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  1. Even the women fighters wear proper armour! Except the assassins, who must wear ripped spandex! Whether in heavy combat armour, ripped spandex or dressed for a night on the town, ALL women MUST wear six inch spiked heels.
  2. No, because I said in the OP I didn't know where to find it. But I will know, thanks.
  3. I can't find the button to email the staff, so I will put this here. I would like to offer up my services to FFG as a copy editor. I truly enjoy the 40K RPG settings, rules, fluff, etc., but every time I sit down to read a book my head starts to hurt from all of the errors in the text. I know there are time constraints and what-not to get books out, but just send me one when you do the beta-thing and I will look for errors! My eyes are bleeding all over these beautiful books!
  4. It may be necessary because someone doesn't want to play a SM...for whatever reason. I'd rather play an inquisitor myself. Why would it be canon-breaking to have an inquisitor or some such with the DW marines? DW works for the ]I[ after all.
  5. Make an inquisitor, slap him in the heavy PA from Ascension, give 'em a SM bolter, good to go. Make it a her if that is the issue. Hell, make a SOB and give her a SM bolter. Will still be squishy, but will at least contribute her fair share of firepower.
  6. Do I see another fine thread headed down the toilet? Aside from perils, there is no limit to the number of powers that can be manifested, right? I have always felt there should be a test to see if the psyker becomes fatigued. Seems to happen in the fluff, with the more powerful manifestations being more tiresome. Not sure how to work it though. Just a thought.
  7. I used to be stationed at Norfolk, and I had to go all the way to the Newport News side of the world to find a game. It was Warhammer 40K TT as there were no RPGs then, but I did find a pretty good store. It was on Warwick Blvd I believe, Sherwood shopping center or something. Course it might not even be there any more. That's where I started to play RPGs actually. Oh yeah, same problem in Bangor, Maine.
  8. Charmander said: In DH our GM would dole out instant XP bonuses if you did something that made the game more interesting or really within your character. They were minor, in the grand scheme of things (30, maybe 50)... Funny. The first thing I thought of when I read the OP was to combine it. A small (+5%) to the roll and a small XP bonus, rather than a large bonus to a roll. It would give an immediate reward as well as a longer term one.
  9. Just a note, but the mag of the horde does not necessarily represent the number of individuals in the horde. Thirty guys with clubs and daggers might be mag 10 and four guys dug in with a couplel of heavy stubbers might be mag 15...for example. Even in DW it is important for the party to fight with some idea of tactics. They need to use cover, grenades, etc., to win against hordes. At least they should have to. It is not a sound tactical decision to charge into 30 guys with a sword, even a power sword. I think that if one acolyte charged into 10, 20 or 30 guys in my game said acolyte would be knocked to the ground and swarmed in no time. Even a lone SM shouldn't be able to charge all willy-nilly into a large number of people. Unless, of course, he was being covered by his party with ranged fire, flanking attacks, etc. How the horde responds will depend on what it is comprised of. A horde of civilians that are angry because the acolytes stomped through their garden will not fight effectively, while a squad of PDF troopers will also use cover, suppression fire, explosvies, etc., and this also has to do with what I was saying about magnitude sizes. DW marines not only have superior weapons and armor, they have their special "talents" to help them combat hordes. **** SM twinks!
  10. Fluff vs. RPG question regarding bolters...How did that DW SM dude in Eisenhorn give him a SM bolt pistol which Eisenhorn used? In the Horus Heresy novels SM armor is penetrated on a regular basis (also in the Grey Knight novels), and it was ALWAYS their awesome toughness that allowed them to survive. Might be out of commision for a while, but they survived quite a bit more often than they died. SMs are awesome because of their toughness more than their armor in the fluff.
  11. Read the books in the Horus Heresy. There are plenty of good examples of SMs having/displaying emotions in different situations.
  12. You mean all people should be treated equally, under the law, of course. All people are clearly not equal physically, mentally etc. Everyone has the right to be treated equally under the law. That does not mean that I have to treat other people as my equal. But the law does say that I can't discriminate against them because of blah, blah, blah. Equality will finally arrive when half of the NBA is white, pigme, women!
  13. Why must a marine be limited on interaction with other people? In Horus Rising most of the book is not even about combat. Combat is quick and usually told through flashbacks...Marine flashbacks told to the rememberancers. Loken clearly has feelings for others, including non-marines. He even questions orders, decisions, and even whether the crusade will ever even end. When asked about feeling fear, he says not the way normal humans do. But he does feel doubt, tension, stress, worry. Marines are portrayed with a sense of humour as well. In fact, when Horus is dealing with the interix or whatever they were called, the biggest break through was between Loken and a captain in the inter-whatever army through conversation. Normal humans seem to have a hard time with marines at first, but once they re around them some they seem to see them more as people. Just my two cents.
  14. This doesn't really help for starting at Ascension level, but for working up to it, I take it as it was when I played WFRP...You have to acquire the stated items before becoming a "whatever"
  15. Eponral


    How many people are actually playing it? What do you think? I like the high level "intrigue" type game, but it seems that it always comes down to another way to make a combat monster...what do you think?
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