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  1. If memory serves exporting was working now it is not. I am using Ipad 2.
  2. I don't see any pics on the first post and only a white square on the others. I suspect they are blocked as I am "at work".
  3. Recently Craig from D6G down played (out of modesty I believe) the importance of D6G on the sudden popularity of this game we now enjoy. I think their input was a big factor. So lets try and experiment. If D6G did indeed influence your decision to try/buy this game leave a post below. Maybe even say thank you. Thanks D6G!
  4. Our game took too long. We got a rule ( probably more than one) wrong. We were rolling for armor and applying cover for each type of weapon roll and applying cover as well. I have since learned you add all weapons then roll then do saves. Would have made game go much faster. Not to mention I would have got him off that blasted bridge.
  5. Good catch on the bridge. Yes it is Pegusus. It is plenty wide enought for the walkers in the RCS. Heavy walkers I have not seen in person so I can't comment on those. Theme wise it worked for us. It made it fun to try and hold the bridge as an objective. We put a tank trap in the center and called it the objective so you had to actually be on the bridge to hold it.
  6. I used the silver and gold fantasy flight money tokens I already had for suppression and reaction. I use some gale force nine objective tokens for keeping track of which round we were on. I used some little tiny skulls I had for keeping track of life totals on heros and such.
  7. My son and I ( he is 9) played our first game of Dust Warfare today. We previously had just one game of Dust:Tactics under our belt. Last night we collected all the files you guys have done and uploaded them to Walgreens and used the coupon code. I want to say these were a lifesaver. We picked up the cards this morning and went to breakfast . We then cut some dowels I had to make 6" and 12" range rulers. We set up our terrain board and placed our terrain. We sort of used the battle builder. We ended up with the objective mission but instead of 4 secret objectives we used just one non secret one. We have a new cool bridge terrain piece so we put a tank trap in the center of the bridge and made that our objective. We fought hard on both sides all 5 rounds. In the end we both had leaders touching the objective. I had killed one more unit than my son so I won the tie breaker on points. We both had a blast. We used just the starting units from the RCS. javascript:void(0);/*1338668015955*/
  8. When you post to BGG it would be a good idea to send the moderator a copy of that email to help with approval.
  9. Skyjack

    Sold out?

    Wow I think Craig is being a tad modest here. Granted the product needed to be good. However D6G got the word out. I listen to lots of podcasts about games. I first search for a podcast about games then I listen to one or two episodes to see if I like it and it covers the type games I like. D6G was different they covered mostly miniatures games (mostly from what I could tell at first). I listen to Dice Tower, Game on with Cody and John, Little Metal Dog show etc etc. I had played miniature games even had some armies but Eurogames are my passion. So D6G was not the show for me. However I was enjoying it. I thought to myself I will let it get one more episode, and another and another. This show is so well done. Then I discovered on occasion they do cover Euros. Then my 9 year old really started liking summoner wars. I thought maybe he is more into dice affair type games. D6G came along with a game that might be minis but simple rules, Uncharted Seas. I got some minis for a very low price because the FLGS wasnt moving them. He loved it. I thought well we need something land based. D6G again Dust Warfare. I picked up Tactics and he loved it. D6G is a force in the hobby not dought in my mind. So Craig can be modest all he wants. I will brag for him.
  10. Skyjack

    Sold out?

    I suppose the lesson here is if the guys at D6G like your product you better make sure you make more.
  11. Skyjack

    Sold out?

    I tried to order the book and some minis and my FLGS guy said everything he ordered for me was sold out waiting for more. He tried two different warehouses.
  12. Skyjack

    Warfare Issues

    Gimp, I normally don't play miniature games. I am an avid Euro Gamer for the most part. I am trying this with my son because I listened to D6G and liked what I heard about Uncharted Seas. It was a simple rule system for my son to grasp. After playing it and seeing how he liked it I decided it might be fun to have a miniature game that did land units. D6G peaked my interest with their Warfare review. We picked up Tactics and my son liked it. I am now reading the rulebook for Warfare. Why am I telling you this? First because your review scared the pants off me. Second I want to ask you a favor. I am giving this a shot even though it is not my normal cup of tea. So the favor is this. Please for me play this game just once. You already have tactics if I read right. If not I am not asking you to buy anything. Play with someone who has the stuff. Just once thats all I am asking. If you don't like it then fine your opinion is doublely confirmed. If not and you like it you gain their too. Just once that is the favor I ask even before I have played a single game myself. Call it a favor for me some stranger you don't even know. A dad with a little boy. I am not saying your experience is not enough to tell by reading the rules. I am not saying you will like the game. I think it is just something I want to ask just out of human curiosity. A social experiment if you will. I want to see if you as a fellow gamer would take up the gauntlet when asked by another fellow gamer. So what do you say ? Give it one go? I await your answer.
  13. Thanks Craig!. BTW fan of your show. Also BTW my family is the one Russ played Mouseguard with via Kinect.
  14. Ok so we can make a platoon each. Awesome. Each platoon has 4 units which means we will be playing without 1 unit each of what is included with the RCS. I can certainly live with that. That should let us stage a starter game to get the rules down and help us figure out what models to order next. My son is 10 years old and loves Uncharted Seas. We tried Tactics while waiting to get Warfare book ( didn't know it had a download for a while). He liked Tactics. Anyway I went to lunch came back and had responses to thanks for the fast replies and the great help.
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