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  1. Both are now available for you to download on the Dark Heresy Support Page. For your convenience, here are the links: Daemon Record Sheet Grey Knight Character Sheet
  2. Salutations Acolytes! A new downloadable supplement for both Blood of Martyrs and Ascension. It includes options for Ascended Sisters of Battle! It is available here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1888 Enjoy!
  3. Salutations Acolytes! There is a new Designer Diary available for your enjoyment. It can be found Here!
  4. Salutations Acolytes! There is a new designer diary available for your enjoyment! It can be found here!
  5. Salutations Acolytes, I would like to call your attention to the new Knowledge is Power 2010 to 2011 that has now been released for your enjoyment. Check out the official announcement here!
  6. Salutations Acolytes! I just wanted t to call your attention to the new Extended Dark Heresy Character Sheet. This character sheet should serve those players who like having everything they need to know about their character at hand. The original sheets are still available for those who prefer the classic compact option! Extended Dark Heresy Character Sheet Printer Friendly Extended Dark Heresy Character Sheet
  7. Salutations Acolytes! The latest hand outs for Dead Stars are available in this weeks designer diary for each printing for use in your game. I also discuss some options for where to go after the campaign concludes! Enjoy!
  8. Salutations Acolytes! Dead Stars is hitting the shelves of local game stores! This is the third installment in the Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy of adventures. The tale of Erasmus Haarlock and the Tyrant star concludes in this latest installment!
  9. Salutations Acolytes! This week, I discuss one of my favorite additions to the Calixis Sector and I explain who I am along with my overall take on Dark Heresy Design! Enjoy!
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