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  1. In my group we adapted the Worldly Ronin and Daodoji Iron Warriors into a good Scorpion Bushi. The guy also has the adavantage of Other SChools, so its possible he went to a dojo under the Iron Warriors and trained there too. So far its worked OK.
  2. Ni Fang

    You Know You're Playing Legend of the Five Rings When...

    Our grop did something really stupid in our last session Someone {we blame one of the Scorpions inthje bunch} bought catnip laced sake Same someone told everybody BUT Asami {my cat demongirl} what their ploan was Everyone waited until Asami got hammered on said catnip sake to see what would happen afterwards Neddless to say, they're not allowed back in that tavern anymore
  3. Ni Fang

    Animals as characters

    Well, everyone loves Lee so far. Her personality and speaking ablitiy is a dead match to Yoda. Most adorable thing too. "An idiot you are, Calm I should be but laughing I am because dumb you are!" Kind of thing. Everyone is loving her so far. PLUS, nobody expected her to make a friend in an Imperial garrison.... muchless the HEAD GUY of said garrison
  4. When I read what I could of Emerald Empire I felt oddly drawn inbto it and my minds eye started making mental videos of the places packed with people, a fishing marketplace of a sort right out of Jumanji; welcome to the jungle film's take on a bazaar kind of place. All sorts of folks packing it for doing all sorts of stuff. It felt rather realistic for me Now to try and buy it
  5. Ni Fang

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    I think the closest we will get with anything for the Imperials will be Dawn of Rebellion, it does have some Imperial profiles in it for playing as Imperial characters and most of the source and adventure books for all three branches include Imperial character profiles {TIE pilot, stormtrooper, etc} So even if we dont get a actual honerst to goodnesst Imperial sided branch of Star Wars through FFG, we can at least use what skills there are provided in each book to adapt for Imperial characters we can make
  6. I for one am just happ[y to wait for the new books Oggy has yet to get for the Star Wars scourcebooks that he needs to get the generator caught up to now. L5R and Arkham Horror and Genesys is doable yes, they're all priced actually cheaper corebook wise than the three SW games {F&D and AoR are both 60 bucks or so whereas L5R and Emerald Empire for L5R are both 50} So I think it COULD be adaptable, but for noew, I am just content to see how Oggy can catch up with hte current SW sourcebooks
  7. Honestly its really just a thought, its an awesome generator and the work you put into it already is amazingly well done. If its not something you feel you'd be able to do, that's perfectly fine there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. You're doing a wonderful job with the generator already and I'd hate for you to stop as it is
  8. I am just wondering now if there is a way to make a Legend of the Five Rings generator for FFG's take on the game using this as a launching pad ? This Generator is perfect for such things, but having it locked to star wars only when FFG has Arkham Hortror and L5R under their belts makes it doable yes ? Or do you not have the books yet for L5R ?
  9. Ni Fang

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Well, whats funny, the Empire saw the Rebels as the bad guy, and the rebels saw the Empire as the bac guy, with hte common folk who were caught in the cross fire simply living each day hoping they'd not get blown to bits. Some of whom worked in Empire owned factories as well, just common every day folks. The Common folk simply wanted am eans to live, the Empire gave it to them making their stuff, and then so did the rebellion. But some would say the Empire paid better
  10. Ni Fang

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Possibly the best explination of the New Republic I have ever seen Personally speaking, I'd love to play some Imperials, maybe some good proper rules for being a Chiss or Stormtrooper or even Imperial Navy Officer. Some proper ship specs and classes. Even different trooper types would be nice too. But I can also understand why there is more stuff AGAINST the empire instead of FOR it. As many have pointed out, the meritds and flaws ofd both sides really do indeed depend on certain points of view. Disney did allow some books to be published, This is those books published under the Legends banner The Jedi Path The Way of the Sith The Imperial Handbook The Rebel Handbook Bounty Hunter Code Now persaonally I have only Jedi Path, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of Imperial Handbook and Way of the Sith as well as Bounty Hunter Code, and Rebel Handbook. Each one of these sheds light on vastly different topics, and Bounty Hunter Code actually really details how Bonty Hunters really work {they're not heartless monsters, they really actually have a code of conduct!}
  11. This is what I've been doing, but, just saying it'd be nice to have both male and female stock images for the races if one wants to go with hte default Just my thoughts really, thankyou for taking time to read and reply dear Oggy
  12. A small thought concerning images for races, Male and female Cathar both have the same image for their race, a male Cathar, is it possible to include a female Cathar in there somewhere ? Same with Chiss, only one to find, and its male
  13. Well, some of my qwuestions have been answered. I managed to get a look inside the pages of the book today. The timeline goes from dawn of the empire up to the spring of 1123. 1123 in the old timeline is when the Scorpion Coup took place. BUT its possible it is going to still happen some point during 1123 according to the timeline apparently Kachiko is planning something and her affair with the Crane champion is part of it I like these kinds of puzzles
  14. English is not my first language; I get common words mixed up {For example I replace the Z in some words with an S}
  15. What I find confusing now is how my simple question of "Do we have a proper list of honorifics for a writing project" Somehow grew into this.... debate is too strong a word.... INCERT CONFUSION *top of head gets removed, word CONFUSION is incerted* Done