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  1. This is what I've been doing, but, just saying it'd be nice to have both male and female stock images for the races if one wants to go with hte default Just my thoughts really, thankyou for taking time to read and reply dear Oggy
  2. A small thought concerning images for races, Male and female Cathar both have the same image for their race, a male Cathar, is it possible to include a female Cathar in there somewhere ? Same with Chiss, only one to find, and its male
  3. Well, some of my qwuestions have been answered. I managed to get a look inside the pages of the book today. The timeline goes from dawn of the empire up to the spring of 1123. 1123 in the old timeline is when the Scorpion Coup took place. BUT its possible it is going to still happen some point during 1123 according to the timeline apparently Kachiko is planning something and her affair with the Crane champion is part of it I like these kinds of puzzles
  4. English is not my first language; I get common words mixed up {For example I replace the Z in some words with an S}
  5. What I find confusing now is how my simple question of "Do we have a proper list of honorifics for a writing project" Somehow grew into this.... debate is too strong a word.... INCERT CONFUSION *top of head gets removed, word CONFUSION is incerted* Done
  6. "Hai" is Chinese for "Good," also Japanese for "Good" Though its pronoiunced/heard as "Haio" I know this because I said it a lot in my family when prasing my kids for good work on their chores and schoolwork
  7. So use honorifics or dont ? Just want to be sure before I post up the story's progress here
  8. In terms of the replies for honorifics, thank you
  9. Is there a list of honorifcs ? *is working on ner groups story version of their party's adventure and wants to get the honorfics correct*
  10. Oki dokie thanks guys *marks book for buying in the new year*
  11. Ok so who here has it, whats it got in it ? Timeline ? Maps ? More schools groups for each clan ? {Do we have our Scorpion Bushi ?} EDIT: I dont have time right now to read the whole thread as I am heading out to try and get some more holiday shopping done
  12. Ni Fang

    You Know You're Playing Legend of the Five Rings When...

    When the party {Consisting of one Lion courtier, two Crane {courtier and a shinobi} three scorpion shinobi and two cats {one of whicvh a half catdemon girl}} Get into a internal squabble thanks to the Lion doing overwatch when the catdemon girl got caught and then treated like a pet decdes to bring it up. At which point cat demon girl had 12 strife accumulated, twice her Composure It goes to blows, but the other cat doesnt do a thing Lion vs Scorpion is not a good idea lion vs catdemon also not a good idea though hilarious Cat girl ended up with spending all her strife in one shot and nearly beaned our Lion with a rock had the other cat not stopped her she'd have chucked the thing
  13. Ni Fang

    You Know You're Playing Legend of the Five Rings When...

    When you critically fail sneaking out of Kachiko's bedroom in her home in the City of Lies but everyone else also critically fails in actually seeing your character because they remembered Kachiko does have a cat. Because of this the only Scorpion imn the group wants to marry Asami Sadly this isnt possible to intermarry cats and humans... At least outside their clan
  14. Ni Fang

    You Know You're Playing Legend of the Five Rings When...

    Your reputation preceeds you to the point that every bar and tavern knows you by name of "The one guy that can out drink a camel" However nobody has any clue what a camel is. Or what one looks like No outdrinking a whale is not permitted The fact that another cat has joined the party only rtaises eyebrows from the only Lion in the group However its clear she isnt even a normal cat due to placement of her ears at all times even as a human Yes those ARE earrings..... No shes taken
  15. Ni Fang

    You Know You're Playing Legend of the Five Rings When...

    Rubbing the Cat's head is not a sign of good luck Nor is does it give a blessing Or can he bless weapons "STOP TOUCHING ME OR I SWEAR BY MOON YOU WILL HURT!" NOTE his favorite food will calm him down