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  1. I hope FFG can publish more campaigns. But, no doubt, I will buy this expansion too.
  2. Card Board Gamers said: I haven't thought through all the details yet, but I really want to make a legend deck work. You are totally right that Friedrich Hemmler(or even an untouchable Wilhelm of the Osterknacht) would be awesome, but the only good legend decks I've seen are built around Kairos Fateweaver and I would love to see the rest of them have a chance. The reason the others don't see play as much is they get killed before their effects go off. Kairos Fateweaver is so good because as soon as he hits the table his effect happens. I think Sheild of Aeons will keep them alive long enough to finally see their benefits. It's Order only, so can't use on Kairos Fateweave. But I think it will make a legend deck work too. This card can attach on Hero, but there are many way to damage/destroy/forced sacrifice your unit. Shield of Aeon only make itself can't be targeted by card effect, not the attached Hero/Legend. and there are no way to direct damage/destroy/forced sacrifice your Legend in this environment.
  3. Tunnel Fighter's ability only applies to its printed cost. You will have to pay an additional resource for each Master Rune of Dismay in order to play it. Hope that helps, -- Lukas Litzsinger Associate LCG Designer Fantasy Flight Games llitzsinger@fantasyflightgames.com
  4. Mallumo said: There's no need for this discussion to turn harsh. Let's keep in mind there are people from very different gaming environments here, and what some take for granted, because they get to play more and have more lively discussions in RL and on their national forums, others only have a vague idea about. Still, while for example one pre-restriction Verena deck might have differed from the other in details, it is safe to assume they shared key elements (like Verena/Will/Long Winter, Hemmler, Rodrik's, Derricksburg), and these key elements were what made them powerful. Whether one included Chain Lightning and the other didn't isn't that important, so deck lists shouldn't be needed. Let's also keep in mind that one gaming environment might find one strategy or faction to be superior that doesn't do as well in another environment, and we should be careful with absolute and categorical statements. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a thread outlining common builds and strategies, so that everyone's roughly on the same page when people say their DE control lost against Chaos rush. Like this post(if there has Like button). This is the real disscuss. and thank you for your explanation. But Rodrik's and Derricksburg restricted on last FAQ.
  5. Virgo said: Why would I bleff if this decks are already things of the past and meta is well at the moment in our country? If you don't know what empire deck looked like before restrictions then I can't help you. Funny thing is some people here think that I'm trolling when I support FFG decisions about restrictions while I think that those whining about them are either empire players or trolls themselves If you can't prove what you said, then I'll consider you bluffed, then I won't trust and reply any of what you say I don't know why you need to bluff, maybe you just wanna show you're smarter or better than others, like a boss. And yes, I think you're whining and trolls yourself. Because, thanks God I'm not a Empire player, I used to play Dwarf Reclaim deck and now I play DE control deck.
  6. Virgo said: Mouse_PL said: this game is not what it used to be... Yeah, the balance now is the best ever. Hard to disagree. Where is the Polish-dominated pre-restrictions Empire decks? or you just bluff?
  7. DaniCarre said: Kaine82 said: I'm geographically illiterate. Does anyone have the deck lists from Poland? The great holey Mecca of WHI? The last torunament in Polish have more than 40 players. The winner is Filku with DE control. Well, another voice come out.
  8. Virgo said: LiouKen said: oh yeah, if this combo is so overpowered, then why the 2011 World Champion is DE deck? and even no Empire player enter top four? Because 2011 "World Championships" didn't have that many players and the results didn't reflect meta well. On Polish championships with 69 players the tops were dominated by the pre-restrictions Empire decks. i don't know if this is right way to deal with the Verena, maybe they should have restricted the card itself. Maybe they do this because future cards will rely heavily on developments. One thing I know for sure: I won't cry for Verena when she's gone a pretty good reply, would you please show us the card list of the Polish Champion deck?
  9. thanks both of you, guys. I did send my question by below "Rule Question" link on the next day I post. but not get any reply yet.
  10. Kaine82 said: Read about it here I usually hate hearing new cards are restricted, but I can see why they did this. The Wilhelm of the Osterknacht/Judgement of Verena combo decks are pretty rough to go up against. Once they move all the developments out of your Kingdom and your units into the quest, they really only need to Verena once to secure the win. It is almost impossible to recover from. oh yeah, if this combo is so overpowered, then why the 2011 World Champion is DE deck? and even no Empire player enter top four?
  11. Master Rune of Dismay: "Kingdom. Opponent's units cost 1 additional resource to play." Tunnel Fighter: "You may sacrifice 3 developments to lower this unit’s cost to 0" If my opponent has 2 Master Rune of Dismay in play, then I play Tunnel Fighter with sacrifice 3 developments. Do I need pay 2 additional resources?
  12. "QUEST.FORCED: When a Dwarf unit enters your discard pile from play, put a resource token on this quest if a unit is questing here" It means, if I discard Dwarf unit from hand or deck it won't trigger this condition. (because hand and deck are out of play, not from play) Am I right?
  13. Jvirtue55 said: Don't you have to declare all attackers at once? IMO, you should declare all attackers at once. But I'm not sure what would designer say.
  14. IMO, i think Volkmar didn't cancele or prevente sacrifice, it just change the direction. It make sense to me to explain it as from "sacrifice to discard pile" to "sacrifice to bottom of deck". But if the official answer is Volkmar can't effect sacrifice, there is no chiose, I must accept it.
  15. @Morbid666 1.Destruction team vs Order team, it's a 2v2 team fight house rule. 2.Everyone must use different race. 3.You only can use the race you choose and Neutral cards 4.The teammates sit on opposite side. 5."first player penalty” extend to First, Second and Third player, only the last player can draw and attack in the first round 6.On your Battlefield Phase, you only can attack the left player. 7.The other rule is the same as the original game.
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