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  1. OK so Edge is tied in with Asmodee/FFG, so when they do have a forum, what are the odds it will redirect to here ? What I see so far even as a placeholder, it looks very good so far
  2. Does Edge have a website to begin with ? I am glad that FFG is doing one last L5R book before it goes entirely to Edge
  3. Star Wars Episode 7.4 Attack of the Jawas ..... what ?
  4. So reprints will happen, but that brings up a new question, will the errata be added in the reprints ?
  5. If you're lucky and have the money, right now, I think Books a Million's website has Force and Destiny core rules available, but when I looked it was nearly 500 bucks for it. I think because of how rare the core books are that makes them so valued. I at least got the ebook of the core rules, but its not the same as the phyical book
  6. It kinda does.... great so the A-Wings are in heat, wonderful
  7. More like what would happen if two A-Wings had a baby, or if a A-Wing and a U-Wing had a baby. It doesnt have a cute butt, but it'll do
  8. Looks more like a mobile base that SHIELD should have made instead of those flying helicarriers that actually looked tacky, this is more robust looking and not as tacky
  9. Is this is a single unoffical book to download or is it in many parts ? Because this looks like something I'd love to add into my own Campaign that Im setting up. NOTE: My game uses all three gamelineups, along with most, if not all, of the "unlocked" Sourcebooks {Dawn of Rebellion for example}
  10. Personally I'd kill to get the latest version of poser pro or even zbrush {watches her laptops cower in fear of Zbrush}
  11. @2P51I do hope life is treating you well recently ?
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