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  1. Hello, at a recent tournament i won some promo cards that I really don't need they are the following: 3x Day Break Alt Art 1x Johhny Valone Alt Art Anyone interested in these, i was thinking 5$ per day break (10$ if you take all 3) and 15$ for Johnny? If you are shoot me an email at bergs206@hotmail.com THanks, David B
  2. Hey everybody, I won a few promos at local tournaments that I do not want or need. I have 1 copy of Alt Art Haas-Biroid Engineering the Future and 3 copies of alt art Wyldside. I was thinking 30$ for the Alt Art Haas-Biroid Engineering the Future and 6$ for a alt art Wyldside (or 14$ if you take all 3). If you are interseted shoot me an email at bergs206@hotmail.com Thanks, David B
  3. Hey everybody, I won a few promos at local tournaments that I do not want or need. I have 1 copy of Alt Art Betrayal at the Wall and 3 copies of Mance Rayder. I was thinking 20$ for the Betrayal at the Wall and 5$ for a Mance Rayder (or 10$ if you take all 3). If you are interseted shoot me an email at bergs206@hotmail.com Thanks, David B
  4. Hey everybody, I won two alt art force lightnings at a local tournament that I do not really want (I hate sith). Anyone interested in them? I was thinking 20$ for the pair. Shoot me an email at bergs206@hotmail.com if you are interested. Thanks, David B
  5. Why the restriction of the two Dark Elves cards? Call of the Kraken and Crone Helleborn? I understand there is a mill deck which uses those two, but its not that tough to beat...
  6. Hello, I am looking to get rid of some of the following stuff: Playmats (50$ each): 1x Battle of Hoth SWTOR LCG Playmat 1x Darth Vader Regional SWTOR LCG Playmat 2x Tywin World AGOT LCG Playmat 2x The Hound Regional AGOT LCG Playmat House Cards: 1x DoIAF 2010 House Cards - 50$ 2x 2013 Regional House Card Sets - 30$ Each 3x Greyjoy Resin Housecard - 50$ Each 2x Greyjoy Stone Housecard - 50$ Each 1x Martell Crystal Housecard - 100$ Random Promo Cards: 1x Full Bleed Dany - 40$ 2x Full Bleed Valar - 20$ Each 2x Aurabesh Luke - 20$ Each 1x Aurabesh Vader - 20$ 17x Aurabesh Vader's Tie - 5$ Each 4x Aurabesh Red V - 5$ Each 2x Battle For Westeros Promo Cards (doiaf 2010) - 20$ Each Random Promo Tokens: 1x 15 Baratheon Power Tokens - 30$ 1x 15 Lannister Power Tokens - 30$ 1x 15 Stark Power Tokens - 30$ 1x 21 Wooden Martell Power Tokens - 100$ 2x Regional Focus Token Sets - X-Wing - 20$ each Shoot me a PM if you are interested, photos of everything will be made available upon request. Thank you, David B
  7. Congrats on the win Jake! I had a blast playing against you on May the 4th, and I am happy to see that you have embraced the 7 ship dark side You must have been a little giddy when you saw three x-wings at the final table. Although, you could have kept it under wraps for a few more months so we could have taken Worlds by storm (or swarm?) Anyways, looking forward to playing against everyone at Worlds. Also looking for great rematches against Doug and Jake if you guys are willing sometime!
  8. Hello, I have a set of 15 power counters and probably some extra baratheon cards. Shoot me a PM of what you are looking for. Thanks, David B
  9. Hello, I will post something more formal tonight, but I was playing the agenda less Stark. I made it to the final table and conceded to Chad due to already qualifying via the melee and overall champion. I will post report and decklists if people are interested.
  10. I will be up at the FFG event center tomorrow, looking forward to playing some SW!
  11. Hello, I recently found a pair of source books that I do not need at all and am wondering if anyone would want to trade for (I play just about every FFG game but this one) / buy them? The books are Black Fire Pass and Hero's Call. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thank you, David B
  12. I apologize for the lack of replies. However, I have replied to the majority of the emails and will be taking any offers on anything above. However, if you do not receive an email reply, I apologize that means I am not interested. Also, please do not send how much emails, please attempt to make an offer.
  13. divinityofnumber said: bergs206 said: BTW, Divinity how are you liking the game? Well, to be honest, I haven't played a real game yet. I have played a few games, but they were spent teaching someone how to play, so there was a lot of open-handed play, and things of that nature. I have, however, spent a lot of time sitting at my kitchen table shuffling, drawing opening hands, and pretending to play… Took us a few games to figure out everything. However, once you get the basics it goes pretty well.Also, thanks for the deck building tips. They helped quite a bit.
  14. From the rule book: "If all of a player’s participating ready units are exhausted, but his opponent’s are not, the opponent continues to focus and strike with his ready participating units, resolving one strike at a time, until all participating units are exhausted." Essentially all of the participating units in a conflict must be exhausted before it ends. If the unit has no icons, it still strikes but nothing happens. Also from the rule book: "Any participating unit (attacking or defending) that has not been destroyed by the end of the resolve strikes step is considered to have survived the engagement. If at least one attacking unit has survived, and there are no surviving defenders, this is an unopposed engagement and the attacking player deals one bonus damage to the engaged objective card. This is known as an unopposed bonus. if the engaged objective was destroyed before the reward unopposed step, there is no unopposed bonus." Any unit can grant an unopposed bonus, as long as there are no defenders. Icons do not matter in this regard. BTW, Divinity how are you liking the game?
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