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  1. in a protector of lorien if i discard more than a card can i take more +1???
  2. stupid question in the first scenario quest 3 i have 2 cards ,the second one say that i cant finish the quest if uguliant its in play ,but if ther isn't when i reach 10 point can i win or i have to wait untill uguliant its been reveled and kill him??
  3. hi in the brown land they say that after player travel place 1 travel token on it this would be that the location cancel itself??
  4. in the first scenario i have 2 cards with number "3" wich one i have to use??
  5. mmmmmm ok why have to buy 2 core set to palay in 4 players??
  6. hi to all a simply question if i had 2 core set and play solo or in 2 player i have to use only 1 core set encounter deck or i have to use all the cards from the 2 core set??
  7. hi to all 1 question ,to be very competitive i have to buy more copy of the starter game??
  8. no way to receive it to italy ... the italian post its very badly !!! the only way to get it its to pay 70 for shipment!!!! i buyed it 20 day ago and never received it !!!(i make usps first class mail 9$ ,i dont want to pay 70$ for it!
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