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  1. Incredible work! REQUEST =option to print the final squad list with NO card images in an easy to print layout.
  2. Trade Federation as a new faction… They've hinted in the rulebook that there could be other factions after all!
  3. I tend to alway track ammo and cash. Although there are exceptiions: Cash if not tracked for everyday food (and lodging) and the other things you mentionned could be tracked depending on the narrative of the game. For instance, I'd track food and water if the adventurers went into an expedition into the "wild".
  4. I've taken the liberty of saving your "manual" as I think some parts of it shall be "borrowed" with your approbation for my own campaign! Good work there!
  5. Emirikol said: Make usr eyou use the errata for the bright wizard. Heh? What's in that bright wizard errata? Never saw it.
  6. Thanks! I'll post questions as they come!
  7. Okay, simple question: "Choose 1 character" - Can I choose any character (like my "fellow's characters) or must I "own" the character?
  8. I'm going to receive my copy of the core set tonight by the mail. I'm really interested in this game as me and some friends loved MTG but hated the "collectibility" aspect which is reduced in this LCG model. Moreover, I think the "multiplayer" rules will be a blast (especially the littlefinger variant)
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