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  1. So... horror among horrors. I lent my collection of kites to a buddy who left them on the rear deck of a car on a particularly sunny day. The plastic winged models are completely boned, however my metal winged models are just fine. Short of the clear bases, which are all warped and useless. I've thought about cutting, drilling, and painting some lexan myself... but if its possible to just purchase replacement bases I'd most likely just do that. I've seen the litko bases, has anyone purchased/used them? Any feedback or suggestions? My thanks in advance.
  2. No worries. We're normally there anyhow. We'll catch you sometime soon I'm sure.
  3. So it seems this Friday is a bust Farin. However, next Friday (the first Friday of the month) should be a winner. As Nick said, Rockhead's is open until Midnight on the first friday of the month. Should be able to get a good bit of gaming in at that point. Hopefully, I'll have a model or two painted by that time.
  4. Errr, this Friday is April 30th Bran. Are you at a bday party Friday or Saturday?
  5. Every Friday! MWAHAHA! (Friday is open game night at Rockhead's.) You'll generally be able to find folks to play just about anything. I myself have trouble making it on Fridays, however the rest of the gang is just about always there. Allen, (the owner of Rockhead's) is playing Anima as well. If you show up on Friday and ask for a game of Anima, or ask him to point you at the folks who're currently playing it. You'll find us.
  6. Wonderful! If you're a SE Wisconsin Gamer, I have to assume you've been to/know of Rockhead's yes? I tried sending you a private message but got a server error instead. If you were to swing past Rockhead's on a friday, there's a very good chance you'd find most of us. Just ask the owner about Anima and he'll be able to point you at us.
  7. Farin, There is a decent group of players at Rockhead's in Kenosha, corner of 23rd ave and 63rd st in Kenosha WI. I don't know if you've made contact with this lot yet, but it seems they've answered you. I play a few different games with most of them, and plan on picking up Anima myself in short order.
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