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  1. Ok, so because in Marya Seaworth's text the "stand a character" change for "stand 1 character" I cannot play the Iron Throne Edition. It's a little hard
  2. Hi, Can i use Salladhor Saan (Legacy) and Marya Seaworth (Iron Throne Edition) in the LCG? Salladhor Saan (Legacy) Marshalling: kneel to choose a location. Discard that location from play. Salladhor Saan (King of the Storm) Marshalling: Kneel Salladhor Saan to choose and discard 1 location from play. Marya Seaworth(King of the Storm) Any Phase: Kneel Marya Seaworth to choose and stand 1 character. Marya Seaworth(Iron Throne Edition) Any Phase: Kneel Marya Seaworth to choose and stand a character. Thanks
  3. Hi, Same answer with Ellaria???? Because i don't know if Ellaria target the character or the power?? Thanks
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