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  1. I think an A-Wing found the steroids ? I know this one isnt one of my Ladies
  2. Another "What Ni Fang cannot suggest to the GM in a RPG" ... Your Scorpion Courtier has a bounty on his head, and the bounty hunter wont let him off, so Hana has an idea, nobody likes it but the Lion and the Scoprion Courtier hates it. But it somehow works. The bounty hunter works for the party now and Hana is upset because her opium is gone and the hunter is loaded
  3. Hey all, me again this time with some character art of a friend of mine, a Chiss Jedi, in Skyrim! her name is Ammison
  4. .... you somehow {after a year} get half the gang back together {my AM, or RT, and Astropath and Senchal players} and manage to convince the GM for "just one more raid" which somehoew turns into a whoel campaign to retake a swath of worlds from the Eldar, Tau, and Orks Somehow next summer is going to be one heck of a party
  5. And almost none of those WW2 based games have any information or rulesets for the enemy soldiers, just soldier class types to use for the enemy soldiers and weapons and such. Thankfully in Force and Destiny, as well as Age of Rebellion, one can easily adapt the soldier templates for the Imperial soldiers; and the trooper template works perfect as is for the stormtroopers
  6. Another thing Ni Fang and her group cant do but did anyway Getting the Scorpion Bushi in the party hammered, to which our hunting cat Scorpion was challenged to a drink off. Memo: red Pull is not a proper substitute for actuak alcohol free Sake
  7. This is currently a work in progress so stuff may change. but here is Cynthiana Kuat my Jedi Knight turned starship constructionyard owner
  8. Now that is a different story, baby harrowers are adorable
  9. Another thing Ni Fang cant do in a RPG Somehow when in a local market simply trying to find a blacksmith to help repair some weapons or even apraise the recently found werapon becomes more of a battle of survival as the whole place is Kolat filled {Asami had fun} Calling the Lion Clan Bushi, Simba, is not a good idea, {Hana nearly got decked}
  10. Possibly the one thing you DO NOT say to a Star Destroyer...
  11. hehe Aliyah is a one girl A-Wing
  12. *Sound of body hitting floor here as Ni Fang faints of the sheer cute of A-Wings*
  13. *Passes out from sheer cute of A-Wings, drools on one. Aliyah complains though the snuggles apease her*
  14. Lets see...... *goes down her checklist* Hug @2P51 CHECK! A-Wings..... A-Wings.... ? And we have a runner, I need to go grab my Green Squadron. Laters folks!
  15. This thread is missing something {Oh yes I remember!} *hugs @2P51*
  16. We can chalk this one up to anopther "Things Ni Fang Is Not Allowed To Do in a RPG" Make a Skyrim version of her characters. Asami looks nothing like her character sheet, hert eyes arent THAT green
  17. Popping in to say here that for the forseeable future {at least until 12 June} I wont be able to do much if any beta testing on this project, but dont worry, I will still use the program and search for bugs in my current version at this time {note this is mostly due to computer and personal troubles; I will still be around here too}
  18. I am still wondering how much a Venator class cruiser is. Would make a nice mobile home
  19. Huh, you actually look a lot like Corran Horn, but I dont think I can actually make a piece and make it look animated right from the game world though, I can easily add a lightsaber to a live action shot however, but I am not so sure about making live action look handdrawn or gamelike
  20. Corran Horn is a possiblity but therte arent any good or high quality shots of him that I am aware of... hmmmm. If you had a shot of maybe yourself with a pro saber for example I could infact tough it up for you IE add the white blade and such if you'd like Its all up to you
  21. One of my characters failed to actually get offically knighted as a Jedi Knight, she had however been battlefield promoted by her Master before her master was killd in a IED attack. She was later offically knighted like how Kanan Jarrus was in Rebels Of course the only way to survive the new empire at the time was to become the head and owner of KDY after her brother got killed
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