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  1. To get portraits working with this ruleset, you need to include your portrait images in the 'Portraits' folder of the FG2 data directory. When connecting as a player, you should now be able to open the portrait selection window and drag a portrait to your character icon at the top. Note that dragging tokens to your character does not work for portraits - FG2 handles portraits and tokens differently, so I cannot create a portrait from a token. Hope that makes sense.
  2. I have released a new version of the ruleset which addresses a couple of bugs raised by the community. See the original post for details.
  3. If you have a limited number of dice, I wrote a dice roller that works on most smartphones/tablets: http://www.theforbiddentome.com/Rollers/WFRP3E/
  4. I created a few character sheets for WFRP3 that have some of these features. You may find them useful, or they may just act as a source of inspiration: http://www.theforbiddentome.com/Downloads/Forbidden%20Tome%20Character%20Sheet.pdf http://www.theforbiddentome.com/Downloads/Forbidden%20Tome%20Character%20Sheet%20(B&W).pdf http://www.theforbiddentome.com/Downloads/Revised%20Character%20Sheet.pdf I also found the following very useful for helping players keep their cards organised during a session: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Playing-Cards-Holder-Wooden-Set-Four/dp/B001AY2Y68/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409124368&sr=8-1&keywords=playing+card+stands
  5. I don't have access to the Steam version of Fantasy Grounds, but I believe that my ruleset should work fine with as there is no real difference between the two. Download the latest version of the ruleset (see my signature). This file needs to be placed in the 'rulesets' folder of the Fantasy Grounds data directory. To find the Fantasy Grounds data directory, run Fantasy Grounds. In the top right corner of the main window you will see a small folder button - click this and the data directory will be opened in windows explorer. You can now copy the files into the correct locations. Restart Fantasy Grounds and you should now see WFRP v3 as an option when creating a new campaign. If you get stuck, PM me and I will help all that I can.
  6. Character sheet is now complete. Consists of a revised character sheet based on the official one, plus a career-card sized sheet for keeping track of your career advances. Hope someone finds it of use
  7. I have completed the front and back of the character sheet now. As I have removed the career advancement details, I will be looking at creating a separate career tracking sheet.
  8. Good idea regarding the fourth advance for skill mastery - I'll incorporate that into the next version. With regards to tracking careers and advances, I plan on creating a career sized sheet.
  9. Hi All, I know there are loads of really good character sheets that people have created (including my own, see signature) but this time I thought that I would have a go at revising the official character sheet. I am a little limited on how much I can change the actual layout of the sheet as I am having to base my work on what I can extract from the original, but here's what I have so far. Click here to download The front page is pretty much done. Back page has yet to be started. Comments and feedback welcome.
  10. Hi All, I have now released v1.5 of the ruleset. This release introduces a few new features and resolved a number of issues introduced with the release of Fantasy Grounds v3.0. See the OP for details.
  11. Seems to be working for me. Check my signature for links to the the latest version
  12. I created a dice roller that integrates with Google Hangouts allowing you to roll dice pools and everyone view the results. As Roll20 can also use Google Hangouts, you can get them working together. Check the links in my signature for links to my dice roller.
  13. Yes, looks like they are going to release more dice. See this page (about half way down) http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_upcoming.asp In the meantime, I have an online dice roller that works in Chrome on Android. Check out the link in my signature.
  14. My dice roller includes a probability calculator. Click the 'Calculate Probabilities' link at the bottom of the dice roller page to switch the roller into probability mode. Setup your dice pool and click the 'Calculate' button to see the probability of Success/Failure plus the probability of rolling 1 or more of each of the different die symbols
  15. It was the asymmetrical opposed checks that I was trying to balance, rather than the difficulty of opposed checks themselves. The modified dice roller reduces the difficulty of the challenge dice, but the probabilities are still slightly harder than a characteristic die in order to try and account for stance, plus the fact that an expertise die is far better than misfortune. Of course, I could balance them by bringing back the infamous Orange die which would be the negative counterpart of the Expertise die. Might be interesting to see how the game might have played if they had left it in.
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