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  1. War gear is nothing without the will to use it
  2. Use the killing blow and patient hunter, they work as tactics. Remember tanks, oh yes the devilfish, tetra, etc are your friend. The Tau, who are smart, should hurt marines if you use them as they would behave the Tau will murder the kill team I'm running a game soon where the kilteam have to go into a forested valley contoled by the tau using steath suits, pathfinders, kroot, drones and fire warriors to to take out four skyrays and the players will have to think on their feet to survive.
  3. I'm thinking a few. 1. A banner bearer, who don't want somthing to walk ahead of you to announce your arrival. 2.For your sorcerers i'm reminded of deliriums ballon from the sandman. It changes shape constantly. It's a ballon, a floating fish, it's chair....etc 3. Living armour, not sure it works with the rules, but hey it would be cool. 4. Anyone remember rogue trooper? Bagman, gunn etc. Very cool! There you go, weird wacky and fun.
  4. Being epic. Deathwatch is the greek legends with less sex and more power armour.
  5. Anyone running a kill-marine in a death watch squad? just intrested on how they run as i was thinking of taking it.
  6. One of my players went full auto on a close combat with the words 'hi power armour should be able to take it'
  7. A lot of people said the same about Vampire, but it came down to individual groups and players. Hell i played Exalted and when you have the power to kick the head off a dragon you kind of get on with the roleplaying and the butt kicking becomes baclground to make you look cool.
  8. With all that choice i'm interested in what the system will do to stop similar power builds. Sounds stupid, but certain things are better than others, a quick look through the psychic powers shows that some are better than others. Now i'm not saying that everyone will do it. but i have a bad feeling that you will end up with some carbon copy characters without strong demarcation just so everyone gets some light. I'm not saying it will happen, but a closer look at 'classes' and skill progression, with maybe some examples would help.
  9. Undivided all the way, just to see if can be last man standing and reletivly low on corruption and insanity.
  10. Just finished Dragon age 2, lets see The head of the circle and Meredith - archetypes of corruption at work. Oh and that party member... lah lah freedom for mages, lah lah templers bad.....BOOM very much a fall from grace through doing 'the right thing'
  11. I'm co-running a game at the moment and my group of 6 are awsome with our 1 sister. In fact when an NPC said she was a sister the apocothry said 'she's death watch' in fact theonly major things that have come up was the same medic asking if would accidently kill the sister if he gave her SM drugs! I have made it very clear from the start that infighting will net a loss of renown and extreme acts of infighting will net cohesion damage for the squad. A;lso their current watch captain has siad that she should be treated as a marine in all counts both in her responsibilities and how she should be treated. Our sister has been built as a Dark Angel Devastator (for meta game fairness) and has she her self said that she will not be in charge as SMs wouldn't take orders from a sister, one player has however said that if she is good enough for death watch then in his characters opinion she is good enough to lead! I think a lot of how people percive marines says alot about how they play them. I see them as heros from legend, some people i guess see them as bullies. My suggestion is get a new gaming group.
  12. What i would like is helpful stat blocks, rather than having to look everywhere for a talent or trait, it would like to have all the information at my finger tips when i need it. I'd also like genestealer cults, Hurd, Demiurge and Jerico Reach based creatures. Oh and really, really big monsters, things on an epic scale! I am worried about the section on heretics, I don't want to see a rehash on cults and mutants.
  13. I have no love of level systems and find them a bit weird as i have never leveled up in real life. However i get the worry about free systems, I have always been a lets see where it goes type and don't like planning as it dosn't feel organic to me, thus i had all the pistol groups and ascension came along with pistol mastery for very few points, lol! Powergaming is ok if everyone gets to shine, munchkins however will love this sytem and will spend a lot of time looking over tables etc. What ever system you play you have the posibility that the yellow brick road will deposite it's hellish minions on you. Hell try Larp and watch for the 'can i have a lamy?' attidtude. The other side of course of all of this is the ever classic 'i know i just killed bobs character but i' a khornite and he was using magic, i was just role playing, oh what kit does he have on him by the way?'
  14. *SPOILERS* I have to been playing through the harlock series and damned cities is my fav so far. Now it has been said in my group that i should be carted off to the black ships, but resoning that anything harlock is bad (having played through the first senario and decided i really want to kill harlock if he still exists) i assumed that the enforcers were dodgy and that the tower needed nuking. Long story straight i had some of the team set up to mitgate the attack on council, had the undertow gangs swear not to go toe to toe with arbites or enforcers and replayed dead nobles with crime lords as for the tower i had enough arbites on side to reduce the danger going back in. Got my seal stright after. The problem with the senario is that if you have played the first one, you are going to assume the folly is evil and by association the people in it may be corrupted. There for any sensible player is going to set up for this, and if your sensible your also going to look at anything that would by association be tainted. The problem is once you go down that track your going to be looking for corruption amoungst the arbites and enforcers. So the name is a give away, however that is only if you have encountered Harlocks legacy before, however if this is your first the players should be ok as most in my experience don't meta game.
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