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  1. Gurus, "...monster resolves an attack that affects you..." We are unsure what "affects" entails. Does this mean if our defense is high enough that the monster's damage is negated we were not affected? Or by simply declaring a hero a target is it affected? Peace
  2. Gurus, I was told that somewhere in the forum it was stated that Grom the Paunch can Impact a target for 3, then, with Relentless, flip and pin the same target again for another 3. I have searched and can't find the argument. It was my understanding that to impact you had to pin, and rules say "A disc cannot deal impact damage to a disk it was already pinning prior to flipping." Can someone confirm that he cannot damage the same target twice or explain how he can? Side note: I assumed that Grom can impact a target, deal a wound that removes it, and then, with relentless, flip to impact a disk that was directly beneath the removed target because Grom was overlapping the second target not pinning it before the flip. Is this correct or does Grom immediately drop to the second target when the top target is removed thereby pinning it before it can continue flip with relentless? Thank you for your time and efforts
  3. Dear Gurus, "Ruined Windmill: If a player controls this terrain, he can reinforce disks overlapping it; no more than one disk can be reinforced per command card." Does this mean no more than one disk on the Ruined Windmill itself or literally only one disk can be reinforced total, even in deployment zone?
  4. Thank you all! Don't know how we missed the pullout box on page 19 after scouring rule book as many times as we did Peace!
  5. Dear Gurus, We think we know the answer to this but want to make sure. "GUNNER: After you perform an attack that does not hit. immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round." We assume that means the player may not attack with any other ships this round, not just the ship that has gunner. Question arose that maybe it meant only the ship with the gunner that couldn't attack again, to keep "Gunner" from looping until you got a guaranteed hit. Hope question makes sense Peace
  6. Thank you all for quick answer and for the lols
  7. Dear Gurus, "If a ship already has a stress token assigned to it and it reveals a red maneuver during the Activation phase, the opposing player chooses any non-red maneuver on that ship’s dial for the ship to execute. After a ship executes a green maneuver, remove one stress token from it." I assume since it says 'ship executes' and not player that if opposing player choses a green maneuver the stress is still removed? Thanks
  8. Gurus, Couldn't find an existing forum to ask this and was afraid to ask in rules lol. I am wondering if there is a way/place to purchase just the clear plastic bases that come with standups in The Creature Vault etc. Thank you!
  9. I asked a similar question a few weeks ago and received some excellent responses: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/85553-core-set-vs-content-of-guides-vaults-and-toolkits/
  10. Gurus, Shallya's "Cure Wounds" question: The blessing itself has a 1 Challenge die difficulty modifier. It's action check is: Invocation (Fel) vs. Target Injury Level If being used against a critically wounded PC with an injury level (2d) would the roll include a total of 3 purple challenge dice? One for Difficulty modifier and two for injury level? Thank you in advance
  11. Dear Gurus, Henchmen rules seem clear to me for initiative and damage taking but not so clear on damage dealing. For example
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