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  1. bump for a reprint.  I have the original small board and would love to get the larger revised edition.


     - Seems that reprint is coming!

  2. ItsUncertainWho said:

    The idea of a single tactic specific class is, in my view, unimaginative. Assault, Tactical and Devastators can all act as a Tank in one form or another depending on the situation they are in and the battle field at hand. This roll can also be fluid between these classes as a combat progresses through an encounter.

    The idea of a class that's purpose is to do nothing but stand in one place, being a giant slab of armor and toughness, for no other reason than to draw fire just seems strange. This roll is more suited to a Rhino, a Land Raider, or even an Imperial Guard regiment rather than a space marine.


    The idea of a "Tank" marine as a member of the Deathwatch also works contrary to the idea of the Deathwatch and Space Marines in general. While Space Marines DO have to "Hold the line" at times, they are not meant to be a static figure on the battlefield, even less so within the Deathwatch. They are meant to be a mobile strike force which can adapt its tactics as needed at all times and survive it atleast long enough to accomplish the task.  It's why Space Marines can do so many things.

  3. CaptainLoken said:

    Also, something to consider.  The abilities mentioned above would work well for an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.  However, the character is an Ordo Xeno Inquisitor.  So, you could have the same armor capabilities, but change the story and description to match the character's background.  After all, the Ordo Malleus would not let another member of the Inquisition wear a blessed suit of armor except another Daemonhunter...


    Excellent point! However,  I was shooting for the idea that the armor is only passed down to those who were born from the Saint's homeworld ( I.E. the world where she martyred herself). While it would be something that the Malleus would love to get their hands on, we can make some sort of fluff with an Ecclisiarchial decree that the armor is only blessed upon those born of the world, and it just so happened that this Inqusitor ( the one in question ) was the one chosen to recieve the armor.  One can't deny the words of a Living Saint.

    You could easily ad in your idea that it was given to an Odro Malleus Inquisitor, but she transferred to the Ordo Xenos, perhaps there was some sort of xenos infestation in her homeworld. This gets more into the character background though...


  4. Off the top of my head..

    The armor was commisioned and designed for one of the Living Saints ( name ).  During the battle of ( name ), the Living Saint martyred herself in the face of a great enemy, spurring her followers into such a fanatical rage, they charged the field in devotion to the Saint and the God Emporer himself shown His light upon them, decimating their foes, retaking their world, recovering the martyred saint's body and armor and shedding the most holy of light upon the darkest of shadows.

    The living saints body was entombed with her armor, however it is said she rose from her tomb on the 100th anniversary of her death and gifted the armor to a chosen warrior born from the bosom of her homeworld. Since that time it has been passed on every century until it came into the possession of a chosen Ordos Inquisitor, the spirits of past warriors and the Saint herself feeding their zeal and strength into the armor.

  5. All Marines should know never to wear a helmet. Its in the Codex Astartes. Unless you're a Devastator Marine or a Terminator. Cause really, that sh*ts just wicked.

    For the rest of you Marines thinking that Mark VIII plate helmet is a good idea....take a lesson from Carmine.

  6. BaronIveagh said:

    MILLANDSON said:



    How is that squicky? Sounds like a laugh to me. As for Tzimisce, it depends on how sensible they are and how much they push the powers to beyond, perhaps, the authors intent was. Personally I preferred Malkavians (when played right, they are creepy as all hell).




    You don't watch much hentai, do you?  Let's just say that things were done with ghouls that went into slaaneshi chaos spawn territory...


    Remember the WWII fluff in the splatbook with the tank with human innards?  They trancended that....

    I always played a Tzimisce. I was very sorry they removed them.

    What happens in Old World of Darkness Sabbat...stays in Old World of Darkness Sabbat.

  7. Another thought,

    and this also adds to the need for the Apothecaries, We only really hear about the Space Marines who live for hundreds of years and win at everything they do. What about those brothers who die BEFORE the 5 to 10 years has transpired.  The Space Marines charge head long into the biggest Sh*t storms the Imperium can muster up, 10 years of constant battle probably has low survivability, even for Space Marines. 

    Do all those hero's who live to be hundreds of years old still have their Progenoids?

  8. BaronIveagh said:


    Peacekeeper_b said:



    So the real issue is you dont let your players role play the game, you force them to play the same sex.



    Well, after the "Rocky Horror Roleplaying Session", the players strongly suggested that I adopt it as a new rule so that might never happen again.  I approved it and have enforced it ever since.


    To give you some idea: they were playing Tzimisce.  All of them.  and, yes, it did end with everyone singing Science Fiction-Double Feature.  They had gotten very drunk as the game went on.

    If they had fun doing it...is this really an issue? ( not that I endorse Rocky Horror in any form).

  9. Atheosis said:


    Atheosis said:

     My point is that no one within Deathwatch would accept a female Space Marine, just as no one would accept a Marine that arrived with a third eye growing out of his forehead and tentacles for arms.  Individual discretion isn't an issue in such a matter.  In fact, after the "female Astartes" was forcibly detained, turned over to the Inquisition, and tortured for information, there would soon be an Inquisitorial inquiry instituted to hunt down her "Chapter" and destroy it for heresy against the Omnisiah (the tampering with the technology of Astartes geneseed being an afront to the Mechanicus) and the will of the Emperor (the Emperor's will being that Marines be male).

    This statement is utterly ludicrous. Considering that woman are nearly universally accepted in every other role in the Imperium. To compare a female marine to a mutant marine, being a blatant manifestation of heresey is mind boggling.  A mutant is an obvious screw up in the genetic legacy of humanity. Women are just as much human as their male counterparts.  Half the Imperium could be burned as mutants thanks to the effects of living in different environments.  I've yet to read anything which indicates the Emperor decreed there be only male marines. The only limiting factor at this point is the simple fact that the geneseed doesn't work on women.

    Also, individual discretion has everything to do with the Inqusition.  There are Inquisitors who are downright as zealous as the Black Templars, then there are those who actively employ aliens and mutants. The Imperium is not so black and white as the Imperial Creed would have us believe.  There are multitude levels of acceptance across the entirety of Imperial space. mutants to psykers to aliens.

    Considering the eventual extinction of the Space Marine due to the loss of geneseed, there is without a doubt some branch of the Mechanicum trying desperately to discover how the Emperor managed to create the geneseed.  If this research somehow manifested into geneseed organs, based on the Emporer's own genetic legacy, that were capable of effecting females just as well as males, you can bet there would be chapters of female Space Marines. This would immediately spawn a controvesy with the Ecclesiarchy as they would want the Sisters of Battle to have these geneseed.

  10. SoylentGreen said:

    talismanamsilat said:


    If you move onto a Cave-In tile and you draw a Cave-In card, you only need to test your agility once to continue moving forward next turn. This works in exactly the same manner as passing through 2 doors on adjacent tiles!!!




    Not sure I agree with you here. There are two things that are happening. The tile and the card... If it was anything else on the card you would have to encounter that separately. Just because it is two similar events - does not therefore mean only one check would be required.

    One is a tile - the other is a card - you must roll and encounter and pass both of them to move forward.

    I think this is probably correct. Although, I suspect that once you pass the card related cave-in, it's done and out of the way even if you fail the tile cave-in.

  11. MrBallast said:

              Another situation that would be rare/odd. What if through odd circumstances, every Treasure Chamber exit had a portcullis/door already showing as explored and you got Dragon Rage? I'm curious as to the results and proper procedure for handling this situation. Any responses appreciated.


    In this horribly unlucky situation, I'd expect dragon rage would over rule any portculli.  Extreme feats of strength when under duress and all.  If someone failed the check, and was still alive and in the Treasure Chamber, they would have the freedom to loot until their hearts content as the single Dragon Rage card in the Dragon Deck has been discarded. Part of the reasoning behind the Dragon Rage, not only to crisp the players, is to ensure that the Dragon Deck is reshuffled.

    Another way it would be played I assume, and this is the meaner way to go, is all adventurers in the Treasure Chamber must test strength to lift the portcullis as normal. if they fail, they are trapped, and die.  Cause you can be sure the dragon isn't going to nod off to sleep when he/she's got crispy and tastey adventurers to eat. This way, all the adventurers leave the room and the deck is reshuffled.  Considering the perilous and evil nature of DungeonQuest, I'd assume this would be the proper rule. As its more likely to kill players, and doesnt "break" any game rules or cards.

  12. Lightbringer said:

    SinisterCheshire said:


    The Soul Drinkers are the only chapter I remember making actual use of the Omophagea.  It was something which set them apart from other chapters, in so far as giving them their chapter name.  Even then, it was only fleeting if I remember correctly, like waking up from a dream and having only filiments of a memory to grasp at. 



    The Imperial Fists use it in Ian Watson's "Space Marine" novel. They eat the brains of a Titan crew and then pilot the titan to destroy something not particularly memorable. I remember grinding my teeth in irritation over this whole concept, which rang false on a very large number of levels.  

    I'll have to check that one out. Space Marine is in my stack of books near my bed.  That whole concept is pretty galling, seeing as Space Marines don't generally come equipped with a Mind Impulse Unit to allow them to connect with the Titans machine spirit. I figure the machine spirit might get rather mad at the marines intrusion and possibly blow out his brain if they were to attempt it...

  13. They also say that many chapters have lost some of the abilities of the gene seed organs. I don't think I've ever heared about a Marine actually biting through a steel bar or spitting acid into the face of his enemies. The majority of marines wear helmets anyhow, so if you go spitting at the inside of your helmet your going to burn a hole straight through it.

    The Soul Drinkers are the only chapter I remember making actual use of the Omophagea.  It was something which set them apart from other chapters, in so far as giving them their chapter name.  Even then, it was only fleeting if I remember correctly, like waking up from a dream and having only filiments of a memory to grasp at. 

  14. as we're on the topic of weapons,

    Anyone have an idea of the Tau Rail Rifle? Its not listed in the Tau weapons (unless I completely missed it) and as its a pretty common occurance in the Tau armory, scout teams, sniper drones, Hammerhead tank, I thought it should be included somewhere.


  15. I've actually had the same idea since they announced Deathwatch and I've been working on a Space Hulk based campaign for a while now.

    My idea begins with an Eldar siege on a Mechanicum forge station. The players are tasked with boarding the Eldar cruiser and taking out the commander....Farseer, warlock...what have you.  It quickly degenerates into a total loss as the whole mess it tossed through a warp gate, which leaves the players in a broken and dying vessel, with little choice but to board the space hulk which floats adrift.

    I thought about having the Killteam bring along their own chapter serfs to the Deathwatch with them, not just any old serf, one who has spent much of the Marines time with him as his personal serf. These are some of the best of the best the chapter has to offer. I find it only fitting.  With their serfs along, fragile and easily broken, it gives the players someone to connect to from their chapter, but also something they want to hold on to because after so much time, their serf is more than just a guy who polishes their armor. It will probably take a little time to build up the relationship at the start of the game, so I wanted to make sure to keep the serfs out of direct harm for abit.

    Also, take away from of the Space Marines survivability.  Damage their armor, take away that extended period of time where the marine is safe and sustained inside his suit.  This also gives them an objective, finding a place on the space hulk where they can safely repair their armor.

    As simple as it sounds, darkness is a great way to build suspense. My players and I did a dungeon once where the DM put us in a castle that was completely cut off from the light. Inside we found torches that burned for only so long, and we had to keep moving and finding new torches as we made our way through the castle.  The darkness was certain death, and can easily be a dangerous foe on a space hulk. The nice part being is that you can attribute the failure of the marines auspex and preysight to the radical nature of the warp and what its done to the hulk.

    as The Bigjul said, give them safe zones,  but also...take those safe zones away, slowly at first but violently if they linger. First off, it keeps them moving, and secondly, it takes away the feeling of saftey.

  16. cliffetters said:

    How is this any different than the Flesh Tearers Chapter prior to the rise of Gabriel Seth as Chapter Master? 

    Both these rules for the MM and the canonical references for the FT picture them as bloodthirsty, unforgiving, and downright dangerous to be around, though Lightbringer's MM rules paint them as coldly calculating and uncompromising in their method of making war.  IIRC, during the Third War of Armageddon, a squad of Flesh Tearers were so caught up in the Red Thirst that they swept through not only an enemy line of orks, but an entire Imperial settlement and a unit of Sororitas on the opposite flank!

    I like the fact that the MM chapter has been so successful in their persecution of the Emperor's wars that they are loyalist almost to the point of being beyond reproach.  Save for that niggling tendency to bring a battle barge to a knife fight. 

    Never said they were any different than the Flesh Tearers, just putting up my opinion. Also, the Flesh Tearers have a condition which causes their rage.  And are under scrutiny of the Inqusition anyway.  The MM here are more than willing to shred any Imperial citizen or soldier or battle brother between them and the enemy, and its just part of their doctrine.

    I'm not so sure The Emporer's ways include slaughtering Imperial citizens to get the job done. It seems to me that The Emporer would rather his Space Marines die to save the lives of the citizen unless there was absolutely no other way.

    But thats what makes the whole debate so awesome.

  17. Extremely well done and I like it.

    My only issue with them, ( not your background at all! ), with the chapter in general is it comes out as a chapter which is literally on the verge of complete Excommunicate Traitoris, one step out of the worship of Khorne and a short and violent exterminatus of their homeworld.

    again, I think you did an awesome job and I love it, but I think it might only work well if you had a full squad of em as the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists or just about any loyalist chapter would see them as an enemy just as dangerous as the foe they are set against.



  18. I have a rule that allows you to retrieve your corpse when you die. Enabling you to get all your loot back that remained on your corpse when you died and recover some missing hit points (you start at half when you resurrect after death). It also enables other players to come along and steal any loot off your corpse and maybe a little PVP combat.

  19. Shmoozer said:

    For me it is/was pretty clear that you have to do a strength test first, and if you fail to do so, you can not actually enter the room. The reason for this was a long look at the "closed door and then straight after a portcullis explanation:

    In order to move into the adjacent chamber, Hugo must open the door and lift the portcullis. The door is in Hugo’s current chamber, so he must open it before proceeding to the portcullis.
    Hugo draws a card from the Door deck and encounters a “Hidden Trap” card. After the trap is resolved, Hugo’s turn ends without proceeding to the portcullis.
    On Hugo’s next turn, he attempts to move into the adjacent chamber again. He must first draw another card from the Door deck. 
    This time he draws a “Door Opens” card and can now try to lift the portcullis.
    Hugo succeeds at testing his Strength and finally moves into the adjacent chamber.
    If Hugo failed the Strength test for the portcullis and wanted to move into the chamber again next turn, he would have to start the process again by drawing a new Door card.

    So for my point of view, (removing the closed door, since even if you succeed in opening it you still have to do a strength test to open it) you are in the room you started from (so you have only placed the new tile in front of your hero but you're not standing on it), and have to do a strength test; if you fail you are still in the same room, only if you succeed you will enter the new room and encounter it.

    This is all true, however remeber, encountering a portcullis is different from encountering a room. This is significiant when entering an unexplored space. As the rules state, you do not encounter the room until it is explored, (drawn and placed).  Once it is placed, you are in that room and the effects of said room take place.  the idea of the portcullis is to trap you in the room IF you encounter a monster in that room. The portcullis snaps shut when enter, preventing you from escape.  It stats in the card desrciption that you have to draw a Dungeon Card when  you draw the porcullis room tile. If you were not in that room, you could not draw the tile, and the instructions on the tile would be invalid as you never actually entered the room (assuming you failed the strength test)

    Although its not specificaly mentioned in the rules, (although it states in the card explanation that you may not escape monsters while in a room with a portcullis), it would seem that if you enter the chamber through a passage where there is no portcullis, you must escape through the way you came. Hence you should be allowed to escape in that direction even if there is a portucllis in a different exit from the room.

  20. Just a fun dead end occurance!

     A friend and I were playing, his first time, my 8th or so. Our paths were pretty close to each other as we got near the treasure room, just south of it, his path ended up turning and going parrallel to mine by one tile space north.

    So I'm moving foward and I pull a rotating room. Which rotates around and the next room is a dead end room. So I'm stuck. I move back and forth betweeh each tile searching and manage to find a secret door in the once rotating room. The secret door leads me north into ANOTHER rotating room which rotates immediately and the out passage faces into the wall of my friends path. So I'm dead ended in the roating room. My first search is a Ferox, which **** near cuts my stomach out.

    Followed by (thank god) a SECRET PASSAGE. 

    As luck would have I found a secret door into my friends corridor and managed to make it to the treasure room after he spent 3 turns in there looting the place dry.  He managed to make it to the last room before making it out, and his torch went out, where he spent 3 turns trying to relight it before the sun went down.  I never made it out. Getting lost somewhere in a group of dead ends and portculli with my treasure in hand...

    Anyway, just a crazy luck of the draw dead end.

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