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  1. yeah i got owned there My bad wont happen again!
  2. hello all had my first game this weekend, was wondering about how transports can be used: is this legal the way we did it 1) Infantry has 4 move. Activate a squad to move. Move one hex to enter a hex with half track. enter halftrack for 2 points. Squad done 2) Activate truck or half track. Move seven down a road.truck done or alternatively. 1) activate half track with a squad already in it 2) move seven with truck or whatever. truck done 3) activate squad inside. Disembark for 2, then move 2 clear hexes or move say two inside adjacent building That is a lot of movement with transports, just making sure we did that right. On one turn my opponent sped a truck right behind my lines, disembarked and entered a building with a squad
  3. I like the hidden rules system as well but not knowing WHAT they were would be even cooler. A simple off board token can handle that much like the Transports
  4. So Axis and Allies miniatures would work? I have a ton of German ones
  5. Nicely done! What is the exact scale of Tide of Iron mini's or does it really adhere to the basic miniature conventions
  6. I hear the downloadable "Chain of Command" is good why on the shelf so long?
  7. I have been thinking about this. Given the time frame of the base game, was it ever balanced given the situation the Germans were in at that point in the war?
  8. I think you use the tool then and hit delete
  9. yeah the base game my bad. I do like all the expansions that Memoir has offered up and that Eastern Front one was pretty sweet my friend had it. Unfortunately, coming over from Flames of War after selling our armies there we are looking for a more mini feel aspect and larger game board etc etc. with hexes like Axis and Allies Minis
  10. Also i doubt that the copies you can get will include this book, so I would buy it and jut download the new book when it is out so at least you can have it and punch the pieces and maybe still play it with the old rules. the game is not broken, it is a fine game. But the new book wont be bundled with the new box game for a while I imagine.
  11. Didnt like Memoir 44 at all, much too simple and Euro like. Sold it on Ebay
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