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  1. I just got a job in Seattle and I'm moving to Queen Anne in a couple of weeks. Anyone still playing the AGoT LCG regularly? I also play Shadowfist and LoTR LCG. thanks Clay
  2. I'll shoot for 6pm. See ya then.
  3. I'll be there for sure on the 13th. The cafe is great with me.
  4. Card Kingdom sounds awesome on Friday the 13th. I say reserve a room. I won't be able to get down to Ballard before 6pm. What time were you guys thinking? I was wondering what kind of card pools you guys have for the game. I've got two of the LCG core sets and sadly I've only played a few games against myself. Looking forward to the 13th!
  5. All of those places look great to play. The one in Ballard looks amazing. Let's pick a day. Anybody free on MLK weekend? Sometime during Jan. 13-16?
  6. I'm in Arlington, WA. About 50 miles north of Seattle. I'd easily drive down once a month. I just bought the 2x the Core Set and I'm looking to play casually and just have some fun.
  7. I'm building decks for a playgroup. I need common and uncommons sets from all expansions. Let me know what you have and how much your asking price is. I'd prefer an email to clay@arlingtonfm.com. thanks, Clay
  8. How much do you want for the whole thing? Email me at clay at arlingtonfm.com
  9. I was going to buy a couple boxes, but I thought I'd try this instead. I work with teens and I'm always trying to find ways to connect. I want to get my hands on enough kingdom hearts cards to set up a playgroup. Ideally I'd want enough cards to make 5-6 playable decks. What cards will you sell me for $50? Payment to be made through paypal. I'm expecting a similar or better ratio of rares, ultras, commons, and uncommons than I'd find in two booster boxes. I know there has to be players with tons of extra stock and I'd like to buy from you. Please email your offers to clay@arlingtonfm.com And please, be kind with your offers, I'm pretty much just going to be giving these cards away. thanks, schneebolt
  10. I'm planning on picking up two booster boxes and two starter decks. Just wondering which set to start with... Any feedback from experienced players is much appreciated. cheers, Clay
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