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  1. Thanks to every1 who helped I have it going perfectly 100% good! Thanks again to all who help!
  2. Hi There Folks! Listne I want to play Kingdom Hearts TCG, but I dont know what kind of deck to use or what cards to play with, any1 have any good suggestiongs? And also I want to have a good power deck and 1 that I can win a game with really fast! Thanks in Advance!
  3. Hey There Ladies and Gents, Well just the other day was talking with my fellow friends and this question acame up as we were chatting over the internet, Why isnt there an online playable version of the Kingdom Hearts TCG?! And we all went on our own browsers and look for i think for an hour and no such luck of ffinding one, so how bout it folks anyone know of a site that lets u play Kingdom Hearts TCG online?! Thanks in Advance!
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