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  1. Maybe that's what it was. Thanks for the knowledge!
  2. Nott sure where I saw them. I've been Googling my little brain out
  3. Thanks. I was seeing some builds that did and it confused me.
  4. When building a squad can you use build from all 3 factions?
  5. As a new player, this tactic sounds good on the surface, but when you look at the weakness of it, it relies on one or two better pilots staying alive. What are the pros and cons? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello. New to the game. What, other than a sudden stop, would this upgrade be used for. Doesn't seem like it's worth it.
  7. Hello. So I was playing this weekend and knocked my TIE fighter off the table. Well the stand base on the ship broke off. I can reglue it, but I was wondering what is the best glue to use? I don't think I want to use super glue, because I found a partially used, but hard as a rock, tube. Super glue seems to dry out on me. Any other glue that's good, but don't dry out in the tube? Thanks in advance.
  8. I was looking at the app. Some ships have a lot of upgrades. Where do you get the extra cards? From buying all the packs? Because I don't care about the rebel scum, only bounty hunters and Empire!
  9. My local game store was holding the game for me. Before I went to the counter, I grabed the TIE Interceptor. Love the way that ship looks. I even bought the $100 Lego kit years ago. Thanks everyone! My grandson and I are in for some GREAT times!
  10. Hello. As the title says... when wanting to get new ships, how do you know if they will be good or not since you can not see the stats of the cards?
  11. If the talisman is used, you have to flip the card over. Does that mean it's only a I've use item or can I use it in other chapters? Thanks in advance.
  12. Do you need a tile to fix/repair timed or tracked events? EX: if the missile event is out, no one has missile tile, it is player C's turn, can player C take 10 to fix it?
  13. I found it in the rules. Page 12 states a player must make a supplemental move.
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