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  1. the characters are on a moving ship like vessel, but the (probably evil) npcs have means (onboard) to sample dna (If the GM says so who am I to argue?) It matters because I shouldn't have been where I ate the grenade in the first place and if they "proove" I have been there there's gonna be a weapons showdown right before we even arrive at the place were we should get informations while staying undercover and low profile. A fully enclosed armor (with a built in rebreather for example the hax-orthlack mark II Magistratum ) is nowhere in the rules ruled to be not fully enclosed anymore if hit. (in deathwatch there do exist rules about this concerning void leakage iirc) since there are no rules we need to use common sense and let the gm call what actually happens about the shrapnell if you are wearing a today modern ballistics west (kevlar) and are hit by a bullet or shrapnell (where covered by the kevlar) you will get blunt trauma but not suffer blood loss… 40.000 years in the future they are still using flak vests, but I am still thinking a fully enclosed air thight carapace armour shouldn't be vulnerable to shrapnell… in generall I tended to think everything below critical is blunt Trauma but after all your replies it seems I am the one that thinks differently and need to adjust my mindset about wounds in DH I'm not complaining just saying I thought differently, and I'm not complaining about the DNA stuff either although it's kinda hard to visualize this in the 40k universe I'm experiencing in the books I read. In the end I always have to accept what my GM rules.
  2. when you have full resurrection you are a machine and don't need to breathe… you just walk link-heavy-boots-style on the ground of the sea (or pool) and maybe even need to (underwater) climb your way out… but you don't drown by lack of swimming abilities also if not ressurected/machinator arrayed you could learn swim as an elite advancement iirc there is absolutely no notice anywhere which says techpriest implants are affected by (large amounts) of water
  3. The assassin is rolling around in full carapace armour because it provides the best protection that he ca get at the moment it doesn't harm his dicepools because it dosn't have 7 or more AP (I thin the threshold is 7 maybe it is 8) since maximum situational modifiers are +/-30 the 30 move silently boni are capping possible boni so the +10 from synskin don't add anyway synskin/hardened bodyglove IR invisibility still applies even when worn beneath other armour the carapace armour has chameleon encoating on it I may be wrong about some of the facts but that's how I have it in mind and how we play it untill someone finds out the rules are actually different. Yes the GM is right that's what I stated in my first post, I accepted this and told my GM we go with his version but we still (after the game) discussed if I (my character) left a blood sample or not. The Assassin escaped (not being made aware of the dna sample he left while being in a fully enclosed carapace armour) and now the question is if they track down who the intruder really was. (I think about sleight of hands to give them a fake sample when they actually approach me to ask for a test sample which I could prepare with chem-use hopefully) There is no RAW answer so this question is wholely about your opinion if someone happens to bleed dna samples onto the ground if heavily wounded. So far that's a yes.
  4. Following situation my Assassin was suprised by a frag grenade while wearing carapace armour (5 AP TB3) for 16 Damage (Pen0) now he looses 8 wounds and is therefore heavily wounded (not in any way critically) Now I had a discussion with my GM wether or not he lost blood and therefore he left a DNA sample on the scene or not. I think not because: Shrapnel from a frag grenade has a hard time going through armor (backed up by no pen) and therefore most of the damage should come from the blast wave which probably leads to bruises, internal organ damage, internal bleeding and the like. Also even critical damage dosn't injure the hit until 3 points of crit damage, before it is just flash and noise which diorientates and fatigues. His reasoning is: it is heavily damaged so even if blood loss (which is only the term for bleeding to death and has nothing to do wether or not one looses blood) you loose blood if it damages you it's gone through the armor a bolter does explosive damage too and it will certainly rip open wounds if it hit's you now the book does say your injury level determines how fast you heal but it says nothing about your state of being (unless you go into crit) this is why I'm here (I ensured my GM we'ld play by what he says anyway but we continued the discussion) What do you think? Does one loose blood everytime one is wounded? Does one loose blood if heavily wounded? Does one loose Blood only on critical effects that describe an open wound? Does it depend on the situation and if so what about the stated one? Is there any precedent in a rulebook? edit: I jsut found that the corebook also says you are a bloody mess when damage equals wounds (which probably tips it away from my initial point of view)
  5. page 178 table 5-23: Cybernetic Replacement Craftsmanship referenced on page 176 is in fact table 5-21
  6. backpack or not doesn't matter but heavy bolter per se get's you a backpack if I read correctly (although a fire selector get's you more standard rounds in one mag but more expensive ammunition) heaby bolter ammo incurs +5 needed req so go for a chainsword+dipole maglock a heavy weapon (bolter, rocket or flamer I don't care) definitely a fire selector (2 free reloads per weapon) a preysense or red dot or telescopic maybe a silencer (if available to your weapon) hellfire rounds.... definitely get those maybe kraken rounds medic goes for diagnostor helmet leader goes for back banner jump pack maybe charm only works if not all of the chars take it chrono can be used to make a timer for an explosive and I definitely wouldn't want to rip the chrono out of my power armour for that purpose drugs and toxins... narthecium go for this if you are the medic cluster mines (maybe here you can use the chrono) combi tool multikey stummer... if you get enough you can cycle trhough them and have 1 acive at all times definitely get at least 1 vox caster in your team demolition charges (+chrono?) then go for a bionic heart for +1 dmg reduction on the body location if you're the tech get a MIU and as many servo arms as you have weapons require additional stuff related to the mission (homing beacon etc)
  7. as a blood angel assault marine with a 55 for WS at beginning and +20 for advances and 50 for strength +20 for advances with frenzy blood frenzy and feat of strength at rank 3 with crushing blow and lightning attack I got following statistics with an equipment of standard armour and 2 lightning claws 0.75*(1d10+40 tearing(best of 6))+0.75* [0.74*1d10+40(best of 6)] (reapeat square brackets for every RF) this is the statistical damage for every single attack.. and this lasts damage values are 2 consecutive rounds per mission (at rank 3) statistically yes it kills a hive tyrant 0.75 is to hit % with 75ws dual wiled(-10) and frenzy (+10) and no combat modifiers +40damage is 70strength+10 for frenzy means strength bonus of 8 *3 (feat of strength)+2(armour strength bonus) +2(crushing blow)+6 (weapon)+6(average of the bonus damage from lightning claws based on 75 WS) 2nd 0.75 is the chance to confirm RF which is calculated before getting a 9 or 10 because it is more simple concerning the formula 0.74 is the chance to get at least one 9 or 10 for six dice (flesh render+tearing menas 3 dice which are rerollable if you aint got a 9 or 10 which makes 6 dice for mathematical purposes to get a 9 or 10) power fists loose 4 base damage on lightning claws (6 from weapon and an average 6 for the special ability of lightning claws vs additional 8 damage from another unnatural strength) and get 1 more pen as in 11 instead of 10 (feat of strength) while having only a 20%RF chance instead of ~74% chainfists of course are only 4 damage behind lightning claws for an even better RF probability
  8. afaik quick draw let's you draw 2 items per round... not more but 2 single handed weapons is possible
  9. after ordering my gunskull to shoot someone I couldn't see (behind a corner) I come around and see that it looks exactly like a fellow character named Sacred (was a AS) "Hey Sacred, your corpse is here." "Shoot it!" so I did... (it wasn't dead by then and it took two more turns to really kill it)
  10. SomVone said: Eviscerator not an edged weapon? What are you smoking? well a sword, a knife, an arrow, ... it all has an (cutting)edge an eviscerator being the industrial chainsaw used for mining and demolishing purposes (and only being abused for combat but not designed for it) has no edge but a chain of sawtooth that run around the "blade" at least that's what I read in the books...
  11. Rakiel said: Well, being an assassin I'm assuming you mean going Moritat, which doesn't really gain anything because tearing on a tearing weapon. Otherwise.. Honestly I'd say your likely to be better off with Guardsman. Assassins get a **** strength gain (500 xp starting) unless you convince your GM to exchange the stat line with another, and sure you get to take advantage of things like being sneaky (assuming your GM doesn't penalize you for trying to be sneaky with an Eviscerator). Honestly, since he starts with 1,000XP anyways he can simply grab an eviscerator and charge into combat all he wants as a Guardsman, it just destroys half his funds. And I see no reason that a Sororitas would go back to Terra after every mission, I would venture in fact that the hugely vast majority of them would never *see* Terra. Sororitas tattoos are obvious, but still can be concealed, and *only* 10 corruption blocks them from pure faith - insanity does nothing. However, corruption is (barring crazy GM's) incredibly easy for Sororitas to avoid, due to the way Pure Faith works. I would clear with GM whether splinter pistols would be allowed with moritat, since you can be easily dicked over by something like that, and hope you don't get purged by the Sororitas for using heretical weaponry. no definitely not moritat background because it prevents you from use of the eviscerator (not an edged weapon) moritat is only an option for the metalican gunsligner with shuriken pistols ;P since an eviscerator is bulky and you can't parry you're better off with the dodge from assassin and the eviscerator dosn't need that much strength with it's already high damage and not that much weight plus you can ballista sneak-attack the hell out of the sleeping guardsman if you want to
  12. as far as I asked mack and he replied I interpret it as you can use it as your offhand weapon as you like meaning use it as your offhand weapon for multiple attacks,parry,... you can use it to make a half action single attack with a reaction (but not if you already used this arm this round) therefore you need to use it with a regular full action as your offhand (but with no penalties) to make a semi or full burst and then are not able to do an additional attack with it the same round as an reaction but you are eligible to get an eviscerator and an omnissian axe and using multiple attacks with two weapon wielder and lgihtning attack you can make 3attacks with the eviscerator and 1 attack with the omnissian axe (and parry with that forceblade in the next mecha)
  13. Rogue Traders are by (rule-)design more powerfull as they get +5 to all attributes and get complete skillpackages instead of single skills (pistol weapon training instead of laspsitol,sp-pistol,meltapistol,etc.) to compensate this they just set the starting xp from rogue trader to 4500xp compared to 400xp for DH characters this just reflects the increase in Attributes and stuff furthermore most RT equipment is slightly more powerfull but if you combine the 2 rulebooks anyway you can hand out equipment from both books anyway so this shouldn't be any hindrance you are still left with the different economic systems while DH uses hard currency RT uses a different system (since you have the book for about a week you should be familiar with it) DH get's a similiar wealth system with Ascencion but Ascencion starts at rank 9 for DH (while 4500 xp from RT are roughly rank 5) Deathwatch probably has also a wealth system similiar to RT (as the money based system is a leftover from a previous licence owner) but is scaled higher than RT too the rules are compatible enough to use the systems together,port equipment,use enemies from the different books but powerlevel doesn't have to be
  14. if you're just about overpowering does it have to be a guardsman? a assassin with an eviscerator > SB with Eviscerator tech-priest is probably out but an omnissian axe (1handed) with a naval shield (1handed) and an eviscerator can be wielded all at the same time get yourself any character and a hunting rifle is usually enough to do loads of damage... even with an Adept go for a noble(for the money) adept get a hunting rifle (or nomad which is more powerfull) (read the errata on the extra damage for accurate if you didn't already) and pump your money into guardian skulls with either sacristan bolters or compact angelus/hunting rifles make sure the disadvantages of an Adepta Sorroritas are worked out all the time (need to go back to holy terra after each mission, is always identifiable by her tattoos (which are directly near the eyes as far as I know so not concealable as a psykers tattoo, ...) once she has over 10insanity or corruption her pure faith dosn't work so try to assist her getting insanity and corruption definitely go for range and let her get hurt in melee because that's teamplay ... making characters that compliment each other ;-P if you really wanna break things and your gm has a book that covers shuriken pistols (eldar weapons) you could try making a moritat assassin gunmetal city character dualwielding shuriken pistols (creatures book and dotdg should cover the weapon I think) and definitely get vibe spears for this character or try to get your hands on mono vibe spears maybe even lathe a neuro whip and camouflage armour first snare him then melee him at 3m distance and he doesn't even get point blank on you as long as you don't move away (in which case he doesn't have PB anymore) ... just think of something there is enough in the books that are euqal in strength to an eviscerator (autoquill ) and if you ever encounteer an eldar or something make sure she hits him so he has no dodges left and go for the kill ah one more thing if you do a guardsman go for 2 vanaheims with pistol grip and shot them both at full auto once you are at point blank that is massive hits
  15. larger size for larger hands means more space for the machine spirit... bigger machine spirit leads to more damage ;P if not is a human capable of holding an auto bolter one handed too? space marines can and they are the same size and stuff by your logic... either way it makes sense that space marine weapons are bigger because they need at least a bigger grip, trigger, and stuff and if a space marine should be able to dis/re assemble it then it needs to be larger in all parts (yes they have their servitors for this stuff but should be able to do it on their own) ammunition... uuuh there is some fluff in DH about ammunition size (like angelus uses that bigger sized real space marine bolter ammo) but I dunno about wh40k books that tell about normal people using bolter weapons...
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