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  1. Hi, is it possible to trigger many times a same response for a same "cause" : For instance : I attack with old Bill Bone, - Response to the fact I knelt to attack : I trigger Old bill bone - Other response to the fact I knelt to attack : I trigger Old Bill Bone - Other response to the facte I knelt to attack …. because it is not written any limit and you don't need to kneel or whatever! It seems logical for me it is not possible but I read the rules and don't see anything that say I acn't!
  2. Hi a question about Pentoshi manor. If pentoshi manor is used on a character he lose all his keywords, that's ok. But if after it has been used I give back some keywords, does it cancel also the keywords gain after it has been used?
  3. Hello, If I play house of dream and then I play Den of the wolves, considering both effect are passive and permanent qhat is prioritary? den or HoD, in other words does my location become vulnerable or does it stay immune ?
  4. Hello, I have 2 questions : 1) supposing I have in play Dragonstone Watchtower and Noyne, during draw phase but before drawing I use dragonstone watchtower and say the name of a card, the after drawing the named card is the new top card (revealed by the noyne) do I clim 1 power threw Dragonstone watchtower? If not why? and if yes, does I claim a power if I say the name of a card already revealed by Noyne? 2) I I playSlander and lies on a character immune to nonplot card effect, may I still spend the power on that character ? in otherwords do the attachment target the character or the powers on him?
  5. Good evening everyone one question about the resolution of the challenges If I win a power chal by4 or more total STR and I attach the Banner for the Storm to a knelt character do he stands? In other words does the keywords like renown vigilant or vangeful are resolves after or before responses to the challenge resolution?
  6. hello, two questions : 1) May I cancel the triggered effect of mera read when she goes out of shadow with the iron Throne (lannister) or with any event that cancel a triggered effect ? 2) If a player put into play Catelyn Stark from his hand with her abilitty, (for instance cancelled with The Iron Throne) what happen to Catelyn Stark? is she discarded or does she return to hand and can be re put into play right back?
  7. It was exactly that my defense… "on other cards it's sepified "or more"…" Thx for answering.
  8. thamks for answering However for the 4th question I emptied his textbox and he claimed (while blank some powers, so when he recovered his textbox he had 5 power on him., that's why the question.
  9. Hello all I have 4 differents tricky questions : 1) If a player play Narrow escape all characters discarded and killed come back or does he have to chose between kill or discard and only those come back? 2) If a player play Valar Morgulis and Lucas Blackwood is killed this way, does the MIL challenge occure immediately (befroe Moribonds leaves play) or after they left play? 3) If a character is stealthed by Poisonned knife and has no Influence nor gold, is the character automatcally discarded? 4) and last question : If Tarl the Thrice-drowned has more then 3 power on him… is he discarded?
  10. Hi, a quick question, if you choose to play loyal guard as duplicate on a noble character di I have to pay 2 gold or is it free like any normal duplicate?
  11. For the refugiee you are right... but the goal is not to replace but to get rid of some. The Core set Catelyn is really good but I think it is quite combo to have one LoW Catelyn that can come back in the hand and the other one... I think I will put one of each.. you'r right it is quite a good one. I will see for Arya.. I like the Core set Arya but you need influence and I have really few influence.
  12. I'm quite Ok with bringers of Law and the Bastard of Bolton. But what affraid me it is 2 characters with the eye and that's not the strongest challenge of my deck... and the other reason why I used the Bastard of Bolton is because I have great problems with deadly characters... But I think you aremaybe right I will run some test without this. Lord-Jon is too combo with Frozen Outpost. Arya is a great solution... it is my eternal Moribond when I need one and in winter (when I have the crown) it takes care of the deadly characters. About Ice it is just the most helpfull card in my deck almost on the good character it is just too good. there is noway I will remove it. Milk is just a great solution... imagine Melissandre (the one who makes power on characters doesn't count).. or Illyn payn..., Wex pyke... thos very annoying characters Melissandre is even the anti-deck character. So I'm quite ok with he 2 first maybe... really maybe Arya... but I'm very sceptic... but I will try thanks for your advices and I'm still up for new advice.
  13. Well this deck has been tested and really rocks... but we can always do better and that is why I post the list. - I hesitate to replace one Robb by the one who kill when he win military challenge Like that I can use the one who is the more appropriate n the situation - I also hesitate to replace one of my Catelyn's by the one from Lord's of winter - The third question is that this deck has 75 cards... it's a lot and I would love to have less cards... around 70 max... but they are all so usefull I don't know which one to get rid of.
  14. House Stark (No Agenda) Plot 1x Fury of the Wolf 1x The Minstrel's Muse 1x Taken by surprise 1x Recruiting season 1x Building season 1x Retaliation 1x Familly, Duty, Honnor Events 3x Letal contrattack 3x Endless Endurance Attachments 2x Bodyguard 2x Milk of the puppy 3x Taste for Blood 2x Ice 1x Crown of winter Locations 2x Riverrune 1x Winterfell 2x Frozen Outpost 3x Narrow sea 1x Lors Eddard's Chambers 3x Northern fiefdom 3x Great keep Characters 2x Catelyn Stark (Core Set) 2x Maester Vyman 3x Guard at Riverrun 3x Trident Reinforcement 3x Riverrun Messenger 3x Knight of the Red Fork 2x House Tully Septon 2x Robb Stark (Lors of Winter) 1x Lard-Jon Omble 2x The Blackfish 3x Edmure's Host 1x Jorry Cassel 2x Hoster Tully 1x Ser Jorah Mormont 2x Eddard Stark (Lords of Winter) 1x Arya Stark (King's Landing) 1x Bringers of Law 3x Tully recruiter 2x Ser Edmure Tully 1x The Bastard of Bolton 1x Varys (King's Landing= 1x Lucas Blackwood 1x Cat o' the canals 1x Craster Comments The numbers of characters, the bodyguard and some characters like Jorry Cassel are especially to survive the Valaar and to come back after it. The decks is based on the fact to be really good on defense, then the Riverrun force the opponent to attack, Taste for blood will collect power when they attack. And if they attacks, the dominance will be easilly won and the couterstrike will be more easyé. and if they don't well Riverrun will make the game quickly end. And when well place it become quite easy to win every challenge in defense... at this moment the game is almost won.
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