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  1. Kombat2

    A few questions

    HealingAura said: 3. If the neutral units are not allied to anyone, the player to the left of the current player must choose an empty or uncontrolled (can have other neutral units) area for them to retreat into. If no such area exist, they are destroyed. If they are allied to a player, that player must choose a friendly or empty area for them to retreat into. If no such area exist, they are destroyed. If they were retreated into an empty area they are now not allied with that player. thanks for the fast response. Well ohh crap then we did it wrong regarding 3 we agreed that if an enemy area was chosen, then it was the player that owned the neutral units that must choose where to retreat them to. But well yes, i guess it does make it more interresting when its another player whom chooses where they should retreat to, but ****.. then i got to totally rethink howto use neutral units. i mean that tactic card pretty much **** it up for you if you are using neutral units as an front attacking force (meaning taking hex with them and having alot of empty/neutral ajecent areas after an attack). But well i guess they are good as a defense then, where you control all the ajecent areas and pretty much don't risk loosing them. **** i love this game so much for the tactics required
  2. Kombat2

    A few questions

    Wups, almost forgot the last question. What is a season? a season is that meaning only sprin, summer,autom or winter. or is a season an entire year`? Meaning for example, if the Spring card games "New requets" i think it is called where every player is allowed to requet according to all resources. It also states that all Requet card this season is considered blank, but that is for spring only right? or does it at apply until next spring?
  3. Kombat2

    A few questions

    Hello. So we just finished this game yesterday - but during the game a few question came up. 1. Hero movent/quest and exploration token(dungeon). We had a player with during sommer moved to an hex where he was suppose to do his quest, on this hex the Dungeon exploration token was revealed - and therefor we began arguing if the player was allowed to do his quest, or if he had to wait until next turn. My argument was that in the runebook it states that during summer a Hero can either Heal, Train or Move. Under movement in rulebook it states that a hero may move up to 2 areas and then attemt to duel another hero or attemt a quest. And here is the tricky part. He moved into the hex where he was supose to complete his quest, then he turns over the exploration token (a dungoen). Is he then allowed to attemt to complete his quest or does he have to wait until next summer? My argument is that he have to wait until next summer duo to him turning over a dungeon exploration token witch states that when a hero enters a hex with the dungoen token on it he is not allowed to move any further this turn. Therefor he isnt allowed to complete his quest since's his movement is ended with that dungoen token. (reason beeing that attemt to complete a quest is part of movement) The player with the hero in question ofcourse means that he is allowed to do his quest in this turn. 2. Routing during battle. This question is proberly statet in the rulebook, but well we where to busy in an alrady way to long game to look it up. Player X attacks Player Y(defending), durring the battle 3 of player Y's units it routed. Player X wins and Player Y must retreat, what happens with the 3 routed units of player Y? is he allowed to retreat the routed units along with the standing units? or is the routed units destroyed when retreating? i am pretty sure that the routed units retreating is destroyed - unless you have a tactic card that states otherwise, but it would be nice to be completly sure. 3. Tactic card that says neutral units must retreat (cant remember the tactic cards name) There is a tactic card that when played the player that plays it chooses 1 area, all neutral units in that area retreats, even if allied to players. The question here is whom retreats those neutral units? If the player chooses an area with only neutral units, then the player that played the card chooses where the units retreats to. But what if he chooses an enemy's players area containing neutral units? is it the player that owns that area with neutral units that then retreats them? or is it the player that played the tactic card that retreats them? My argument was that is it the player with owns the neutral units that chooses with area they retreat to, and not the one whom played the card since it is that players units. Or - is it actually the player whom plays the tactic card that retreats the neutral units? meaning he can retreat them to an empty ajecent area and force the player to give up his neutral units. It would be nice to have some input on question 1 and 3 since we spent a lot of time talking about these 2 question. The routing question we pretty much all agreed eventually. Thanks in advance.
  4. We Played our first 4 player game today, and i won because i could use my hero to steal 1 item from another hero and then getting the final runetoken thanks to my membership card, so i would say they are kind of important
  5. My surgestion so far would be: 2 new races of "neautral" aligment (mening the green hero fraction) 3 aditional heroes, one for each fraction. extra map tiles ofcourse and setup quests/normal quests for these, and then maybe a "start tile" for the first player to build out from(some special hex with a "event" or city on it maybee) Aditional fatecards, rewardcards, tacticcards, a new "neutral objectives deck" 1-2 new neutral units (for the new map tiles) Rules change so that players have to control more than 6 rune tokens, maybe 8. Additional season cards, and prolong gameplay when more than 4 players or playing expantion. "year of the X" and event for every or every second year of the game giving an extra bonus to players or effecting other gameplay mechanincs, ie "year of the dragons" -> while this card is in play all dragons have thier health incresed by 1. And then removing the bonus when a new year / second year starts replacing it with another special year card. There can be all sort of different types either giving players ekstra bonuses or making it harder for the player. I'm sure there could be plenty of good ideas outhere for this. 1 new title card maybe for Tactic cards. that I is what i can thing of right now.
  6. Hinni said: In Duel it says all damage is resolved at the same time. The critical step is, if both heroes have 1 HP, both heroes deal 1 damage at the same time. So both would now have 0 HP. So would they both die or would hero 1 recieve full HP due to soulbiter? as far as i understand it the hero with the soulbiter would win (if he got a special ability attack and not normal damage) the soulbiter card says "Deal 2 damage, If this defeats your opponent, then fully heal this hero" but since its a "special ability" you have to have a fatecard with that, and since special ability is resolved before Routes and Damage you would win the battle and your hero would be healed. If both heros where down to 1 HP and you both get a normal 1 damge, then both heroes dies and the items will be avalible to loot for any other hero that enters the hex with the 2 fallen heros. that how i understood it acording to the rules
  7. Thank you very much for the clearyfication Steve-O and good to know that i got the general things about right. Concerning the fatecards success and that you can look at them at anytime i defently have to tell my friends about that, there is only 4 success card of 30 cards totalt, witch means that there is a 13% cance of getting a success card, and that also means that if you "want to be sure" when using deplimacy you have to spend atleast 4-5 tokens to get the neutral units (if you havent looked at the discarded pile or playing with a fresh fate card deck) I've just look at the "Runewars Corey Answers" and found this: Q: If a city is destroyed during the game, does it still prevent players from building a stronghold there? A: If the city is destroyed, the city token is removed from the game board; thereafter, a player may build a stronghold in that area. Reading the question and answer there it would seem that its not allowed to build Strongholds on city hex'es unless the city is destroyed, kind of also makes sence now that i think about it. you make a good point about the retreating to only one hex in a "owerpowered" battle and units not being able to join a new battle from allready activated hexes, have to be sure to tell my friends about that. But yes it was a very important hex in the game I played, it devided the playing area in 2 duo to mountains so there whare only once access route for each side, so you defentaly wanted to control that hex. About a 2 vs 2 game I think its douable, alto i think the "good" side will have an unfair advantage in the start of the game dou to the fact that they have 7 influence token where the "evil" only have 3. But again the tactics card are also critical, and the evil forces start with 7 of these, my last game was won by a tatical card played by the elf's with forced the undeads to retreat, and therefore could not get hold the winning rune token since it was last yeah. And as long as you play the tactic cards and infuence bids as "normal" i dont think there will be much of a problem. Ie the "establish trade route" witch tell you to choose 1 opponent and you both get 1 of each resource type, as long as you play these cards so you have to target an opponent and not your allied friend i think it will still work. (then you cant use the "favorable alliance" on the player you are allied with and have to choose an opponent)
  8. Hello all. So I just resently brought Runewars and tried a 3 player game and a 2player game and it raised a few questions. I'm fairly sure that I'm playing correct but just want this confirmed to be sure. Concerning battle with Mobilize/Conquer: as far as I can rad on page 18 of the rulebook i may bring any number of units to a battle with theese card, so I bacly just wanted to get it confirmed that this senerio is correct: Playing with Elfs and Undead, Undead forced are defeding with 8 units in a Hex, I as Elf have 2 adjecent Hexes each with 8 units in (totaling 16 units) So i play Mobilize an activate the undead hex, I may then bring all 14 units from ajecent hexes (or up to 2 away as the card allows) right? Leaving my 2 ajecent hexes still controlled with 1 unit each so that after the battle i can Retreat surviving units to these hexes (If i win the battle) Asuming the above is correct, this also means that the defending force can never be more than 8 units, and the attacker can have as many units as it posible for him/her to move, right? Activation token: The undead attacked with a mobilize order and has 1 activation token on a hex, the elf player was defeated and undead now controls the hex, now the Elf can attack back on that same hex that they just lost right? (asuming that the hex didnt have a activation token on when the undeads attacked) - Further more asuming that this attacked happened in Spring then there can be no more battles on this hex until next spring when tokens are returned, right? ofcourse asuming there isnt a 3rd or 4th player. Strongholds: may I build a stronghold on a hex with a City on it? (still working city) When a stronghold is attacked, its the winning player(undead) then removes it and put's one of his Damaged strongholds in the hex, what happens when the opisit player (the defending from before) then attacked the newly taken, but damaged stronghold, is it then replaced with the Elfs stronghold(damaged), or is it destroyed? - I know there is tactic cards that destroys strongholds, so i asume the stronghold stays in play. I think that pretty much covers my questions for now, although I still got this: Have anyone played a 2 vs 2 game? ie, Good vs Evil? and is it posible, me and my friends talked about it a little when we played the first game and thought it would be an awsome thing, but we are a bit concerned about game mechanics beeing ruined, and ofcourse the limit as to number of controlled Rune tokens to be controlled by one team would have to be raised to atleast 10-12. Also **** I can have an really unfair advantage knowing all the rules and not telling about them :s like: all players may look at the discarded pile of fatecards at any time by any player to judge diplomacy and so on, so every player kind of needs to know that, and also the number of fatecards with a "success" on it, but okey i gues my friends would go wtf are you doing if i looked through the discard pile without telling them why hehe. So I hope you can help me with these questions / confirmations. Thanks in advance.
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