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  1. I'll be running the Kessel Run event at Comic Quest in Evansville, IN. The tournament will start at 11am (registration begins at 10am) with an entry fee of $15. Any questions, then please either message me or call the store.
  2. So, we've played a few games and the only problem that I have with it so far is that the higher rated pilots tend to overlap bases or "collide" more often. I believe that this is because they are moving after the lower value pilots but are still trying to guess what the crappy pilot is trying to do. I wonder if the game would be better if you were able to set your maneuver dial only when the activation number gets to you. In other words, Pilot A with Pilot skill 3 sets his dial then moves and does his action. The better pilot, Pilot B, has a Pilot skill of 9 and then sets his dial then moves and does his action. He should be good enough to react to the actions of his opponent, including change of speed and direction. I see no other way to tail someone. I used to play the old X-Wing games on my PC. I didn't go off in some random direction every so often, because I could see the movements of my target and would adjust my course and speed to follow. I don't feel that this would slow the game down either. Any thoughts?
  3. So I pulled this game out and convinced my friends to try it out. Everyone really liked it. The only needs that I can see right now is expanding to 6 players (which is discussed commonly on the forum) and more map tiles. The exploration tokens made the game more interesting. It would be great to see some arch-enemies popped onto the board from a season card. Perhaps even a random deployment with some custom dice. Perhaps one that has letters and another for numbers to generate a tile for placement. Overall very enjoyable even though the four player game was probably a 5 or 6 hour game. Expand this one for sure.
  4. It is my belief that there are many games that would translate very well into Live Arcade titles. FFG really needs to expand into this area. You would be hard pressed to find a game that wouldn't do well. Imagine playing Horus Heresy or Runewars on a simulated board with everything tracked by the game. One other thing that people have never really done before was to create a virtual play environment for RPG games using the 360 as a tabletop. You could have a GM "run" a game using tools in the program to allow you to show the dice rolls, track encounter info, etc. all the while using the headsets and cameras for interaction. You can use the "party" system to do this somewhat right now, but it could be tailored for the system. Just my two cents.
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