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  1. in casual play everything is allowed but in tournaments (especially official ones) rules need to be followed. But many gamers have 4x6 maps for other systems and having an easy fix to use them with legion is really handy. Currently most tournaments I see just put some tape on both sides but that can stress the print.
  2. This sounds interesting. Following along.
  3. IIRC the Taun Tauns and the Shore Trooper Mortar as well as the heavy option from rebel veterans.
  4. AFAIR: Text corrections are printed in newer versions. Point corrections are *not*
  5. No new releases this year? I'm sad... but my wallet sure ain't... XD
  6. No error but the card is new to the game (only Dooku and Vader as Operative have it) and the rules reference is 2 months old... should be in the next version I'd think.
  7. You're wrong. Date given is only for the other games at the start of the article. CW has no explicit date given
  8. I think the bunker is way overpriced. Especially since there are a lot of alternative bunker out there. Most of them in good MDF quality and way cheaper. Same goes for the downed AT-ST. Much to pricey for a single purpose piece of plastic.
  9. Since you have activated you can measure all you want. There is no word in the section "Premeasuring" that says anything about "you must then move".
  10. I'd say it's a typo. According to https://starwarslegion.fandom.com/wiki/Legion_Core_Set there are only 10 in the box.
  11. For all our European friends and readers Start: 2nd November 2019 - 09:30 am End: 3rd November 2019 - 06:30 pm Positions available: 44 Starting Fee: 20 € (on premise: 25 €) Where: Gymnasium Eversten Theodor-Heuss-Straße 7 26129 Oldenburg Deutschland Register HERE
  12. I had the same issue... I saw them and thought "what are those for?" but after taking a loooong look at the manual I found them
  13. I've uses three little 2mm magnets for the guns on top but other than that nothing. Maybe I'll magentize the three boxes.
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