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  1. Steve-O said:

    SinisterCheshire said:


    I know everyone seems to love the high mortality/failure rate of the game, but I and my players did find that it tends to get old.



    So what you're saying here is that you'd like to see more imaginative and hilariously brutal ways of getting killed?  I completely agree! =D

    Seriously though, I can see why Krutzbeck would be frustrated burning 7 turns to relight his torch (no pun intended) but I think, as you say, that's just uncommonly bad luck.  DTs have done more than enough to resolve the issue of bad dice rolls, IMHO.  Adding something to further reduce the luck factor would begin to seriously infringe on the elements of the game that make it so fun to me (namely, random craziness and sudden, brutal death.)

    Don't let that stop you from brainstorming some house rules if you find it necessary.  To each his own.  But in an official expansion I would find such rules highly disappointing.  Making the game longer by extending or changing how the sun track works might be an idea I wouldn't hate though.  It would make the loss of 7 turns less crippling and give everyone more time to die. =D

    As far as what I would like to see in an expansion, I'd have to say first and foremost, MOAR TILEZ!  At least enough to double the stack.  Hero cards for all the other heroes in the Runiverse would also be cool, though I'm not sure how well that would go over in general if it didn't also include the figs (after all, not everyone who buys this game already has three copies of all the figs from the other games.)

    More monsters would be cool, too.  More of everything, really.  But I think FFG likes to add at least one innovation in each expansion, and I'm not sure what new ideas one might come up with to really change the game.

    Yeah after three of us died in our first turns, and we got through a full game (several more deaths using the provided alternate "knock out rule"), we came up with several house rules. Some of which I don't care for and I've nixed.

    Personally I liked the diablo style one that allows you to return to your corpse and get your loot back (while allowing other players to steal it as well) and opens up the possiblity for a litlte PVP.  Woe to whoever dies in the catacombs...good luck finding your corpse down there...

  2. I know everyone seems to love the high mortality/failure rate of the game, but I and my players did find that it tends to get old.

    I'd like to see a little tweeking of the character stats already in existence.

    For instantce - My friend started with Krutzbeck. He got two turns in and his torch went out. He spent the next 7 turns trying to relight his torch.  Granted thats alot of bad luck considering the determination counters he was building up, but it can be rather frustrating, especially when you have to make several checks based on the same stat to continue playing.

    Otherwise, all of the above examples I'd pretty much love to see.

  3. There aren't any tiles that point to a closed door when you enter. There are plenty of tiles with doors that you have to exit through. This can easily present a situation where you have a closed door followed by a portcullis.

    But in that case, you pass through the door, and then the portcullis slams shut behind you on your first entrance into the room.  any subsequent movement through that entrance will require a strength check and a door check. A failure of either will require you to stay in the room you were trying to leave, and make both checks again.

  4. SoylentGreen said:

    SinisterCheshire said:


    I'm pretty sure Soylents interpretation is correct.

     When you enter an unexplored room through the portcullis ( As far as I can tell, all portcullis rooms require you to enter through the portcullis on the initial entry ), then it immediately slams shut behind you preventing escape from a monster combat.

    However, every OTHER time you encounter a portcullis ( when the tile was already explored territory ), you must pass the strength test to go through it.



    Just to further clarify...

    So lets suppose the tile I described. Portcullis on the bottom - open on the top. If you were to exit the top - and circle all the way around it and come back up through the bottom - would you agree that you would need to open the portcullis on the bottom of the tile to enter into the room? BECAUSE the tile has already been explored. (I know this is extremely hypothetical - I can't think of a time when I would circle all the way around like this - unless some funny catacomb movements take place.)

    Thats exactly how it works. Once the tile is explored, the portcullis always remains down and requires a strength check to pass in either direction.

  5. I'm pretty sure Soylents interpretation is correct.

     When you enter an unexplored room through the portcullis ( As far as I can tell, all portcullis rooms require you to enter through the portcullis on the initial entry ), then it immediately slams shut behind you preventing escape from a monster combat.

    However, every OTHER time you encounter a portcullis ( when the tile was already explored territory ), you must pass the strength test to go through it.

  6. Why this is such an issue with anyone makes little sense to me, play the game as you like, however...

    Granted, the fluff states specifically that the Sisters lack the various implants of the Brothers, hence making them less of an individual force.  Why a Sister couldn't be given alteratoins to bring her up to the level of her Astartes Brothers makes no sense at all. But again, all that is based on the individual(s) running the game, and rather distorts the flavor of the Sister of Battle.

    GW I think fails to give the Sisters enough credit for their Faith in the Emperor.  Unlike the Marines, a Sister's faith is not dependent on the psycho indoctrination the Marines recieve. It is something she is raised on, something she believes to the very core of her being without question.  Also, the Sisters have no other figure to "worship".  How often do you read an Imperial Fist marine, for example, cry, FOR DORN, as he charges into battle, rather than, FOR THE EMPEROR!.  Space Marines put their Primarchs on a pedestal on par with the Emperor, something which I think most Sisters would find rather abhorred.  It's often stated how the Emporer protects and gives strength to those who worship him, GW fails in that regard to recognize how strong the Sister's faith is. Yes, they have acts of faith which are very powerful, but shouldn't they carry this divine strength and protection around with them at all times? Would not the Emperor see fit to instil his might and protection in his most loyal and devoted warriors?  Seems to be a failure on the part of the canon in my eyes.

    I think the Sisters do have one advantage, atleast in the eyes of the common Imperial citizen.  Unlike the Marines, the Sisters are a very real force. They gaurd the temples of the Imperium across a plethora of the Imperiums populated planets.  Marines however, are basically legendary figures who the vast majority of the Imperium will never witness beyond a bedtime story or a sermon at church.  What are you to fear more? the mystical super warrior who haunts your storied dreams or the woman down at the temple who wears power armor, carries a bolter the size of your chest and will gun you down should you desecrate her sacred temple. 

    Real world example ~> Look at catholic school in the past (present?). The nuns were to be feared, they were free to whack you as hard as they like with a ruler, while otherwise you were simply told stories of punishment by some mystical being who you never saw or met.

    All of this is of course meaningless as GW does little to support it, and very often, space marine novels seem to imply that the space marines are everywhere. However I did find it interesting to speculate.

  7. id_doomer said:


    Blood Pact said:


    The Battle Sisters also have the claim to fame of never having fallen to the lure of Chaos in their existence, something Space Marines can't, with the exception of a few specific Chapters, notably the Grey Knights. 




    As much as I hate to call foul, I cite my source of the Daemonifuge graphic novels, notably the first one, where there are corrupt Battle Sisters. Good read though, lots of Inquisitorial nonsense and Battle Sisters stomping around and general awesome 40k action.



    While I certainly can't deny your source as it is a Black Library publication, I feel the need to call shenanigans on the part of GW and BL in this case.  They all too often identify the Sisters as one of the most devout of all the Emperor's servants, even while they remain indelibly human.  And I'm sure it is simply wishful thinking on my part, but all the lore they put out there beyond Daemonifuge, seems to point to the fact that even though they mack mistakes and sometimes act against the accepted path, the Sisters of Battle are incorruptible. It's one of the things that make them intriguing.


    just a bit of a rant. Not actually to be directed at id_doomer....

  8. Excellent idea, and there's no reason why you couldn't buff a Sororitas to make her more on par with an Astartes.  Technically speaking, their armor provides the same protection without the added strength and bulk.  

    Input a little bit of the Sisters natural and unyielding faith in the Emperor and you've got yourself a Sister ready to stand beside any Marine.  The Emperor protects, especially his most devout.


    But I also agree with Ariolan, Reno, and Court Jester. There's no reason not to allow a female marine. Its a bit unorthodox, and I do think that most Marines do identify themselves as "men", but for all purposes of the game, it is YOUR game as was stated.

    If you wanted to you could have the Emperor stand up off his throne and start tossing lightning bolts at the Lords of Terra just cause he wanted a laugh. Having a Sister Captain amongst the frat boys would probably be a rather interesting mix. The UltraMarines might have some issue with it, but does the Codex Astartes say anywhere that Marines can't be women?  I highly doubt it. 

  9. Well there's technically nothing wrong with having an untouchable space marine.  The marine would be technically less likely to be tainted and/or swayed to the ruinous powers, not to mention the obviousness of being immune to just about any form of psykic attack..  Librarians might have an issue with him around as he could very well blunt their psyker powers.

    Although there is no real reason for an untouchable marine to not exist somewhere, I highly doubt one would actually be recruited. There are very few untouchables in the glaxay, and those that exist are often snatched up by the Inquisition and built into Culexus assassins.

    Not to mention that the untouchables are regarded in society as being different, and weird to be around and interact with.   Unless you had a renegade chapter running about, I doubt they would induct untouchables. Space Marines value their souls, and the wall of anger and hate they can build up as a shield against the warp and the alien.  An untouchable marine sort of flies in the face of that.

  10. It might simply boil down to something like what was done after the Heresy. Just like the Legions were eventually split into smaller Chapters, the Emperor may have simply broken apart the masses of Librarians down into small, highly skilled and controlled groups. 

  11. ( Yay my first post! )


    Ok, I haven't read every reply in here but  I'll just lay my idea out there.  I've been waiting for hard bound rules for Space Marines for a while now. We have used them before in my gaming group, but they were mostly made up by who ever was running a campaign.

    Either way, I have already planned out a campaign for my Death Watch game. It's not exactly Death Watch, it's more Space Hulk in pen and paper form. I'm going to turn the game into basically one large dungeon. There's more to it than, go through the space hulk and kill everything. It's going to start with the group stuck in their own severely damaged strike cruiser, beyond contact with the Chapter, and unable to attempt a Warp jump to return to the chapter.  The idea being that they need the Space  Hulk to survive. 

    I'll throw in the chaos taint of course, with flash backs and personal side stories melded into the campaign to flesh out their personal stories and give them a connection to who they once were and who they have become as Space Marines. Then throw in some tyranids, a twisted traitorous plot and let the bolter shells fly!


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