary villain.
  2. So, I bought 20 packs today and opened 5 legendary cards! Darth Vader AT-ST Han Solo Crime Lord Launch Pay I also opened a Holdout Blaster, Jet Pack and TWO Force Training! Anyone else win the lottery today?
  3. June 22nd was the last rumored date to float around. Seeing how boxes and boosters are being sold on Amazon again (for well over retail), I'm inclined to believe this date still holds.
  4. Here's what I'm playing with now. I'm thinking about reducing the upgrades to add a few more 0 or 1 cost events. Character: (29/30) 1x Leia Organa (Awakenings) 1x Rey (Awakenings) 1x Maz Kanata (Spirit of Rebellion) Battlefield: 1x Starship Graveyard (Awakenings) Event: (10) 2x Guard (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Deflect (Awakenings) 2x Rejuvenate (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Trust Your Instincts (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Field Medic (Awakenings) Support: (0) Upgrade: (20) 2x Overkill (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Force Illusion (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Lightsaber (Awakenings) 2x A180 Blaster (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x Tactical Aptitude (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 2x Bowcaster (Spirit of Rebellion) 2x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 2x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings) 2x Vibroknife (Spirit of Rebellion)
  5. Let's take a look at this: Opening dice layout: 4: 1R 2: +2R 1: 1M 1: +2M 4: Focus 2: Disrupt 1: Discard 2: Shield 5: Resource 1: +1 Resource 2: Special 5: Blank A little over 26% of your dice show damaged (though mixed type and 3 of 8 possible damage sides are modified values). Another 20% of the dice sides are resources and each of Maz's dice have a 33% chance of rolling a focus. Support and upgrade dice should do well in this deck. On the down side, the dice themselves are all over the place and the initial damage output is far too low. This team would need to get big upgrades out quickly. Also, even with 3 characters, this team is only sporting 25 combined health. It would need to contain the opponent's damage output and be able to drop an opposing character quickly to stand a chance. Would this deck be fun? Sure? expensive blue and yellow cards could find a home in this deck. I don't think it would fair well against agro decks though.
  6. I love Rey and QuiGon together! Take advantage of all the shield cards in that all blue hero deck. This deck would also benefit from Makashi Training.
  7. I use these (and they are a perfect match in both size and shape):
  8. I fully expect an "all droids" character set in the future.
  9. I too was a bit disappointed with some of the artwork of SoR. The worst offender being: When this card appeared on the forum (from an unofficial source) before SoR came out I thought it was a fake that art is so bad!
  10. I like were they went with Ezra (leaves room for a more powerful Ezra in future sets) and his cost encourages a 3 character deck. I'm hoping to see that become a trend for the EaW set. Can't wait to see Kanan and Hera! What Villain characters are people hoping for?
  11. RIGHT?!? I understand WHY character cards are being given out as promos (FFG's crappy in-house printer makes them impossible to mix into a deck unless sleeved) but not including a die with that promo card just sucks. It's a new toy you can't play with.
  12. Leia, Rey. Maz These ladies bring a combined 29 health, 6 dice sides showing damage, 3 focus, and 4 resources. Maz and Rey help keep the deck moving quickly, and Leia adds an additional way to re-roll dice when needed. All this AND you have access to all three colors! Upgrades with Ambush are your best friend in this deck. Take advantage of the Red and Blue cards that protect and heal your characters. Your opponent will go after Rey first. Be sure to load her up with upgrades that have redeploy. Leia will also bring the pain with half of her dice sides showing damage. (Overkill is a great upgrade for Leia.)
  13. RIGHT!? It's like FFG is actively keeping these two apart! Finn / ePoe should be a possibility!
  14. I've also received responses MONTHS later.
  15. I understand this frustration and FFG is very slow (2 to 8 weeks) to answer rules questions e-mails. They really should create a program here in the forum to create members who can temporarily officially rule in FFG's stead while waiting for new FAQs.