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  1. I'm assuming the Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) system would only work within an epoch. So stoneage R>stone age p but Inron age P>Stone Age R Personally i'm ok with a slim-lined combat system, after all diplomacy has the simplest of them all (who has the most wins) and thats a great game. It also allows the players focus on other aspects of the game. Also on the main page it says "a fast resolution system that takes into account the "era" of your military technological development" I'm curious to figure out who much we can work out about the mechanics from what we already know. 1 Market Board, 4 Refernce sheets, 6 Civ Sheets, 20 map tiles, 33 plastic figures, nearly 300 cards, 55 combat cards, hundreds of markers and tokens, 6 trade dials, 6 economy dials Obvious 1 Ref sheet per player 6 different playable civs Speculations Market Board where civs can trade goods? Or is this too simple would you need a board just for this, can't they just pass resources to each other aka Setterlers of Catan. Each civ has a different trade and economy dial. These may represent developments in tech in each of these fields. So maybe there are 3 different types of tech you can research in. The thrid being military. 33 Plastic figures. Doesn't divide by 4 or 6, but each may represent the armies a civ can have. These then move around the board and when they meet an opposing army, you use the military cards they have. So maybe each civ can have a max of 8 armies going around the world and the remainder being the rocket for the space victory!? Other thoughts please?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys, but all of those links are blocked on our navigators and GMs work computers. Has anyone had any experience of playing just over email? Its unlikley that we will all be online at the same time.
  3. Due to getting old and having girlfriends our group has only managed to meet up twice in the last 6 months, but we'd like to play more. There has been talk about continuning it over e-mail between sessions, but we don't know which the best method to do it is. e.g. are there web apps to roll d10s that shows/sends the results to everyone? Should the PCs include the GM in all their discussions? Is there something better than emailing? Also most of it would be done at work with firewalls ect. so i doubt we'll be able to use dedicated gaming websites. Any advice or comments would be appreciated Cheers
  4. Yeah i was considering it/them to be extremely rare and maybe to have different craftmanship levels. Common: Protects against mind probe/delude ect.(+20 to opposed WP checks) Good: Above plus weak untouchable talent (Reduce Psy Rating by 2 within 5 meters) Best: Above plus untouchable talent (Reduce Psy Rating by 5 within 5 meters) This is proably overpowered, might have to include fellowship modifiers, but the best craftmanship one would be very hard to come by with total aquisition modifier of -60. P.S. Thanks ItsUncertainWho for the name check on Hexagramatic Wards, it was starting to annoyme that i couldn't remember thier name.
  5. I was refering to the starting gear that you get with the Militant, where you can chose any good quality primitive weapon and give it the mono upgrade. So its not really a choice between whip and powersword, more like a choice between whip and regular sword (or great weapon or spear or even warhammer!). Equally Graspar this is not weapon specialisation (I went for pistols) just starting gear. I agree its not broken, I just had a very good experiance with it the first time i used it in game. I dealt 46 damage (2x Righteous Fury) acciendtly killing outright an important NPC (despite chosing the lower damage roll with the last attack) and I have been in love with it ever since.
  6. Our group has no psychics which is an obvious weakness and as I don't want any dirty psychers getting into my brain i've been looking around for rules on psychic nullifers, but cant find any. I know they must exist as every tom **** and harry seems to have one in the Ravenor books. Any ideas? Rareity? Size? ect I think I also read once about tattos that also stop em getting into your brains.
  7. I'm curious to know what other Arch-Militants chose to upgrade to mono status. I went for Groxwhip which I'm really happy with, as not being able to parry it makes all the difference (Flexiblle). It is also tearing and increases my charge range by 3m. What more could you want? I can imagine the the Kronus expanse being full of bounty hunters with mono-whips.
  8. How does the bonus +2 initiative when using the chosen weapon class? A) The Militant needs the weapon in hand before moving into combat time to get the benefit. B) The Militant gets +2 once he draws the weapon and the initiative rankings change accordingly C) The Militant gets +2 from the begging if intending to use the weapon in the combat. D) Other Cheers
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