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  1. Does anyone have any insights that this will feature anything new to the game, other than layout, new visual implementation of cards and board ?
  2. Hey guys and goodmorning from Europe. Forensicus an I had a great game last night, and I finally got the review up on papskubber.dk - hope some Google translation will help you through it. Just to fill you in, on some of the details from our time lapsed video. Some of you mentioned that the blocade-runner slips right under the nose of the Star Destroyer. You're right - and this was a bold move on my part. Could easily have gotten stuck and collided with it. What you don't see is the amount of damage it caused to the Corvette. Comming up behind the VSD earned my side hull section a 4 hit attack from it's rear and side-section. One of those critical damage. So essentially dropping it side shield to 0, redirecting one hit to the port-hull and taking a BLINDED GUNNERS critical - crew effect. Resulting in not being able to use "accuracy" if rolled on my dice for the rest of the game. I'd played a couple of games, and was kind of afraid of the Tie-Swarms so the move of the Corvette using the alternating initiative to move quickly by. The Frigate, on the other hand, rolls two blue dice when attacking squadrons - in contrast to one blue die rolled by the Corvette. This is what happens 1:18min into the time-lapse video. A massive Frigate super-shotgun with the concentrate fire command deals a serious crippling blow to 4 out of 6 Tie Squadrons. The Capital Ships ended up pretty wounded. The VSD had one or two shields left (due to some repairs) and the Corvette had an open side and one Shield front and rear (I think). But with the defence-tokens spent you can cancel damage or redirect damage to adjacent hull sections. The Frigate was never really attacked .. the X-Wings locked the Ties in engagements and so they can't fire on big ships - if engaged with the small once. This tactic worked pretty well for me in this particular game. I hope you can make some heads or tail in the review and enjoy both image gallery and video. Feel free to ask questions, will check back in a few days and clarify if anything is unclear.
  3. The minis are very beautiful and more detailed than the X-Wing minis I've seen (Starter box + Kessel Run). Yes the Star Destroyer is the largest model and measures about 13cm in length. The paint-job is fantastic on the large ships. The small details makes them seem larger obviously. But the squadrons are un-painted. Ties in dark grey and x-wings in tanned white plastic.
  4. Hi Guys - I'm the mate. I just wanted to come out of hiding after my trusty X-Wing friend here told me about you guys being all happy to see material from the core game. The copy I have with me is about to go through all the scandinavian countries for store demos. But since we're doing this grand Star Wars themed board game day we were allowed to have the core box for a week or so – with the intention to write about it and fire up the hype for the event. The event is in a month - so our hype has begun on local facebook pages and digital media here. It's simply about drawing people in and engage them with a few goodies on what to expect. Turning up at the event will even get you a 15% discount on the core set on some local stores we've had the pleasure to get on the team. So I've been asked to behave and act professional, but no NDA's or date constraints. I wasn't planning on writing anything about it in english, but let's see if someone can help me. But as I said initially, it's more about getting good pictures and the general vipe out, prior to the event. In Denmark the Store Demos start next week (I belive) so at that point all bits in the learn-to-play scenario will be pretty public. Offcourse the game isn't in stock before mid-march (lates date i've heard). Hope this clarifies a thing or two :-) I leave you with just one of the pictures I did this weekend. You may start landing your likes ! ;-) Kind regards // Bo Jørgensen • Editor of the Danish website on Boardgames and Publisher of Board Game Magazine: Brikker & Bræt.
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