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  1. Zozimusque Romanus

    Cataclysm Isn't the Final Expansion Right?

    I am OK if the connecting expansion for highlands and woodlands is the last for Talisman 4th edition revised. We have more than enough playbility and a lot of homebrews of you are so inclined. I think the cataclysm board will become most peoples go-to board to use since it fixes some problems with the old board. I think there will be a 5th edition somewhere down the line that will fix some of the major issues and make it a better system overall, but this edition will have decades of replayability and notoriety. I am curious: I haven't bought the new expansion because it doesn't look like something I'd enjoy -- but if you say it 'fixes problems' with the old board, what do you mean?
  2. Zozimusque Romanus

    Err, the Raider's on the boat.

    Good God. The seventh seal is broken.
  3. Zozimusque Romanus

    Android Apps Disappearing

    Yeah, but it doesn't work on Android. Anybody got anything?
  4. Zozimusque Romanus

    Android Apps Disappearing

    I particularly miss the Xwing Soundboard. I lost the phone it was installed on, and can't reinstall since it's been yanked. Bah! Anyone have a replacement/solution?
  5. Zozimusque Romanus

    Ares expansion funded by kickstarter

    More delays.....expect this maybe for Christmastime? It should still be a cool expansion. I'm disappointed in the lag, but still eager.
  6. Zozimusque Romanus

    Questions after two games

    Many thanks for the detailed answer! I like the game, and would enjoy playing more often. If I can convince my group that the complexity is higher than it seems, I think they'd go for it. Pegasus it is, then!
  7. Zozimusque Romanus

    Questions after two games

    The first time I played, all the dice and cards seemed to align to give us an easy win. My group wasn't challenged or intrigued by the game, and more than a year went by before I could convince them to play again. So the second game was a lot closer. The humans were one jump away from winning when I unleashed some real hurt on them as a Cylon. I'd laid low for most of the game and really just advanced Heavy Raiders until they were overwhelmed. It seemed pretty easy, actually. So now, I've got questions. Why wouldn't I, as a Cylon, just reveal myself super early in the game and then Heavy Raider the humans into oblivion? Why try to stay hidden at all? Besides being a boring game for me, that is. Also: Since the first two games have seemed too easy in the first case for humans, and in the second for the Cylons, is it just that we haven't figured out the strategy yet? Would an expansion help make it edgier? If so, which one should I get? Thanks in advance!
  8. Zozimusque Romanus

    New Tom Jolly update -- new content?

    So Cave Troll and Drakon are both getting updated versions.....but I can't tell from the News posts whether there's any substantial rules changes, or if it's just a new art upgrade. Minor tweaks to some of the graphics, from what I can tell, but is there any reason to buy the new edition if I have the old one?
  9. Zozimusque Romanus

    Imperial Raider: PICS!!!!!

  10. Hi all, I just ordered the Millennium Falcon online, and it came in the mail yesterday. Yay! However, for some reason it's the French version. I didn't notice until I'd opened it and torn the box. I know some people buy multiple versions of expansions....does anyone out there have an extra set of English cards/rules for this expansion that they'd be willing to part with? If you're interested, I could send you the French versions I have. Si vous êtes intéressés, je pourrais vous envoyer mes cartes et règles en Français! I'll post this in the FFG forums too, just in case. PM me if you're interested in a trade / gift to a poor mistaken Falcon pilot! I'll pay postage!
  11. Zozimusque Romanus

    What about campaigning?

    Sounds like fun! Glad someone else did the work! Thanks!
  12. Zozimusque Romanus

    What about campaigning?

    weird; I thought I'd posted this already, but now I can't find it. If this is a repost, tell me. I thought it might be fun to have a campaign option for x-wing.....where you could start off as a rookie pilot and gain experience, eventually becoming a Named or Unique pilot....maybe there could be rules for gaining the experience and keeping track of 'kills', etc. THoughts?
  13. Zozimusque Romanus

    Acrylic paint - An more detailed look at Citadel, Vallejo, P3 and more

    I can attest to the Reaper range. I use the MSP almost exclusively for the display-quality miniature painting I do. It's a little thicker than the Vallejo, but thins nicely. I just got an airbrush recently, and in general I find the thinness that it takes to go through an airbrush for small scale painting kind of hard to get right without watering it down to nothing. I've gotten decent results, but again, I'm just a beginner with the airbrush. The colours are well organised into "triads" that help you get the shade, midrange, and highlights for a tone really easily. There are lots of colours. They come in dropper bottles, which I like a lot more than the pots from GW. If you like shiny paint (I don't), these might not be for you....they are pleasingly matte. I use their online ordering; it's great. Comes quickly and the paint is fresher than what I can find on the shelves of my local game store, where they might have sat for years. I would say that the black and white of GW are brighter (and darker) than the corresponding Reaper versions, so I keep pots of GW handy for really dark blacks or bright whites. I often use the Gryphonne Sepia wash from GW as well; it's awesome.
  14. Zozimusque Romanus

    What about campaigning?

    It strikes me that a combination of new / academy pilots and named pilots is an interesting way to play the game. I'm curious about whether there are rules for campaigning, where you could start a pilot off as a newbie and over many games start upping his power and ability? Some sort of "experience" system? It would give people a chance to play a role, and build up a character over time. Thoughts?
  15. http://www.chefelf.com/starwars/ep1.php