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  1. Cool, I appreciate the insight. Thanks everyone.
  2. This isn't about the difference between closing and sealing, I get that. my question was if you've explored the gate can you choose to have an Arkham Encounter there as opposed to trying to close the gate if you stay on the location with your explored marker(during the Arkham Encounter phase). The other response above makes sense that you would not. Again, I feel like the rules were vague about your options as far as having the explored marker(besides losing it if you leave the location).
  3. If a player explores another realm are they obligated to attempt to close the gate? Example; You are in the second area of an other realm, a monster appears. You need to evade it because its a Gug. You need to spend 1 (of 5) clue tokens to add a die to your evade roll. You return from the gate in the Silver Twilight Lodge with only 4 clue tokens. Can you choose not to close the gate and stay there, holding onto your explored marker, and have arkham encounters until one appears that gives you clue tokens that will allow you to close and seal the gate? The rules are vague about whether you HAVE TO try and close an explored gate. Its clear that if you leave the area you lose your explored status. Any insight?
  4. Ray New Haven, CT We have a semi-regular group that fluxuates between 3 and 6. Always looking for new pinkertons.
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