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  1. I still say they need to get at LEAST one adventure book (Jewel of Yavin, Onslaught at Arda 1, Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, etc) for each of the three games going per year as well as a setting/focus book (Suns of Fortune, Strongholds of Resistance, Nexus of Power, etc) for each game per year. There you have six books that will sell each year right there that GM's will, and in the latter case players will also, scoop up. They can feel free to keep release books in the Lucas Eta as they see fit or the Sequel Trilogy which comes to an end this year (in anyone actually wants to play in the middle of that train wreck). After all the books that fans have purchased along the way, and work that's gone into creating this great system and plenty of books of support it, it would be a disaster to let it die out. Just taking the six I'm suggesting alone is at least three releases per quarter which will bring in revenue under their existing license before even having to deal with Disney on their Sequel Trilogy golden child. Besides making them steady money, it makes fans happy, and keeps the game relevant. I do hope they continue to reprint previous career books and core books, but I recall reading somewhere in this thread that reprints would cease, which is not good for the future. Is there anything in pipeline right now? MJ
  2. I'll just chime in again in the hopes some mods read these things. I truly believe that FFG would do well to keep putting out one high quality adventure book each year for each game. All the gear and subsiderary books are incredible but not want GM's need to bring people into this game system. It needs representation, and adventure books being played at conventions or at homes are the route to that. I pray solemnly they don't stop that as much as the staple so far this year seems to be against it.
  3. I'm still hoping to get an adventure book for each of the three core games this year (and every year for as long as possible). I recently introduced a gaming group, post-move to another state, to Fantasy Flight Star Wars and every one of them had the same response as always. They were blown away and really enjoyed the idea of a narrative-based storytelling game, as opposed to tactical combat & loot like D&D and Pathfinder. People have already gone out and bought dice even though I have enough to loan; two I know are looking into getting their own Age of Rebellion Core Books (that's the Saga I'm running this go around). It's still a great system, and it fits Star Wars well. It isn't very well exposed and I think that's really been FFG's biggest obstacles. They count on people like me to be ambassadors to the system, which I'm happy to share with as many as possible, but commonly when I get people into a Saga they aren't even aware a new edition of Star Wars exists (all remember the heydays of WEG d6, which was part of what brought Star Wars back from the dead in popularity and ushered in a lot of great new content). Anyway, I think it would be premature to wind up the line unless Disney is losing their mind about the cost of their next license re-up, which I can see being a problem the way the Fortress of the Mouse is operating these days. A gear source book sounds great but what I'd really like to see is each games supported by one of their always incredible adventure books in future releases. I love to slide those into my own Saga's and just add my story drops where necessary so everything fits together. Those are what will help Game Masters new to this system slide right in who don't have the time to write out 200 pages worth of outline (in other words, folks with lives 😁🤣😂). That's just my two credits.
  4. I'm checking in after being off for a little while. I'm really worried about the release schedule. Everything has been pushed off until so late in the year The other thing is that we really need one adventure book per game per year at least. Does anyone know anything about how sales have been or any indication of how successful the line is for FFG at this point? I try to do my part and introduce others to the game every chance I get; everyone one who plays it loves it.
  5. I will admit some concern that the Core books seem to be staying out of print long term. I’m gearing up for my next Saga and have a new three players this go ‘round. To give credit, FFG designed a great game and I’ve hooked even the most die hard WOTC true believers over the past few years. However, the main books are going at usury, gouging rates on many mainstream online retailer (one comedian on EBay thinks he’s going to get $1000 for “Age of a Rebellion.” I wish I was making that up). luckily thanks to this community, which has just been the best I’ve ever been part of since the game launched, I know about Miniature Market plus there are some sane sellers on EBay if your patient. Point being, for the game to continue to grow and be profitable, thus justifying future books, having those available in the market is vital. I hope FFG hasn’t taken a “maintaining” position where they’ll just service the existing fanbase slower over time until it dwindles. Of course that’s just a projection; I’m not saying that necessarily is the case. My overall question is when/if the Core books will get another run to repopulate the market and stop the toy hoarders and game gougers from wrecking everything.
  6. Thank you for maintaining this great resource! It made planning what would be availabile for my next upcoming Saga a breeze and now I know which books to bundle for pre-order shipping due to proximity of release. Great job my friend!
  7. Regarding you prediction link: Thank you for maintaining this great resource! It made planning what would be availabile for my next upcoming Saga a breeze and now I know which books to bundle for pre-order shipping due to proximity of release. Great job my friend! Note: Sorry that wonderful Safari backed me up a page and this got posted on the thread that precedes the prediction list. Please see Absol197’s post above for the link. Again, sorry about what will be a double-response but m intentions are good here.
  8. Hey Gang, I've been away for a while. After wrapping my two year Edge of the Empire campaign my group opted for about a year and a half of D&D plus some other hijinks but now we're coming back to FFG Star Wars and it's time for my to GM again. On the EotE forum there's a pinned post that contains all the links to the pre-fillable character sheets, ability trees, community adventures, and other such. Why isn't there one here for F&D? It's been a while so I don't remember if there ever was once but I'm not seeing one today. Mainly I'm hunting for a PDF pre-fillable character sheet to give everyone and the latest copies of the Ability and Force Power trees. Last I heard Doc the Weasel wasn't doing these anymore so are there any links to anyone currently maintaining these kinds of PDFs? Many thanks for the assist folks!
  9. Many thanks for the link! I'll check that out. Sorry to hear the Doc has bowed out; I'm surprised he bailed on the FFG system for Star Wars. Perhaps he's doing d6 instead?
  10. Hello Community, Getting ready to close out D&D and start the next Star Wars Saga; Age of Rebellion this time. I've always used the PDFs from http://beggingforxp.com/2014/star-wars-talent-sheets/ and they are wonderful. They help my players keep their stuff organized as well as I with my NPCs. They're just nicer to work with than copying those trees out of the books. The last AoR update looks to be from 02/19/16 to add the material from "Lead by Example." I attached a sample page (the forum only allows PDFs of certain size limitations). Does anyone know if this was abandoned or was it moved? If it's dead is anyone else supplying a similar resource? Many thanks, StarWars-AoR-TalentTree-color-v4 (Sample Page).pdf
  11. Well, like I said, the production shrinkage makes me nervous. Frankly 2017 is going to be a telling year. If EotE gets an adventure book and another one of those super-awesome source books then I'm happy (well, I want more but I'm realistic). If there's nothing then that tells me each line is being abandoned as the career books are completed. This is all inference mind you, but if that happens I immediately jump to the next conclusion that either this thing is no longer profitable or else their partner business, or Disney, are rattling cages. With that said, there's a whole lot of 2017 left to go for such books to be released.
  12. As I'm coming back to gear up for a new saga I'm worried about what's going on here with FFG. The Force Awakens game was cancelled after the starter set came out with no talk of a sourcebook just to provide the new stuff for groups interested. All the recents books have been micro-prints. I've read that the merged with some other company. I don't know if they're starting to distance themselves from that huge Disney license charge, or if their partner company is applying pressure, if Disney is being a problem, or if sales for these high quality books are no longer hitting expectations. It's a great game and most fans of it are die hard. What I hope most is that EotE support continues with one adventure book and one sourcebook per year. That's where it all started for me, the only system I'd trade up to off of WEG's super awesome d6 system. I'll be using the white line (EotE) even in my upcoming AoR saga. I like the setting and will remain a loyal customer as long as FFG wants to take my money.
  13. Thanks to all in the community who suggested Miniatures Market! I had no idea they were so fair. The book is on its way and it cost $25 vs. the real MSRP of $30 (rounding up). All but one of the books I need are in stock at fair market value. Good on them for running an honest business in today's climate!
  14. Well, after a 6 month hiatus after my last two year saga it's close to Star Wars time again. Knowing that this would be the book of most interest to my players I thought I'd just jump on Amazon and get my copy to hassle. Surprise! Oh, and I'm in the USA for a full disclaimer. The only place I can find it is at a 70% markup by toy hoarders who scooped them up and are flipping them on eBay and Amazon (remember when Amazon actually carried stock on the books they sold instead of using third parter flippers?). I thought I'd come here to the FFG Webstore but it's out of stock with no option to opt for an email when a new printing is available. I don't know if any information has been provided but is there another printing planned? Also, why did they under-run this book so badly knowing it would be the most popular sourcebook yet? Any information is welcome.
  15. So is this a reoccurring motif? Was there some over all lack of production or did the same old toy hoarders scoop them all up to sell on their eBay stores? More importantly, is another printing planned so the book becomes available on the FFG Webstore at least?
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