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  1. a minor note- there are generally 3 levels of play when it comes to tournaments If it's a "special" FFG event aka Premier (Store championship, regional etc..) the Store/TO should be following the highest level of expectations if it's a "Casual" event the TO can set the standard of play expectations (alternative maps...) and if it's a league or intro event the expectation is that everyone just has fun and learns the game- competition should not be the primary goal of the event Better articulated document is here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/c5/01/c501c3ef-65fa-4bc1-b78a-541aed6c1215/fundamental_event_document.pdf
  2. In my particular experience this fring team (or ones similar) Bosk Mando Whip Onar Vinto HK Weequay the collective amount of damage reduction these fringe characters have and compounding ability to dish out damage melted through my forces! in most cases, I could break Vinto, maybe Bosk and half of the 2 non unique deployments, possibly getting an additional 10-15 points of Skirmish goals Terro didn't often last past turn 2 and by turn 5, I was essentially tabled
  3. I'm glad a "Fix" for Vader is available and it seems to be the trend(ne IG-88) but I would be absolutely fine with a retooled Vader that had a different combat profile/tactic
  4. Ive been running this squad for a few weeks trying to get a hang of it. I love the trooper synergies, the high mobility of the Jet troopers and the alternate options for the different deployments I have been rotating the command cards a bit... trying to find the sweet spot, but I keep coming up short One thing I have found is, it suffers terribly on the anchorhead map missions additionally, the Twin suns/Jabbas palace "fringe hero" combo teams consistently chewed through me by turn 5 any thoughts on strategies or a "Must have" set of Command cards?
  5. Great write up! I see a lot of same-minded thoughts and conclusions to when I used to run WOTC events years ago Thanks!
  6. link https://www.disneystore.com/play-sets-more-toys-star-wars-mini-figures-collector-pack-park-series-17/mp/1395964/1000265/ remember they are blind boosters, so no two packs will be alike I glued a small washer on the bottom of mine to keep them upright
  7. the Disney store has some 28mm "Blind boosters" you can get them through their web store not on par with the old WOTC, but dollar for dollar it's worth checking out
  8. as others have said its culture not race for my own group, I have a "die hard" mando fan an allowance to his build. I allowed a one time 15 point option for a Beskgar talent:essentially opens a pathway for them to use and over time build up their armor. Additionally I granted a Knowledge:Other for Mandalorian lore so if they wanted to make checks about what Mando's do or what their direction on a situation might be... they could, kinda like an underworld check but for Mandos
  9. I saw a post about using Y-wings with the addition of Scum and Aces ships, the pilot choices would be more ideal... I really wish I could make using a single ship viable without having to make a bunch of custom pilot cards...
  10. So a few months back I saw a member post about plans to do an “Outrider Regatta” Essentially, an oval long course on two maps with all the fun debris and asteroids; run like a chariot race of sorts… I couldn’t delve deep at the time and read into the post now I can’t find the OP … I was wondering if anyone had pulled it off and how the event should run? Some details I was concerned about obviously Dash Rendar is the prime choice... but ...? Should the Race only be limited to the YT-2400? what about adding a Spoiler/Phantom Bounty Hunter racer to the Mix?
  11. these are very specifically designed for the Skirmish game and for the price, a GM would noticeably scoff I would suggest First Looking at MAPS OF MASTERY & other Products by Christopher West or other WOTC Skirmish maps from the SW Miniatures game Next checking out the Paizo FLIP Mat and tiles choices there's e a WIDE variety of choices and options Or looking into buying the IA tiles secondhand and designing what you need based on what you have Keep in mind the game rules refer to "Range Bands" (Hex based area) they do not consider a "Gridded" 1" combat area. Adjustments need to be made I recommend using 7 squares as the allowed bases of movement
  12. Hey Silly question maybe My players and I have a difference of opinion on "Dice Roll timing"? Must we roll TOGETHER (Attack&Defense) Or... Can we roll separately ? What about other second step rolls Aka HK special abilities
  13. Hey Silly question maybe My players and I have a difference of opinion on "Dice Roll timing"? Must we roll TOGETHER (Attack&Defense) Or... Can we roll separately ? What about other second step rolls Aka HK special abilities
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