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  1. I just add as well. If 3 are left and I need 6 on that side, I just add 3.
  2. A question we discussed lately: Question: If the Genestealer swarm targeted by the “Power Field” Action card merges with another swarm, may the Genestealers be slain by other special abilities such as from the “Overwatch” Action card? May the Genestealers in the swarm be slain with the special ability of the “Door” Terrain card when travelling? Answer: No. All Genestealers in this swarm cannot be slain (by any card or ability) for the remained of the game round.
  3. I don't see an expansion coming either. The game is already quite expensive and already takes a long time to play, meaning: - it isn't an 'every one has bought it' -game - it isn't like the people who have bought it will be bored playing it all too soon anyway. So I guess there isn't that big a crowd wanting an expansion, let alone buying one. And then you have to consider the fact that an expansion (and so not an entirely new game which Armageddon would ask as needing a new board, new units and for gameplay new cards) has to be able to get played on the same board. What story do you know in the 40k Universe that is fought on Terra besides the HH? The only one I know is the "Age of Apostasy". So if there will be an expansion, I'll put my money on the AoA.
  4. lexlloyd said: I always have Lorenzo kill stealers if he can. Blood for the Blood God!!! ...wait that's not right... For The Emperor!!! Just say he suffers from Red Thirst.
  5. I agree counterattack can be very tricky when you're defending versus a large swarm and don't have any (or many) re-rolls. In that case ignoring the special effect and just defend normal may be the better choice (which you can as the special effect is 'may' so optional).
  6. You're totally right. Forgot too mention that. Green is indeed one of the least 'best'. Though having both blue and grey in single player I also find a bit lacking. They are both great, but I have the feeling that you need at least 2 of {yellow, purple, red} to win (or at least I do ). I think its is because blue and grey are great at giving you a second breath, while yellow, red, purple are great at killing things off. So I prefer: - 2 of {yellow, red, purple} -1 of {grey, blue}
  7. Yep p28. I couldn't find it in movement as thye only talk about moving to an adjectant position, but it is clarified on p28. No discussion possible. Thanks.
  8. After playing the game twice I only have one question. I just read through most of the current topics and didn't see it here somewhere, so I guess I'll just start a new topic. It is about reorganise. It is not a real question (as I think I know the answer), but to be sure I'll ask it anyway. Consider the formation: 1 2 3 4 5 6 If 5 is a yellow marine that use the action reorganise and wants to go to position 2, what happens is: 1 5 3 4 2 6 Right? (switching positions) And not: 1 5 2 3 4 6 In case of only being able of moving to an adjectant posistion (for example 5 moving to 4) these two ways of getting it have the same result, but as this a special rule it is important knowing how to play it. I'm sure it is just switching, but it feels a bit weird that the other terminator has to move this far as well (while technically not moving).
  9. As far as I know this game is definitely not limited, so just have some more patient untill they reprint it (next month or so). It is probably just out of stock for this month (because of great demand).
  10. I have read a lot of these kind of questions today in different topics and it is great that all answers can be answered just by rereading the rules. FF produces great games not needing many FAQ's to clarify.
  11. Official answers are great. I played it this way, but when I read this topic I suddenly began to doubt it. Great to know I was right from the beginning.
  12. I like the yellow team most. The attack card is great (3 GS die and they may even be flanking you! woohoo!). Just cross fingers he doesn't die. Move card to any position! Really comes in handy. Support card which makes your yellow terminators more or less unkillable as long as they have a bolter icon. 3 Great cards. I love red as well as the range 3 (3 shots) assault cannon really helps. The double door counter ability works pretty well as well. Blue's shuffle some GS back into the pile is a great way to take a second breath. If you roll well with that dice purple's flamer is gold. I love them all.
  13. Agree with Muk and Dam here. You don't move the terrain (sadly enough for that terminator).
  14. lexlloyd said: Tim has it right that you draw from the blip pile, but I'd add one thing. Page 14 uses exactly this event card as an example. In addition to what Tim said they specifically state that a player must choose a valid target for event card abilities if possible. Using your card as an example they state that a player must choose a marine that would spawn the most genestealers possible (two in this case). So you can't choose a marine that would result in spawning only one genestealer when the you have another eligible marine that would spawn two. Second that. If you have a left blip pile of 1 and a right blip pile of 4, and you have to spawn 2 GS, then you have to spawn on a SM's right as choosing the left pile would only end up in spawning 1 GS. If both piles would be 1 thick, you could choose both, only spawning 1 (sadly enough ) and then offcourse travel at the end of the event phase (as one pile is now 0 thick).
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