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  1. Game Masters on Babcock Blvd. is hosting the 2016 Fellowship Event on November 12 at noon. More details coming! Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1830448147188443/
  2. Pittsburgh, Pa. area LOTR LCG players—I managed to pester Game Masters enough times that they agreed to host the event. It'll be on Nov. 12 at noon. I have NO idea how many kits Phil ordered, but once I find that out I'll follow up. I'm working on posting Facebook, Meetup, etc. event pages for it once I get more info.
  3. There's some discussion on this topic here on the FFG forums, plus here and here. Basically, using an additional suspect is the main thing to change. Using the optional rules at the end of the rulebook (hopefully you make it that far!) also can help balance it out for two.
  4. 1) Yes. 2) Yes, it needs to be paid in one day.
  5. Check out the section titled "Discarding Cards for Discounts" on page 28 of the rules, Ohbeone. As for the second question, it means this: if you intentionally play a connecting piece to NOT connect to anything else, you're making sure no one gets that bonus. That works for any piece in the puzzle, really.
  6. Mimic, from what I've seen, doesn't include a promo card order form. (It's the only Android novel I don't own, so I can't personally confirm.)
  7. OK. Some published in the past few years: Zombicide Zpocalypse Dark Darker Darkest Rise of the Zombies! If I'm Going Down.... Eaten by Zombies! Zombie Survival City of Horror The Walking Dead (the card game, plus the two games from different companies) Dawn of the Zeds Plus, expansions keep coming out for Zombies!!!! and Last Night on Earth.
  8. Yeah, I think you're right. Android is my favorite game and love it without reservation, but I would be excited to see what they could do with a second edition.
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the wording surrounding Det. Nisei's Chairman Hiro favors suggests a possible expansion. Though this might have been written with the assumption that the game was going to be a runaway hit.
  10. I don't know how feasible Print on Demand would actually be, though. PoD cards are of different quality than the ones in larger print runs; as a result, FFG usually ends up reprinting the old cards the new PoD cards would interact with (see Mansions of Madness for examples). Otherwise, in the case of this game, you'd easily be able to figure out which cards were the new ones (this wouldn't made so much for a new character's light or dark deck, but would really effect the event deck). Still, I'd love to see some sort of expansion (and no, the book-related event cards don't count). I check the site daily in hopes of seeing some Android-related news, and I have been for the past four years.
  11. I seem to be in the minority, judging from the reviews I saw on the internet: this was my favorite of the Android novels (though I've liked all of them). I don't get the repeated "it's 'noir' enough"-type comments I've seen some folks write, though. Knowing the outcome of a bad situation and exploring it through flashbacks (with the help of an omnicient narrator, Caprice in this case) is a total hardboiled trope. I thought the dialogue was totally believable, and novel thankfully shied away from overly expository conversations (to the the point of awkwardness, even….Farrer did a nice job of capturing the weird pauses and phrasings people use when they talk). It wasn't perfect, of course, but I dug it a lot. (And while I'm ranting, while there is an incredible amount of overlap with film noir and hardboiled detective fiction, they are not interchangeable, nor are the terms synonymous.)
  12. Ecoman said: Definitely this is good idea. The android is most use in all mobile at that time so at a time new varson in market andriod 4.2, Jelly Bean. I realize you're probably just someone spamming the forums, but you're talking about a very different Android than the one we're discussing here.
  13. Damocles346 said: I know, I know, this is the Android forumn, but I want people interested in Android as much as I want people interested in A:NR, so here is the plug either way… Ok, so a little while ago we had a discussion about lore in the Androidverse and where we might go to find out those sorts of things. After searching around a bit I was not able to find a site that suited my needs, so I have started one. http://anr.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page I would like to focus mainly on the lore, the stories that come to us through the various portals into the Androidverse. The books, the board games, and the card game of course. I am not very experienced in the ways of Wiki Creation Fu, so if you have the skillset and the desire I would love to have you! I'm definitely a fan of this idea. I'd love to pitch in, but I'm a little rusty on my Androidverse lore (despite having played/read almost everything). Strange Flesh is on my "to read" pile, though, so I'll see if I can't add anything that involves that novel.
  14. Vaslov said: Oops -- I hope it was obvious that I was referring to the "Living Card Game," not the Android board game. Also, to clarify, I tried buying the "core" card game set through FFG's "Shop" function, but it says "Not Available". You could always post these questions in the Netrunner area.
  15. Mickey_Stirrups said: According to the rulebook… 'When a suspect is killed, return all of the evidence, hit, and alibi tokens on his suspect sheet to their respective piles, and then turn the suspect sheet facedown.' It then says… 'After a suspect is killed, hit tokens may not be removed from that suspect (although some game effects do allow hit tokens to be removed from a suspect before he dies).' Which one is correct? Do I return hits to the token pile or do I leave them on the facedown susupect sheet? Or does it not really matter lol? Thanks This is how I interpret this: you DO return hits (and other tokens) to the various piles, BUT you can't remove the actual hits from the suspect. As in, you may not revive the suspect. He or she is dead dead dead.
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