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  1. For all our European friends and readers Start: 2nd November 2019 - 09:30 am End: 3rd November 2019 - 06:30 pm Positions available: 44 Starting Fee: 20 € (on premise: 25 €) Where: Gymnasium Eversten Theodor-Heuss-Straße 7 26129 Oldenburg Deutschland Register HERE
  2. I had the same issue... I saw them and thought "what are those for?" but after taking a loooong look at the manual I found them
  3. I've uses three little 2mm magnets for the guns on top but other than that nothing. Maybe I'll magentize the three boxes.
  4. Don't see them as Snowtroopers. They are elite Stormtroopers specialised in sub 0°C combat. And elite units get deployed everywhere. Simple as that.
  5. I highly doubt that. The wording in the original Email is rather clear. Asmodee Germany has a rather poor track record of being slow on translations and with every other new release that cue gets longer. Either somebody else will do translation and distribution or we will simply be left out and will have to order in the UK or NL.
  6. Even if you're right @angelman2 and FFG does continue or upgrade IA it will make little difference to a complete stop on the game for the German market if Asmodee isn't even distributing it anymore. Buying from Overseas is bloody expensive. We will have to wait and see...
  7. Sorry, but you're wrong there. If you go back to the start of this thread here you'll find my quote from an Email I got forwarded to me from Asmodee Germany. This is an email to retailers. This is as official as it gets. Plus the thread in the German forum started *after* this thread. So guess who referenced who?
  8. X-Wing has/had(?) that mode to. Was called Epic and almost nobody played it. And those ships were bigger than the SSD and still only half the price (or even cheaper)
  9. Yes but the expansion (I'm figuring you mean the "Rebellion in the Rim") has been announced close to 14 days ago... and Asmodee Germany really takes its time for translating articles... we had that problem with Legion and X-Wing all year long... they are behind with translations on every game.
  10. I think you should consider that the SSD is more of a display piece because of the price. I highly doubt there will be high numbers on sales on that one. So they just cancelled the translation on one item and not announced the discontinuation of a whole product line.
  11. Asmodee Germany (fomerly Heidelbär) is the only distributor for all things FFG. They got bought by Asmodee who also owns FFG as you know. Either AG is loosing the IA distribution, IA get's a V2.0 reboot or it's halted. AG has had problems with the translation in the past for multiple reasons leading to getting things very late. (Doom and Fallout where a year late in Germany)
  12. So this is just in from Asmodee Germany Translation: I don’t know if this means FFG is cutting ties with Asmodee Germany or the game is simply been put down. Both would be somewhat disturbing :S
  13. Legion miniatures need assembly. Boba Fett can be bought as a single box. Maybe you want to look into Imperial Assault as those are one piece miniatures.
  14. When I play a game at my FLGS we take our time with reading up on rules (especially after a new RR or unit is released) and we tend to play 3 hours or more. I only played at one tournament so far but we stayed in the time limit of two hours. Mostly because I got slaughtered XD
  15. It's the same discussion over and over again. Yes corporations do "exclusive" stuff for events to push hype. They are (in most cases) cosmetic variants with most value to collectors. It's no game changer in any way, shape or form and the overwhelming majority of players will never see that mini in real life. Yes it would be nice to have model variation but no one is stopping you from remodelling your Vader. So take a deep breath, relax and prepare for the next regular release for everybody.
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