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  1. 1) If you play the objective with the cthonian, you have to remember that you can move the monster out of chapel if the investigators are close to kill him. 2) When the investigators can to step on the ladder mark in the chapel you have to tell them that they can't enter, because it's locked; they don't lose their movement. (That because the other mark is hidden by a clue)
  2. Roxysteve is right. In this situation neither the keepr, nor the investigators can win the game. The rules tell that this situation may occur sometimes if both the conditions are not satisfied.
  3. SPOILER I think you can play the second story, the objective in which the investigators have to kill the cthonian. I've played it two times and the investigators killed the cthonian in both the games!
  4. Regardless of the number of players, If the keeper spawns zombies in the crypt, the invenstigators haven't enough turns to win.
  5. The broken story is the third. But only if you play the objective 1B, the others are a lot of fun!In the 1b the investigators can't win. If you put a 'spoiler' advice in the title, I'll explain you the bug!
  6. But only one investigator was killed! Why didn't the others investigators kill the witch?
  7. Hi, the guys from FFG gave me the authorizzation to make this post! I've made a brand-new italian forum for talking about this amazing game! The link is www.casedellafollia.it ----------------- Italian version: Salve a tutti, ho da poco creato un forum italiano per discutre e scambiarsi idee su questo fantastico gioco. Per chi volesse iscriversi, il sito è: www.casedellafollia.it
  8. Yes, you're right, they have to explore and also they have to know the risk!
  9. Thanks! Can I try this alpha version on my mac?javascript:f_valida_respuesta();
  10. You should warn the investigators that this is not an 'exploration game'. They have to go from a clue to another, they have not to open random door. Some stories are lethal, if they open the wrong door or use an object at the wrong moment...bam, they lose the game! You must read very carefully the clue cards to them. (Sorry for my bad english, as usual...)
  11. The players may or may not pay attention to clue or event, but if the event isn't drawn yet, they have no reason to not open the freezer. And if the objective is the 1a? They draw the event card that tells them "do not open the freezer!" and in the freezer there is the cerimonial skull, that they need in order to win! For me, this is a bug, like the story 3, objective 1a. Story 3 has 1/3 of unplayable objectives and story 5 has 2/3.
  12. The first 'event card' warns the investigators about the hazard in the freezer, but the investigators can reach the freezer many turn before the first event card is drawn! They have no reason for not exploring the freezer! And if the objective is not the one with Ithaqua in the freezer, but the one in which the investigators must escape with the 'cerimonial skull', why the investigators have to open the freezer if the 'event card' tells them the opposite? (The cerimonial skull may be in the freezer) Help me! Thanks.
  13. Hi everybody, i'm sorry for my bad english. Last night I've played Blood Ties with the"zombies dark ritual" objective (the zombies have to reach the altar room to collect the six tokens). How can the investigators win the game if the keeper starts to put dead bodies in the crypt in order to spawn zombies and move them to the altar room? In 12 turns the keeper wins! The investigators haven't time to reach the zombies, kill them all and bring the skull back to cemetery. Thanks.
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