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  1. When a death culy assassin can can charge and make 3 melee attacks combined with unatural agility and other initiative bonuses the big nasty is usually dead before anyone even gets to say " my turn " .
  2. One member of my party has an Archeo-tech plasma pistol that was touched by the Emperor . In game stats its a best craftmanship weapon but still awsome just to hold onto.
  3. Thanks for the update the rest of the party will be very happy .
  4. I always like using weapon jinx on someone in power armor it really ruins their day .
  5. Our group has never ever once taken a prisoner. They walk in and kill everyone. Finally now that we are ascention level and all the bad guys died in our first encounter the inquisitor in the group surveys the scene and says, " Have you ever notices we never leave anyone alive to question? ". This campaign started in november.
  6. Once while i was running a game i farted really loud. Than i wittily replied that wasnt my butt. The guardsmen replied its the other thing above it, Im not sure what that is.
  7. Cainx

    One Liners

    Psyker says to a deamon worshipper. " So you want to dabble in heresy" . Now our psyker has a new pet deamon host .
  8. Cainx

    One Liners

    Anyone got anything good to say before you deliver the Emperors Mercy / Boot to someone or something ? Just one of the many random thoughs running though my head .
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