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  1. Oh.......wow. Thank you DJSunhammer. You just killed any further questions.
  2. DJSunhammer said: I have some questions about Followers. Specifically Loyalty. Only the Chapter Serf has a Loyalty stat listed, but it's clear that other followers should have loyalty as well, most notably the Fenrisian Wolves. They are supposed to have loyalty, as proved by the Large Wolf Pelt in the gear section, but they don't have one. WTH? The book also doesn't go over how loyalty would be calculated. So frustrating. Other than that, some really cool stuff in the book. My favorite among these the Fenrisian Wolf, despite the problems with the Followers section, the Wolf Priest [hot **** that artwork is awesome], and the Ultramarines Honor Guard. I really like that the Honor Guard can be adapted to fit with any chapter, even one that isn't Codex compliant. You could use it to represent the Wolf Guard or the Sanguinary Guard if you really wanted to. PS: I might like Space Wolves Anybody got any custom rules for turning the Honor Guard into the Sanguinary Guard? I am terribad at customizing stuff. Also I'm surprised by all the complaints about the look of the Stormraven. I personally am in love with it. It's squat, completely utilitarian in design, and bristling with firepower......just the way a military vehicle should look. Now if only GW or Forge World would come out with some Blood Angels heraldry that I could put on mine. Also a question regarding the Angelus-pattern bolter. Is it just a regular bolt weapon or is it put in the Relics section? Finally could someone give us some info on the new Trappings that come out in the book (if you don't feel like putting the full list out I'm sure everyone will agree that just the Blood Angels would be sufficient)?
  3. YAY!!!! Now all i need is a Relic Weapon, Artificer armor, and the Sanguinary Guard jetpack relic from Rites of Battle and I'm a Sanguinary Guard in all but name. Dulahan said: Carnage1138 said: Oh one last question in the Armory section is there any new chapter specific weaponry (please say Angelus-pattern bolter)? Yes, that one is definitely in there. They also get some good fluff I seem to recall about being extra good at a Stormbird or something else, it's a type of flying vehicle the BAs are one of the only ones to know much about. There might even be a rule, can't recall offhand.
  4. Not necessarily. The Ravenwing may be about hunting the Fallen but their skill on bikes and land speeders in pursuit of such missions is legendary and they can use those skills to hunt xenos just as well as the Fallen. As for the Deathwing I don't think they are straightjacketed into an anti-Fallen game because....well.....walking tanks aren't exactly good if the traitor decides to leg it. In a Deathwatch setting its more of their being an elite Terminator unit when compared to other Terminator units that makes them ideal. Also you guys get your own Watcher in the Dark butler! Until somebody informs me otherwise us bloodsuckers don't have any specific lackeys. Another reason I disagree is that you don't have to listen to your buddy holler about how excited he is that he can finally join the Ravenwing every two weeks when you go to play Rogue Trader. HappyDaze said: I think the DA are the ones that get stiffed a bit as all of the higher options (Ravenwing, Deathwing) straightjacket them into the anti-Fallen game which isn't necessarily what I want out of them. At least their new Solo Mode Ability is pretty solid if not terribly exciting.
  5. I'm currently creating a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Legion and I was wondering if people can give me their thoughts/opinions/comments on how to make a good first level representation of a Dark Apostle. The only thing I really have set in stone is that he is a Champion. Here are a few areas in particular I'd like help on. 1. Which Pride/Disgrace/Motivation would be most appropriate for the character? When I first looked at Pride I thought Devotion was the obvious answer until I saw the -5 to Strength! Maybe an Apostate Cardinal is has an incredible will but a string bean figure but not somebody who has been around for 10,000 years (In the character background he was actually there at the Siege of the Imperial Palace)! None of the Disgraces appealed to me and my Dark Apostle still happens to be on good terms with the Dark Council and the rest of the Legion. I'm considering the Ascendancy motivation as it seemed very appropriate for the character and the -2 wounds can easily be explained by the close calls he's had over 10,000 years of rebellion. 2. Given the Dark Apostle's unique brand of powerful oratory which of the social skills would be used the most? Given that most Word Bearer cultists seem genuinely inspired into an unholy frenzy to kill the Corpse-God's lackeys I'm assuming its not all Intimidation there. What about Command and Charm? Those are the two problem areas for me right now I might add more as I think of them. In the meantime any input would be most appreciated.
  6. Oooooh.....can't wait for my own copy to arrive. As a fanatically devout Son of Sanguinius I'd love it if somebody could give me some details on what the Blood Angels get. Read the previous posts and must say am steaming that the Furioso Dread got put in instead of the desperately hoped for (by me anyway) Sanguinary Guard. I mean yeah Dreads are fun to play but for the covert ops type missions that Kill-Teams usually get sent on they stick out like an Ork in a ballerina outfit. *sigh* Is it just me or are the Blood Angels the ones who always get the bad end of the deal? Space Wolves get to play with Fluffy, my best friend (and huge Ravenwing fan) is delighted to finally be able to join that distinguished organization and have his own Watcher in the Dark butler, and the Smurfs (and I use that as a term of endearment) get the Tyrannic War Vet (at least one of my wishes was granted) and the Honor Guard. Oh one last question in the Armory section is there any new chapter specific weaponry (please say Angelus-pattern bolter)?
  7. As much as it pains me to ask this, I was wondering if the more experienced and learned RPers could give me tips so that I may more effectively roleplay a Space Marine of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. It pains me to ask this because I am a huge Warhammer 40,000 buff and because the Blood Angels are my favorite Space Marine Chapter and yet I know how to roleplay characters from the other main Space Marine Chapters fairly well (except for Storm Wardens as they were basically pulled out of a magic hat like some rabbit when Deathwatch was released). I'm also not trying to create a stereotypical depiction of a Blood Angel, but one that has depth and complexity to it. Here are the problems I'm having with creating my Blood Angel Assault Marine. The first thing is that I'm having trouble even deciding which Demeanor would be best for my Blood Angel. None of them really seem to depict their description under "The Sons of Sanguinius" on page 42. None of the Demeanors seem to fit a Space Marine with a deep mystical streak permeated with a sense of mortality and the fallen greatness of Man who yet still holds a strong belief that things can be made better. Any suggestions as to which Demeanor would be most appropriate given what I just paraphrased from the book and how to roleplay that would be appreciated. The other problem I'm having is balancing the angelic qualities of the Blood Angels with the curse. I've read through the accounts of angelic encounters in my own Bible and through Christian apocrypha and other depictions for inspiration on how to give my character that angelic feel but I frankly don't know how to do that without it dominating my character. That also applies with the curse. Blood Angels are known for their ferocity in combat and the curse plays a key role in their personality makeup. I'm afraid I'll end up either going overboard with it and making him a virtual World Eater or else downplay it to the point where my character acts like a kitten. I haven't been this unsure of how to roleplay a character since I first started years ago. Any helpful insights, comments, suggestions, etc would be great.
  8. dorstein said: I'm something of a Chaos fanboy. I have a wonderfully modded Chaos Space Marine army (that I rarely play as the current codex makes me sad) and as a Chaos fanboy I'm quite likely to purchase the collector's edition. So while I'm quite curious as to how they're going to handle the whole heretic vs. marine in the same book, I'd also like to know if there's going to be a collector's, when the collector's is coming out in relation to the release date for the standard edition, when the collector's will be available for pre-order, and how much it will cost (for budgetting purposes). I'm sure that the collector's edition will be the source of an article at some point but it will probably be talked about much closer to release (when they've finally figured all the game mechanics out and can concentrate on that sort of stuff). I'm probably going to buy the collector's edition as I'm a huge fan of Chaos Space Marines myself ( I too stopped playing them when the current codex came out without all the great wargear options the previous one had). In fact ever since Dark Heresy came out I've been waiting for the day I could play an RPG as a Traitor Space Marine. As to an article about improving their proof reading ability I must point out that at least its not as bad as Rifts where you needed a whole supplement practically to fix whatever mistakes they made in the rulebook.
  9. Thanks that answered the question perfectly.
  10. I don't know if anybody has done one of these already but if so here's another thread for players to voice what questions they'd like FFG to answer in the previews leading up to the release of Black Crusade (assuming anyone from FFG who has anything to do with the previews deigns to read them). For my part I have two things (for now) that I'd like FFG to address. 1. Could they give a little more info regarding how different Black Crusade is going to be from the other WH40K Roleplaying games? I know alot of the people out there who are considering purchasing Black Crusade seem to be ok with with throwing out the levels and classes but I'm somewhat old school and while I've played and enjoyed games like Deadlands that have no classes or levels, the fact that FFG is going to be throwing out the rules that underpin the three other games in the franchise has me somewhat concerned. Besides personally not wanting to have to learn another rule system when I think the rules underpinning the other three games are still perfectly good, how much harder will it be to integrate this game with the others in the franchise, and how hard will it be for players of the other games to learn these new rules? 2. I'd like them to explain a little bit more about the two character types you can play in Black Crusade. FFG has (in my opinion) always made sure they didn't bite off more than they could chew when introducing new player types. In Dark Heresy (ok that doesn't really count as Black Industries did the work for that one) Acolytes of an Inquisitorial Acolyte cell were introduced. In Rogue Trader, Explorers were introduced. Ascension finally allowed players to be Inquisitors and members of their retinues as Throne Agents, and Deathwatch allowed players to be the superhuman Space Marines. In Black Crusade, however, FFG is introducing two new player types, the Heretics of Chaos and the Chaos Space Marines. I mentioned this already in my comment on the Screaming Vortex news article but I'd like to mention it here too. How is FFG going to give both the Heretics of Chaos and the Chaos Space Marines the attention they both need? Having to juggle two new player types rather than one my fear is that they may give neither the attention they deserve and we end up with two inadequately developed character types or they favor one over the other which will alienate those players who favor the character type that got neglected. Those are the two big things I'd like FFG to answer. What about you guys?
  11. I'm thinking of starting a Blood Angel Assault Marine and I was wondering which of the Special Abilities is better: Wings of Angels or Wrathful Descent? Also given the Jump Packs of the Assault Marine how problematic is staying in range for Squad Mode since they are capable of traveling much faster than their Battle-Brothers.
  12. I just recently got RoB (like in the past two weeks) and I've been having trouble puzzling out some things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. What are the differences between Valorous Deeds and Marks of Distinction? 2. How are Marks of Distinction obtained? I also have some questions regardings Chapter-specific Marks of Distinction. 1. While my group hasn't gotten around to playing Deathwatch yet, when we do get around to playing it I was really looking forward to playing a Blood Angels Assault Marine and one of my ultimate goals is to become a member of the Sanguinary Guard. Now it says to earn this distinction a Blood Angel must have proven themselves to their Chapter Master with some heroic deed or feat of arms. How exactly is a Blood Angel supposed to prove himself to Lord Commander Dante when he's on the other side of the galaxy from him where the Blood Angels don't even have a Crusade Detachment? Also, what kinds of heroic deeds and feat of arms would we be talking about? I'd like to know so that in the event that I achieve one I can petition my GM for the Mark of Distinction. 2. Is it concievable for a Mark of Distinction to be given as result of a character's background? I know that these marks are all above the experience points given to first rank starting players but if an Ultramarine served at the Battle of Macragge could he not start out with the Tyrannic War Veteran Mark of Distinction?
  13. Lightbringer said: Hygric said: I don't own the book yet (curse you pay-day!) and I'm not after stats, but is the Repulsive the only grand cruiser in the book? Ideally, is the Exorcist class in there? I don't have the book to hand, but the Repulsive is certainly not the only Grand Cruiser in BFK. I'm pretty certain the Exorcist is in there, yes. I think it's Repulsive, Vengeance, Exorcist, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong! I love the Repulsive class. I even like the name, even though it's repulsive! I really like the miniature, and there's something about the title "Grand Cruiser" that is so much...cooler...than either a Battleship or a Cruiser. The grand cruisers in the book are Avenger-class, Repulsive-class, and Exorcist-class grand cruisers.
  14. Ouch, you just found the silver bullet that killed my plans for Adepta Sororitas involvement. I know that the Sisters of Battle are no mercenary force but I thought the chance to get a significant supply of nephium to lace their promethium flasks with (to address a misconception of yours the secret to nephium is that it's not just plain promethium, they have to lace promethium with nephium to achieve those impressive effects which is why given nephium's scarcity Chorda and Winterscale get such a killing off nephium profits) for free and not the "preferred customer" rates might be enough enticement. What you rightly pointed out is that since the Adepta Sororitas is the elite fighting force of the Ecclesiarchy, whatever nephium it does obtain would be flagged for Sororitas use first and even if its not enough to fully supply them (which it isnt) they are perfectly fine with just using regular old promethium flasks. I was banking heavily on that Sororitas support as it would signify how serious my Ecclesiarchy backing is, and while my plan was to use the threat of their usage more than actually using them in combat, both the incredibly aggressive Chorda and Winterscale would have serious doubts about taking on somebody attempting to take some of the nephium profits if they have such an elite force behind them. Without them......well from what I read in Into the Abyss Lord Winterscale has actually orbitally bombarded mining settlements of would-be competitors off the face of the planet and without any Sisters of Battle to put in my boarding torpedoes to stop such a bombardment from taking place it doesn't matter how many raging hordes of zealous Drusian Frateris Militia I have on the surface when they can be annihilated by orbital lance strikes or massive multi-kiloton macrocannon warheads the size of city blocks are raining down on them. About the infiltrating missionaries, I actually intended them to be independent agitators. I wasn't planning on getting the Church to supply me with missionaries but rather have my agents in the Calixis Sector seek out those preachers who (while rare) go to the disadvantaged masses to minister to their spiritual wellbeing. They'd specifically look for those agitators who can do their work subtly as they can't do their job if they are behind bars or they've gone to meet their Heavenly reward (although if they were particularly successful prior to being picked up such an act might be seen as martyrdom by a disaffected populace and led to a full scale revolt which my forces would be quick to aid as I could add an already established nephium mining settlement to my own all in the name of answering the cries for help from a mistreated populace). I fully understand that I would have no control over them and that any damage would be collaterial damage and in fact that was how I intended it to be. When hostilities between Chorda and/or Winterscale commence my RT will have enough on his hands defending his land settlements and coordinating the Drusian Fraternis Militia during the ground war (note to self: seek out Drusians with former PDF and Guard training to serve as officers and NCOs), maintaining space superiority over his settlements and areas of open warfare on the surface to prevent Lord Winterscale from using orbitally bombardments, and keeping the nephium flowing. The intention behind this infiltration is to disrupt nephium production by the belligerent(s) (and snagging a settlement if something goes spectactularly well and the workers instigate a fullscale revolt) and forcing the rival RTs to divert some of their own forces to keep their settlements under control. This would significantly cut down into the nephium profits of the belligerents and if there is any surefire way to persuade a RT to cease hostilities against another it would be to show its in their best financial interests to do so. With fewer shipments of nephium heading back to the Calixis Sector, some buyers of the rival RT's nephium might cancel their contracts and switch to somebody more reliable (meaning me). In exchange for ceasing hostilities and hammering out an agreement between Chorda, Winterscale and myself (thinking about insisting that the Orders Famulous oversee the drafting of the agreement and giving it their blessing once all three signatories have signed it to further reinforce the fact of my Ecclesiarchal backing) I would identify the agitators for them (my agents recruited them after all so I'd better know who they are) with the added stipulation that the be allowed to go free at which point I'd put them on a ship back to Footfall and make sure my agents charter them on the next pilgrim ship bound for an Imperial colony besides Lucien's Breath (I don't want to seriously hack off the Ecclesiarchy by allowing the other RTs to whack their clergymen and besides my RT is a relatively pious man himself who believes in a fair deal for those who have helped him achieved his goals so that would be unacceptable to him). The best part is all this sabotage wouldn't require any management from me besides getting the priests into their settlements Actually I thought of a reason to get a Mission of Battle Sisters to accompany me. There is an indigenous xenos population (the Lucinite breed) that Rogue Traders have tamed and trained to work in the nephium mines as slaves. By proclaiming (loudly and with zeal) that Rogue Traders consorting with xenos is unclean and unacceptable in the eyes of the God-Emperor, I could not only whip up my Drusian Frateris militia to fight with greater zeal against those who consort with xenos and the xenos themselves but also wrangle that Mission of Battle Sisters to cleanse the taint of xenos from the planet and fight those who dare use them. While it is generally accepted that the remit of the Trade Warrant gives Imperial approval of Rogue Traders dealing with xenos species (within limits), both the Ecclesiarchy and the Adepta Sororitas are unlikely to take a good view of that and would perhaps be willing to send Sisters to aid my Endeavor.
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