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  1. Thanks, good to know - so even if, for whatever reason, any mini is not 'engaged', it's still considered in the melee, and all minis in a unit are eligible to be wounded - correct?
  2. Some clarification appreciated, not sure I'm understanding all the melee rules: Say Luke moves into melee with 1 of the 2 speeder bikes, but not the other. The second speeder bike does not have a melee weapon, so is not required to 'pile in'. Luke does 4 wounds after all defense rolls. Can those wounds only affect the Speeder bike in contact with Luke, and the extra damage is wasted, or does the extra 1 damage get applied to the second bike, even though it's out of contact?
  3. Great topic, I hope FFG notices, and picks up on the issue here. While looking at the beautiful tables at GenCon, I couldn't help but think that the iconic terrain really made their demo tables come together. I knew that if I wanted to have the same sort of experience when I play, it would require a bigger investment in terrain than I usually make. I think in large part, it's because of the iconic nature of the IP and the fact that we've experienced it as the large scale movies. Long story short, like the OP says, I hope FFG does it right and sells high quality terrain to go along with this game.
  4. Arbus Ix' Erebus is charged from the rear edge by a Rune Golem. Next turn, does he have to reform to be able to Melee Attack the Rune Golem? As I read it, he doesn't, but the sacrifice is that he gives the Rune Golem an extra die in return for being able to attack the Rune Golem. But otherwise there is no penalty for attacking to your rear. Does that sound right? Thanks, Mike
  5. It would be great if they would release revised mini sets, but I'm not holding my breath. The expansions are re-releasing the minis from 1st edition, so I would not expect them to be any better. However, the game is more about the story than the minis, so for me, I think they'll still be worth it.
  6. UGC scenarios would be awesome! Especially if they included a rating system to help sort the wheat from the chaff.
  7. I'm oddly relieved to see I'm not the only one with this problem. The game is rgreat, and I'm very glad that I bought it. I'll happily buy the upcoming expansions without hesitation. But the minis are lousy. Not only is the quality not what I've come to expect from FFG, but also they are oddly non-functional as well. The square bases are unnecessarily bulky, hide the great token art, and look out of place with all the other great art on the board. I look forward to seeing people's re-basing efforts. I might do the same, and just use the tokens for reference.
  8. First off, I hope FFG puts together an app feedback forum, like they did with the Quest Vault and the Battlelore Scenario Builder. That said, I've been playing RtL a bunch, really enjoying it, and looking forward to more quests and options. But I came across a few problems: 1. At one point, the map became non-responsive. I couldn't tap on any locations to start new quests or go to the city. This happened the second time through the Rise of the Goblins campaign. I was able to tap on the other controls (look at skills, inventory, etc), but the map locations did not work. I finally uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it, but I had lost all my data, so that was a little annoying. 2. I added a expansion (Lair of the Wyrm) to my collection, and then removed it. After I did so, monsters from the expansion (the Fire Imps) still popped up in a quest. 3. Not a bug, but a question - when the app hits you with one of the perils, I think 10,000 teeth or something like that, and you have to a spider adjacent to every hero, it doesn't specify what type of spider. Are they all minions? Do they follow group limits - add a master first and then minions? Overall, I think Road to Legend is great, and look forward to seeing more from this app.
  9. Woo-hoo, I didn't even think of checking the upcoming page. Glad I didn't fall prey to those wretched eBay gougers!
  10. Road to Legend has reinvigorated my Descent collection, but now I want all the original Lieutenants! Anyone have any idea if they reprint these, since there's quite a few out of stock. Or am I out of luck. I really don't want to pay ~$90 to pick up Splig on eBay...
  11. Grim6

    Faction packs?

    I'm loving the game, and wondering how long before FFG releases the inevitable faction packs. I have to imagine the factions will be similar to those from Rune Age. I especially would like the Waiqar the Undying faction. Oh, and FFG, please more dice! 4 dice are not enough!
  12. I really enjoy the game. It's much more streamlined than the previous games, and the scenario setup adds really nice variety.
  13. That's too bad... The ads get me all excited about it now, I just hope my ADD brain can remember it when it comes out...
  14. Let's just put this aside - yes, I'm impatient. Plus, FFG is making a pretty big advertising push on several websites for the game, and I vainly keep click on the ads hoping I can throw my money at the screen. All that said, 4th quarter is a rather large time frame (1/4 of a year, oddly enough), and I am definitely hoping for sooner rather than later (see the first line). Plus, depending on how a company counts quarters for financial porpoises, 4th quarter could be Oct - Dec, Jan - Mar, or even July - Sep. So, did anyone weedle any info out of FFG empoloyees anywhere on a better date? Does anyone have concrete info on how FFG counts their quarters? Thanks, Mike
  15. No hint of the Vril at Gencon? Or anything else that was not Axis, Allied, or SSU?
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