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  1. ShadowFighter88 - I must admit to never having played Deathwatch so my additions to the spreadsheet for Chapter support were largely untested. I seem to recall a lot of the abilites from the chapters were cosmetic, i.e. they didn't affect any calculations on the character sheet so it is posible that I either didn't add them or simply missed them. They can certainly be added as a custom chapter if required.
  2. I have not tried excel on Android but wouldn't be surprised if the VBA scripts weren't supported. Sorry that I don't have any other options for you other than to run in on a Microsoft platform
  3. Wrydling grants you a Psy Rating of 2, Witch Born grants a Psy Rating of 1 (not +1) so you get the best value (2) not the sum.
  4. It looks like the named area "PastEventsList" needs to be extended. I'll do this in the next release. In the mean time you can unhide the Menus sheet, go into the Name Manager (Forumals->Name Manager) and scroll to the PastEventsList entry. Add a couple of rows to the area (change the last 6 into an 8)
  5. OK - I can only assume there is a problem with LibraOffice interpreting those off-sheet references The data validation on cell B4 in the original Excel sheet is set to "=OFFSET(CareerOptionTable,1,A4,5,1)" If the problem is indeed related to it being an off sheet validation, then I'd need to create a copy of the cells in the CareerOptionTable on the Advancement sheet (somewhere hidden) and then point the data validation at those cells instead. (I couldn't find them earlier because I was searching for formulas containing a reference to CareerOptionTable and this isn't a formula in a cell, it is a data validation option - sorry for the confusion)
  6. Can you tell me which cell you fixed please? (Sheet and cell reference) I can then check to see if it is a problem in Excel Thanks
  7. Fine work tracking down that one ScannerCain. I think you are several versions behind - the current release is 6.45 and you may find that this works better for you. The link in my signature will take you to the download page.
  8. Can you email me the .rtc file Ascarin? See the Instructions sheet for my email address.
  9. I'm just back from an extended holiday, sorry for the slow responses. Uruclef - can you email me your rtc file please? I'll be able to see what is going on if I can load in your character and try it out. My email address is in the Instructions sheet. I'll take a look at the Ork gear and see what I can do.
  10. Thanks Rothan - that fix will be in the next release.
  11. Good spot - this should be back up and working now.
  12. Hmmm - those Ork upgrades have proved too difficult to implement automatically. Given there can be multiple upgrades on a single weapon the formulas become too complex. It's pretty simple to edit the weapon stats and adjust the range/pen/damage/qualities manually on the weapon sheet. Copy the cell and paste as value. This will copy the calculated text into the cell (instead of the formula). You can then edit the text to apply the affects of the Kustom upgrade.
  13. Thanks for the recent posts folks, even though I'm no longer playing this game it is good to know that the community is still finding it useful. AFAIK there is nothing specific in the sheet to cope with histories for artificer armour. I recall that most of the effects can be handled manually so you'll need to record the histories in one of the free text fields - maybe custom gear. I haven't tried LibreOffice or OpenOffice in the last 2 years so I'm unable to give any decent tips on speeding up the sheet. Darth - thanks for the Ork craftsmanship rules - I'll see what can be done.
  14. That is one of the few books I don't have access to. If you can tell me what the upgrade does I can give it a go!
  15. Thanks - I'll fix that in the next release. If you want a fix in the mean time you can overwrite the default value in the Equipment sheet or you can unhide the "Fixed Data" sheet, search for the Bolter in the weapons table and update the RoF to the correct value.
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