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  1. All right. Thanks for all the responses guys. I will talk to him next time we will get together.
  2. I cant check the rule book because Cat In My Lap - but I seem to recall that's completely wrong. One party, in the book's example, gather all the dice in the pool and rolls - both good dice and bad, And even if the rules don't say, it should be - hiding the dice takes away from everyone at the table giving input on how awesome (or terrible) the outcome is. So yes, you roll. You roll in the open, everyone winces (or cheers) you on. That's how it should work. ***edit*** Okay, cat's gone. Lets check the book, page 20: "After setting the difficulty level for the task, the GM adds the corresponding number of difficulty dice to the action's dice pool." So - the player has gathered his dice, the GM then adds to that pile. Also, on page 23: "After the dice pool is rolled, the playerS evaluate the results to resolve the outcome." - player plural, as in everyone GM and Non-GMs. So yeah - the guy is doing it wrong. I know he is, but I didn't feel like arguing about a minor point. I have tested and run the warhammer fantasy game and they are pretty similar for the most part. So I knew he was doing the dice wrong, but as long as the same amount get rolled it doesn't matter too much for me. So basically there is some mechanic that is half thought out saying slugthrowers should purchase ammo and no real rules on how to do it? I understood the whole reload aspect, which is completely fine since I get a bonus die for accurate and it being offset by a negative. Just the whole, I have to purchase ammo and no one else does really sucks. Maybe I will talk to him about ignoring that aspect of it.
  3. I just played my first game last night. Our GM was running us through the Jewel of Yavin which was fun but a bit frustrating for the lack of initial ideas. Anyway, I was going through my things after the game and getting a bit of a deeper read and trying to find answers. 1.) Do guns run out of ammo? And do you have to purchase ammo? I purchased a something "fiver" pistol which sounded cool to me and had the special rules accurate 1, limited ammo 5. I did a quick scan of it before I bought it, but going back through now that it seems a gun fight looms on the horizon, the limited ammo means I have to purchase all my ammo. This seems like a massive disadvantage in a lot of ways. I have no problem trading a maneuver to reload, but it seems like an unfair disadvantage to me as a player. I saw the spare ammo item and scrapped together the last of my credits to purchase it so that I wouldn't only have the five in the barrel. The rest of my group has a mix of blaster pistols of some sort, a vibrosword, and a heavy blaster rifle or something (4 of them have all played before and my girlfriend and I went to join them). We never got into a fight, but from what I read it seems I am the only one who has to regularly purchase ammo. 2.) How common are black dice? I have a few talents that eliminate black dice on certain skills. How common are black dice? The GM always "rolls" against us and that seems to be the standard for the group. I didn't really want to rock the boat the first time out especially when I barely have a grasp on the rules. Instead of building a dice pool where each player rolls everything, you roll your character items while he rolls anything set against us. We never get to see the rolls, and he tells us what happens. Most of the time I succeeded when I made those rolls anyway and I let him know about the elimination every time but I wasn't sure how much of a difference it made. 3.) What are some good light armors? I play the fringer rogue guy, specializing in nothing but able to do most things idea. Mostly a criminal element but not always. I quickly ran out of money since I didn't expand my starting obligation. Now that we got some credits, (about 3000) I wanted to look at getting a set of armor. I want something like that is concealable but will give me some protection. I didn't get a good look through the books (we are using them all) before we called it a night. What are your suggestions for a good light armor? I want to have higher ranged defense with a decent soak.
  4. Okay thanks. Thought I had something wrong and was checking
  5. Some of the essential components are listed with +1 or +2 in the SP column. I am basically just checking that if I add one of these components I get SP back. Seems weird to me and wanted to make sure as the ones with this are often better then the original. Thanks
  6. Thank you. and since it has to be longer Thank you again.
  7. Sorry if this has been asked but I am horrible with search functions. Is it an updated rule book, an entirely new one, or a supplement?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think i am going to make him start losing profit as all the runs/routes are taken. If that doesnt work well we can always start kidnapping.
  9. Is the one being reprinted the same one that is on Amazon? Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1589947053/sr=1-1/qid=1271973253/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&qid=1271973253&sr=1-1&seller= Fantasy flight http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=RT02
  10. I am having a two question about my gaming group. I have done lots of rpgs before and have game mastered a couple so experince is not it. First problem. One of my player refuse to enter the expanse. I sadly started them outside of it in a nearby sector and the rogue trader in charge of the group refuse to enter the expanse. He just insists on doing merchant runs. Any ideas on how to get him to enter it willing. I dont really want to throw a deus ex machina at the group. Secondly not so much a problem but a question. what is the max cargo a ship can hold. also how does that relate to people. I ask becuase he wants to gather himself a personal army and i have no idea on the amount of men a ship could hold(outside normal ship crew). Could someone let me know where to find it or a general approximation.
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